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Seizing Opportunity

Trade proposal: Good ol' Thad 'Yellow Jacket' Young and his trusty arsenal, 'Snowflake' Carter-Williams' '13-'14 autographed referee name log, the strapping ghost of big man coach Greg Foster, 5 Brett Brown recently-trapped Camden, Maine lobstuzz and 10 future, beggingly solicitous phone calls from a Sixers marketing rep for 1 4 oz. spray bottle of Jesse Ventura Humility & Compassion cologne, 1 11 X 14 framed photo of a backflipping-in-the-sunshine muskie from Lake Harriet, 1 Ricky Rubio no-look all-winter pass to Old Country Buffet and - the sealer - George 'Kevin Love Is A Shrimp' Mikan's glasses, elbow sharpener, jockstrap and '1st ABA Commissioner' keychain.

Such shameless name dropping! :)

You know, I learned something from your post. I didn't believe that Muskies would be in Lake Harriet but I checked the lake survey page from the state DNR and, sure enough, a few have been caught there and the DNR stocks the breed from time to time. Muskies are notoriously difficult to find and catch and Harriet is the last place I would have expected them.

Harriet is located in Minneapolis' south side in one of the city's most desirable residential neighborhoods. For an urban lake, it's a decent size (the bike and walking paths are about 2.75 miles around). It's heavily used for recreational purposes (walking, jogging, biking, roller blading, kayaking, concerts, and even some fishing and small sailboating). For fishing purposes, it's overwhelmingly a panfish lake but apparently there are some big ones swimming in it.

I was really impressed by Mcrae in summer league. I think would bring him off the bench however, since I think KJM would get lost on the second unit without anyone to create a shot for him, where Mcrae seemed to thrive with the ball in his hands.

Based on what I saw in summer league, I agree that McRea seems to be the 2014 draftee most likely to make an immediate impact on offense. He could have a few high scoring games like Willie Green did during his rookie year

I didn't see too much of him. Does he have a decent handle? The impression I had of him was he's similar to Grant, but a few years more polished. Speaking of polish, McDaniels really worries me. He looks like a guy who was one and done, or like you'd expect a really young guy to look, but he had three years. I worry he lacks the intelligence to expand his game beyond just being a freak athlete.

I didn't notice anything particularly special about his handle other than it was good enough for the competition in summer league. What I did notice is that he is a more confident and capable scorer than the other second rounders and plays hard on both sides of the court. He didn't get the national recognition of some other SEC stars but he was two-time first team SEC (coaches) and was among the top five in the conference in both Win Shares and PER.

Very good handle but did not use it as a creator for others.. Consistently beat his man offer the dribble, got in the lane and scored or drew a foul. Very under control and knew how to use his length and frame to create space or draw contact. Of course hard to say to what extent his Summer League performance translates to the NBA given his age and experience advantage. . But at least he has a good NBA frame and skillset. . He was also was consistently, either good or great. . The game he scored 25 on 8 shots he was dominant. . I was also really happy with his defense. . He can really hound a dribbler with his 7 foot wingspan and lanky frame. . Sort of like Corey Brewer at times. But I guess in college he was a bit streaky. He certainly was a key player player on a good team.

Report sounds like MJ, summer of '84. The Sixers have their man! Phew, knew we'd get there eventually.

Can only report on what I saw. Like I said, it was only Summer League and he was older and more experienced than much of his experience... But he did average 20 points on about 8 shots a game while getting to the line more than 9 times a game. His defense looked good, his game looked smart and polished. To what degree this translates I don't know. But generally players who dominate Summer League turn out to be at least serviceable pros... Which would good get for the #60 pick. I think back to Salmons and Stephenson as examples of layer picks who looked great on SL.

Good. Hope he turns out to be a player. Sixers desperately need someone who can pin the tail on the donkey.

Monty Williams is happy to have pros like Salmons and Asik in the fold. Pelicans should be improved with returns to health of Holiday, Anderson, Gordon and Evans.

Much better handle than KJM or Grant, can actually run a pick and roll, take his man off the dribble and while seeing the floor, ect.

A whole lineup of garbage (men)... Sounds about right.

About only thing that I'll be interested in seeing is whether MCW can build off of his improved efficiency that he showed the last part of the seasons, or will he come back shooting threes again and regress. Eventually I'd like to see MCW put into more of a facilitator role, but that is not happening with this roster.

I sort of know what to expect from Noel- which should be entertaining, but it will be several seasons before we can expect any polish. Of also love to see Embiid this year, but that might not happen, and I think he to will take a few years to mature- and that is of he stays healthy.

Despite all this, I am looking forward to this season. Nobody on the team who I can't stand other than maybe Davies. And no Hawes or ET on the trade watch. I also see most of the roster as players who at least have a chance at being part of the lung term plan, even if just small parts.

I'd rather see MCW develop into a facilitator sooner rather than later regardless of lack of offensive competencies of this roster. I agree that he was better at the end of the season than the middle of it, but it's not uncommon to see that with young players.

It's not surprising that you don't have feelings of animosity toward the players on this team as it takes some time for that sort of thing to develop, the substantial majority of these players are either fresh recruits or still fresh returnees, and most of them are no-name underdogs. I didn't sense much animosity toward Willie Green and Turner during their first fourteen months on the team either.

I commend you - for trying. But it's useless.

When Hollis Thompson is the hope for a glimmer of a breakout when he's at best a glorified sixth man (that's being generous), we're all fucked.

And I see not one thing wrong to continue to sit around and complain and bitch about it.

You tried though. That's all you can do with this mess - is try.

Instead of looking at and viewing this as another one of your insightful articles, I merely took it for a new post to clear the high comment count from the previous one.

I gave it a shot.

No reason for hoping for good basketball from the Sixers this year. I find watching development viewable, but certainly not the most exciting thing on the TV. I can understand why many would opt to turn them off this year. Whether or not things are looking up beyond this season is a more interesting question that we will only get partial answers to from this season.

Best case for this season is to see improvement from MCW as a PG, see health from the Bigs, see positive signs from role players, and Euro dominance from Dario. last year was the one and final year of roster demolition, while this season is the start of the rebuild. But the enjoyable part of the rebuild is likely still at least a year away.6

The demolition probably isn't done. I expect That to be gone by the trade deadline.

You forgot about Jason Richardson! People are always forgetting about him. He's still on the roster!

I don't think anyone has forgotten about him. I think everyone just has the assumption that he won't play and will just be waived.

paul george probably done for the year

That's really terrible. Durant recently had a great quote about why he chooses to play for Team USA as much as possible, and how every player's career is short so you should try and get every experience you can out of it. But a lot of players seem to want to only play at the Olympics and let other guys put in the more anonymous work... so to see George get hurt in practice seems unfair. Hope when he comes back he has a ton of success.

love is expected to be traded by the end of the august with the sixers expected to be the 3rd team according to this


skip to the 9:45 mark(the first thing ive seen reported saying Bennett could end up on the sixers)


Bennett wouldn't exactly be a good get. That's MLE money on a bust. Probably worth it to them, but taking him is more of a favor than talent acquisition.

I think the Sixers are the handy fill in the blank. Everyone was certain Lin was going to Philly, too. I think Hinkie might be the over eager GM that everyone goes to for the first offer which they then shop.

You might be right about Hinkie. I'm interested to see how the "smartest guy in the room" fares over the next couple of years in dealings with other teams. From what we have heard, the Sixers were the impetus for the proposed rule changes and there appears to be significant amount of disrespect around the league for this team's ownership and management.

I'd be OK with Bennett. He had a terrible rookie year but was better than Wiggins in summer league.

not sure what you think they can get for thad

Or maybe the media assumes that the Sixers are dumping grounds for bad contracts and puts them in every big deal.

Funny thing is that I think I would rather have a pick in the late 20s than Bennett. After this season he has team options for $5.8 million and $7.3 million.

Based on what I've seen this front office do in the past 2 years, I don't expect them to take any contracts going past this year. I honestly don't think the Sixers are a part of this deal. They're not as crazy about 1st round picks as people think they are. Boston paid $10 million for a lottery protected first in 2016. And LA paid $15 million for a 1st that will probably be in the 20s. Hinkie could have made those deals, he didn't

I don't see them in the deal unless they get LaVine out of it or they get something for nothing.

would you rather have Bennett or the Memphis pick that CLE has? but you might not get that pick til 2019

id rather have Bennett

waiting that long wouldnt bother hinkie but i dont want to wait 5 years possibly for a pick in the 20's

For Thad? I think it would have to be both. If you're talking about getting something for nothing for helping facilitate a deal they couldn't get done otherwise, I'd probably take either, leaning more toward Bennett on the outside shot that he could thrive playing garbage basketball this year and build some value.

yea for thad

i dont think they could both the memphis pick and Bennett

woops, i read the protections wrong on the pick

you will probably get it in 2017

The Sixers are young and talented. The problem arises when 5 opponents take the court. Yungsmoove21 is smoovin'onouttahere bcuz he knowd it.

Since no one has responded to your "suggest a trade" challenge, I'll propose one that clears Real GM's trade checker.

Cavs get Kevin Love

Minnesota gets Thad Young and Andrew Wiggins and probably one of the Cav's picks.

Philly gets Anthony Bennett and Chase Budinger (alternatively they could get JJ Barea OR some combination of Budinger, Barea, and Shved if Minnesota wants to shed roster/salary and the Sixers are willing to take a three for one deal).

I don't think the Sixers get a better deal than that. Minnesota is the trade partner with the most leverage here and, if they do better than expected, could lose their own 2015 first rounder. Subtracting Love but adding Wiggins and Thad, I still think Minnesota has a better roster on paper (especially if some young players develop well) than Phoenix had last year.

Haha this is funny:

@DarrenWolfson: Non-#Twolves FO exec. on Hinkie: "Always asks for way too much." He's doing his job. But also why getting Thad isn't easy. MN still trying.

It appears Ruben Amaro Jr.'s tutorials have taken effect. Two Stanford geniuses divided only by pedestrian Pattison Avenue.

"Gimme sumpin' to save face before he plays out the string and then leaves me holding the bag. Times 3."

Talk of handshake arrangement - Love for Wiggins - to officially happen around Aug 23 got me thinking of another who was a lanky kid like Wiggins who could run, jump and shoot - Doug West of Villanova. Had 4 decent years on offensive end for the Timberwolves - '91 to '95, ages 24-27. Didn't defend or rebound well. You don't believe he was athletic? Check out his youtube clips.

Bonus question: Which player with West surname will Wiggins most closely approximate - Jerry (.474, .814), Doug (.491, .801), Delonte (.448, .826), Mark (.580, .568) or Mae (no shots attempted; received lifetime suspension for preseason wisecracks)?

"When given a choice between two evils, I always pick the one I haven't tried before."

Hard to beat that nugget from the great Mae West. I've borrowed it many times.

Doug West wasn't just one of the Timberwolves. He was an inaugural one as a rookie on the 89-90 team. I believe he held numerous club records for some years and may still hold some. He was also one of the few NBA players hailing from that basketball hotbed, Altoona PA (others were Johnny Moore and Mike Iuzzolino).

I'm guessing that Wiggins will have a better career than Doug's but not as good as Jerry's.

Speaking of Villanova, Wiggins might resemble another Villanova alum, Kerry Kittles, although Wiggins is a few inches taller.

Mae's a 1st team rib tickler.

I think Doug went to rim harder and was a better shooter than Kerry. Kerry had better shooting range, could rebound some, played on better squads.

Wiggins. His name has buzz. Wonder about his game. Will soon find out a few things.

Altoona brought Al Toon to mind. The Harold Charmichael of the NY Jets.

huh so the sixers still might be the 3rd team


@tmoore76ers Am referring to the first of two-part trade with Wolves if #Sixers aren't involved in 3-team deal.

Sounds like the Sixers and Wolves should try to make it work as a three team deal. A separate deal runs some risk of a league veto and the Sixers may be the team least likely to catch a break from the league.

Getting Bennett for Thad would be fine by me. I don't think Bennett has much potential, but he should get every opportunity to prove himself with absolutely no pressure in Philly. If he's going to succeed, this is the environment for him to do it in. In fact, I'd say there's a decent shot he puts up impressive counting stats in Philly, maybe to the point where he'll have some value around the league. I'd like it if they could get a pick also, but that's probably unlikely, as people said above.

Did anyone see Bennett in college? Was conditioning the reason he averaged only 27 minutes/game at UNLV? Also, he needs to be a three if there's going to be any chance of having a future in Philly.

I would be happy with Bennett as well. But he does not look like a three to me. Athletically I don't believe he can cover a wing. I think he has to be a stretch four. But he's worth a look for sure.

I've watched him play a bit and he's definitely not a 3. I'd play Bennett at center before I'd put him on a wing, unless he's guarding someone like L.R. Mbah a Moute out there.

Who would you bet on to have a better individual NBA career at this point: Anthony Bennett or Dario Saric?

That is really tough. I'd probably go with Bennett, mainly because he's a actually in the league already, and he has some promise on the offensive end. Even if he only improves marginally, someone will take a shot on him when his rookie contract is up. Who knows if/when Saric is coming over. He could be one of these guys who's very happy to stay overseas, and might get more money playing there than he would on a rookie scale contract for 4 years.

I'd probably go with Saric. They're both 4s. Saric looks like a more complete player. Bennett concerns me because of weight issues and enthusiasm. He looks like one of those guys who might give up on developing his game and be complacent with shooting jumpers all day.

Who do you think will have a better career for the next 5 years: Thad or Bennett?

Thad, and it's not even close.

And it's not like Bennett is on one of those cheap rookie deals that pays him around $2 million/year. After this year he has team options for $5.8 million and $7.3 million. Even at $9 million/year for Thad after he opts out is up is a value than what the Sixers will be paying Bennett.

If it's Bennett+Barrea for Thad, Minnesota is getting a good deal.

Yep. Unfortunately, that's the type of deal they're going to have to do to move Thad, if they want to get something for him. They could take a shot that a contender really wants him at or near the trade deadline, but contenders aren't going to have much more to give you than this package. Maybe something like this for OKC link

I'd guess Saric. He has been a dominant player in a decent pro league at age 20 and has a versatile skill set. At worst he will be a decent bench player. While Bennet played well in a mid major college league and then had the worst season ever for a #1 overall rookie. But mostly, I worry that Bennett is a know bad defender who has struggled on offense. He will always been bad defender, undersized as a PF and a guy who has never shown an inclination to put effort on that end. So he has to be a very good offensive player to be a net positive, and currently he is a terrible offensive player...so that is a long way to go.

I never know exactly what to make of #s from european leagues. Decent TS% the past two years. Not sure why his FT rate dropped so much from season-to-season, but the bump in percentage is heartening. Mostly, my problem with Saric as it pertains to the Sixers is we're so far away from seeing him, he doesn't really do anything the team needs (or is projected to need), and he doesn't fit the profile at all. Hinkie's been all about getting freak athletes with unbelievable measurements for their positions, then he goes completely against the grain for Saric and I can't figure out why. Anyway, I'm not sure what the measure of a personal career should be, but Bennett will be in the league at least three years before Saric makes his debut, and Bennett will get a ton of rope to hang himself in the league, meaning even if he continues to suck, someone will always take a chance on him.

Bennett measured 6'7" with either a 7'1" wingspan or 6'11", depending on which measurement you go with. Saric is 6'10" with a 6'10" wingspan. That's not impressive, and leads you to believe he's going to have a hard time defending the position in the NBA, or at least he's going to have to rely on something other than length.


It is tough to translate international performance, but Saric dominated his league. He got to the line plenty, 3rd in his league (0.2 FTA behind the leader) and was second in fouls drawn. Those are good numbers for a perimeter player. He led the league in both points and rebounds and was top 10 in steals and assists, 14th in blocks. TS% of 0.58 and FG% of 49%. He is more of a SF than Bennett and less reliant on his athleticism.

I agree that his length is not ideal, but I don't think that is the prerequisite of rebounding... look at Love. Basically, elite rebounding translates, and he was a dominant rebounder in his league against bigger and older competition.

He needs to improve his shooting and I don't know if he will be a starter or a bench player, but that is mostly because we have to wait and see how he adapts to the NBA at age 22 in 2016. But he certainly has a decent chance of being a star. Most guys drafted from the Euro leagues are picked based on potential, where Saric actually backs it up with performance.

Again, not sure what to make of those numbers. When a guy has shitty numbers in Europe, I'm supposed to ignore them because it's a different game. I guess in this case they're supposed to mean something. If they're so meaningful, maybe the Sixers should sign Willie Warren, who tore that league up. I'm sure there's a way to project how a guy will translate, but a 3.2/3.1 assist-to-turnover ratio doesn't seem like a guy who's going to be a point-forward in the NBA. If people throw around the "star" or "superstar" words, the guy needs to be either an elite athlete or extremely skilled as a passer/rebounder/shooter or some combination thereof. When the guy isn't an elite athlete and he doesn't have ideal size, well, there are a ton of hurdles between him and stardom. Seems like a jack of all trades, master of none, which usually translates into getting swallowed up by the athletes in the NBA.

Anyway, back to the original question. I think you take the pressure of an owner who wants to win away, take the pressure of actually trying on defense and add the reward of an offense that values getting shots up quickly and Bennett could look pretty good. Assuming he can get himself into decent shape and last for more than 5 minutes at a time on the floor.

I would like to know how his numbers compare to prior top Euros at the same age. It is tough given all of the different levels of leagues.

Saric might have a better career, but, if we can believe what Hinkie said after draft night, he's irrelevant for the next two years. It's not impossible that he could be irrelevant for longer or permanently. Too bad Hinkie didn't do something similar to Denver. Gary Harris and Jusuf Nurkic are both playing this year.

Bennett is relevant for the present and I hope he surprises us if he comes here.

Zach LaVine has also been playing well in SL. He could have still made the trade with Orlando, got back his 1st round pick 2017, and then taken LaVine. I'm kind of jealous of what Minnesota has: Rubio, Wiggins, LaVine, and Dieng.

Hopefully Saric comes here in 2016 with a polished game and a good jumpshot.

IF......if he comes over with a developed jumper, all I can say is - Wow. Look out. He'd be worth the wait and then some. And I like the pick now just projecting is current skill set. But if he has a 3pt shot he could be a superstar one day.

Having Wiggins and LaVine on the wings and Rubio should make for some fun basketball to watch. If LaVine and Wiggins both develop as shooters, Rubio's weakness in that area could be masked. They do have a shot to develop a nice team. They have young pieces that should fit together, unlike the Sixers.

Ironically, Nurkic is the one who is more raw and in need of seasoning. I think Saric wants to be a star, or at least a point forward who is a main part of the offense... and he figures at 20 he is not ready to step into that role in the NBA, so instead is moving up to a higher Euro level. He might be doing the right thing, although he might have decided differently had he known the Sixers were going to be his team where he could have gotten more PT.

Ironically, Nurkic is the one who is more raw and in need of seasoning. I think Saric wants to be a star, or at least a point forward who is a main part of the offense... and he figures at 20 he is not ready to step into that role in the NBA, so instead is moving up to a higher Euro level. He might be doing the right thing, although he might have decided differently had he known the Sixers were going to be his team where he could have gotten more PT.

So if you could swap franchises with any other team in the league, for a number of reasons except for market such as assets, cap, draft picks, coaching staff and etc , how many teams would you switch with?

I'd go with 10.

1. Chicago
2. Washington
3. Cleveland
4. San Antonio
5. OKC
6. Portland
7. Toronto
8. Golden State
9. Minnesota (assuming KLove/Wiggins trade)
10. New Orleans

Perhaps an easier question would be: which franchises would you not switch to?

Honestly, I can't list many. Perhaps:

New York (just not crazy about the set of players)
LA Lakers
perhaps Utah

I'd say a team like Orlando is a bit further along in implementing a Sixers' type strategy so I'd probably rather watch them this year.

Off the top of my head, I'd add Houston and MIL to that list, probably Detroit as well, people seem to forget about Drummond. Phoenix has much better players, I'd include them. I'd put Miami up there as well, Riley isn't going to stay down for long. The Sixers are pretty much middle of the road, bottom 10 if you include market.

I'm assuming that Embiid will be healthy next year. So I'm a little optimistic

I actually would take Phoenix. Young decent HC, good nucleus with a deep bench, 2 future 1st round picks plus their own, and in a prime position to go to the next level if they can bring in a good free agent.

No on Miami. They're overpaying Dwyane Wade who I think he is done. I see them as a middle of the pack team until they can get back into the lottery. I don't expect anyone like Durant or Westbrook to sign with them. Bosh will be 32 by the time those guys are free agents and Wade should be retired by then.

No on Detroit. All they have is Drummond and they're paying $21.5 million/year to Josh Smith and Brandon Jennings. That team doesn't make any sense.

No on Houston. I just don't like their core.

nba schedule comes out tomorrow

monore is taking the QO and will be unrestricted next year


He should work on his range this summer. If he could add a 3 point shot, his value would skyrocket. Unfortunately, I don't think that's likely.

should be a good test for SVG this year to see how much smith and jennings mess up his offense

FYI not sure if you guys know about it or not but the big clearance sale is at WFC this Saturday, 10am to 4pm, in case you need to pick up any extra 00 or 12 shirts...

I kinda see Noel playing the 4 on Defense and the 5 on Offense when he and Embiid are both on the floor. Has there been situations like that in the past?

not sure but there probably has been

Brian are you going to do regular game posts this year like you used to?

I haven't really decided yet. I definitely won't be around to watch most games live, but whether I'll put something up for each game and/or have something to say about each game is up in the air. I have a post percolating right now that I just haven't had the time to write, free time is at a premium these days and honestly there are more interesting things to think about than this team.

I think this season will be a better viewing experience than the last one. The team is still crap, but it will be nice not being forced to root for losses while simultaneously pondering the entire strategy of intentional losing to begin with at least.

Also, last year most of the best players were guys who we were waiting for them to trade away.

The coming season should be very educational - if not exactly a study in stellar basketball. Should be similar to pre-season football - where teams try to find player combos that work and evaluate young players' capabilities for the future. Unfortunately, should also be about as meaningful as those pre-season games...

More meaningful in that the players who hopefully will be part of their future success (MCW, Noel, Embiid and maybe some of the 2nd rounders and Thad Young trade return) certainly need the time to develop their games before the games really "count." The preseason is more about player and team evaluation, where as last season was about tanking and this season is more about development.

No doubt MCW's counting stats were inflated, but still, this is an impressive list looking at all players under age 26 who have put similar numbers or better (16/6/6/1.8stl.) Only 8 players made the list, and only 1 player did it more than twice. I expect MCW to put up similar numbers on b=improved efficiency this season... with similar team results. Eventually, if they ever are good then I expect 15/8/6/1.5 on better effeciency:


That is pretty impressive. Fewest minutes per game of anyone on that list too. Still impossible to say just how good he can actually be, but that table paints a nice picture considering the Sixers got him on the back end of a lottery in what's shaping up to be a pretty sad draft class. As long as you don't go any deeper than his counting stats, MCW is looking like a fairly decent catch at this point.

Big ifs, but if he maintained similar counting stats but with better efficiency and on a winning team...

Yeah. the "winning team" part seems to be the most problematic but the rest I'm sure can be done

Another if, but a healthy MCW, Noel and Embiid puts them in the playoffs in 2-3 years assuming the East stays place where 40+ wins means the playoffs. Who know about their health and the ultimate ceiling is hard to know at this point. There is a wide range of possibilities, which at least makes things interesting and hopefully at some point compelling.

Question for you and anybody else who wants to chime in: at this point if you could only keep one, Noel or Embiid, which one would you choose?

If a gun is firmly held to my head... I'd say Embiid. Without the gun, it's very hard to choose a guy who is injured and hasn't even scrimmaged against NBA players yet. I think Noel is better than Dalembert was... so you could make the argument that "a Dalembert in the hand is worth two Olajuwons in the bush."

That's pretty much what I think too. Embiid is a guy you can probably build around if healthy, Noel isn't. so I'd take the 50% or whatever chance on a star as opposed to a 90% chance on a game changing shot blocker who is still not a centerpiece or even a number 2 guy. Shooting for the stars seems to be the strategy anyhow with this front office.

If I'm picking today, I'd say Embiid. If Noel was the model of health, maybe I'd consider him a bird in the hand, but he just missed 18 months recovering from an injury that typically takes a year and he seems like a bit of a reckless freak athlete which can cause health problems. If you consider health a wash, Embiid is a far better prospect.

I think Noel is the better overall player right now, even if his game is more one dimensional. But Embiid has a higher ceiling and is a true center. Embiid, if healthy, is the much more valuable prospect.

I find it strange that at this site I am one of the more optimistic posters and often defend the team. While at LB I am in the reverse role one as one who calls to question their actions and methods. Seems like this team elicits extreme opinions.

Hehe i feel exactly the same tk. I've been away for a while (summer vacation and whatnot) but after getting back and reading all kinds of posts, i still feel like you, me and only a few others are the only ones who look at all this as somewhere between the extremes. The Sixers world is not black and white.

I find it strange that at this site I am one of the more optimistic posters and often defend the team. While at LB I am in the reverse role one as one who calls to question their actions and methods. Seems like this team elicits extreme opinions.

if the MIN beat writers are to be believed then the mostly likely outcome for thad is shved and or luc mbah a moute with MIA's first rounder

guess we will find out soon

I wouldn't do that deal without either Bennett or an additional 1st coming back. This team has no use for LRMaM and Shved belongs as a 6th man on the CSKA roster.

the deal would be more for the 1st rounder than those players and still i have hope in shved but i understand why people dont

When you want to dump your quality players you get back pennies on the dollar. Getting back a non-lottery 1st for Thad on his final year seems about market value. But it is still a lousy deal for the franchise. One of the downsides of being a tanking team is that you tend to give up on quality players as they enter their prime because they don't fit your long term plan. This is what is happening with Thad.

Normally you would not want to jettison a good but not great player who just turned 26. You would want to keep that player to either help the team or use in the future as part of a bigger trade. But the Sixers are so many years from relevancy that they are forced to take pennies on the dollar or lose Thad as a FA.

That's all true except I think he can be traded at the deadline to a playoff team looking to make a push. And they'll give up a better package than the one we're talking about. If not, then screw it, let him walk. But Shved and a 20's pick in this draft is a robbery.

I agree and would much rather they keep Thad around at least until the deadline if this is the type of offer on the table.

has a 1st rounder been traded at the deadline since the new CBA?

I don't expect they will get a 1st rounder at the deadline for Thad. But I still don't do the deal. There is only so much you should dismantle unless you are getting something really valuable in return. I don't put that much value on Miami's first next year.

I mean, seriously...

Depth chart:

MCW, Wroten
Shved, EWill, McRae… that is brutally bad by NBA standards
Hollis, McDaniels, Grant
Noel, MBah, Davis?
Sims, Varnado?

That makes the team they started with last season look like the 83 Sixers in comparison. I can see a 40 game losing streak to start the season.

Almost makes me understand why most GMs would get the urge to sign a Brand or a Webber, cause who the hell wants to watch that ^

No I get it. It's just that I think Miami is comfortably in the playoffs this year and it's not shaping up to be a particularly deep draft.

And it's not that I don't have hope for Shved (although I don't), it's that the type of player people hope he becomes isn't all that valuable. He's going to be 26 and he averaged 4 points on 32% shooting last season (37% in his first year) with 1.1 assists per game. What exactly do you think is his ceiling?

When I watch him play, he reminds me of the bad, annoying version of Lou without all the good parts like getting to the line or carrying the offense for a full quarter when needed. Shoot first combo guard who really needs to play the point but ends up panicking every 3rd possession and just gunning some ridiculous contested long 2 with time on the shot clock. That's why I think he's out of the league after his contract and back in Europe where he can look slick and creative against non NBA athletes who cannibalize him on defense the whole game.

That was meant as a reply to sixerfan1220 right above.

Shved is going to look even worse on the Sixers, where he is going to be asked to do too much.

the goal would be to fix his shooting and then maybe you have something with him but i see what you are saying

Fuck. Woj is reporting that Bennett will stay in MN.

Yep. Bennett and Thad to the Wolves. The Sixers are getting Miami's 2015 1st (top 10 protected), Luc Richard Mbah a Moute, and Alexey Shved.

I guess Miami = this year's Pelicans, except the hope now is for the pick to fall close to #20 instead of close to #10. Plus the depth will be nowhere near what it was in 2014. Bad trade.

I don't mind getting Mbah a Moute although I admit that he seems like a poor substitute for Bennett's potential. Certainly Shved wouldn't have been one of my preferred choices.

As far as the Heat draft pick, I'm a little more optimistic. Two of the Big Ten's best players, Sam Dekker and Terran Petteway, are listed in the twenties on the NBAdraft.net mock and I'd be happy if the Sixers drafted either of them. I have a feeling that Dekker could be a lottery pick though.

After last season, I have serious doubts that Hinkie would have gotten a better deal at the trade deadline. Thad's value could very well have diminished playing another 2/3rds of a season with this awful team.

One bright spot for me personally is that the Timberwolves are my local team and I don't have to pay anything extra to watch them so I may tune in more often this season. Maybe I'll suspend League Pass for a year and spare myself the suffering.

Mbah will fit in great with his broken shot.

Well in that case hopefully they do take one of those guys with their new draft pick and he turns out to be halfway decent. Otherwise, the collective haul for gutting this team after the Holiday trade can be summed up as 'nothing'.

Trading away Thad sort of reminds me of when they traded away Jrue, another good but not great player who I enjoyed watching. But I could be on board with the Jrue trade because of the huge return.

I actually prefer getting Miami's 1st rounder over Anthony Bennett. It's lottery protected from 1-10 this year, 1-10 in 2016 and unprotected in 2017. I think it might go the 14-17 range due to Deng and Wade's health conditions. Paying Bennett $18.7 million over the next 3 years isn't really a great return for Thad.

Based on what I saw from him in summer league, I think Bennett would have been worth the risk. If he wasn't very good this season, they would only be on the hook for one more year as they wouldn't have to pick up the team option for the fourth year. At least his presence this year would give one more source of interest for watching the team.

I'm more optimistic than you about the Heat's fortunes this year. I still think they are a top 5 (top 6 at the worst especially with Indiana's issues) Eastern team so their pick would be unlikely to fall just outside the lottery.

Even as the 5th best team in the East you're looking at a draft pick that's in the 17-19 range. Washington who had the 5th best record in the East picked #18 overall last year. I don't know what to make of Granger, Deng, and Wade but they are 31, 29, and 32 years old.

Bennett can be a really good offensive player if he has a good jumpshot and can maintain his weight and conditioning. I don't expect him to. This guy was considered a huge reach in a shitty draft and went on to have one of the worst rookie seasons of all time. I don't like the idea of the Sixers keeping him as a project and paying him $6-7 million a year to do so. Then reading articles every off season about how he's going to work on his weight, how he's going to improve his jumpshot, how his former coaches didn't use him correctly, and how ignores all of his "haters" who don't think he's lived up to his draft status. I'd rather have some role player or use that pick to move up in the draft.

Flip really walked into a good situation with this Kevin Love trade. If Lebron had stayed in Miami he would probably be trading Love for Harrison Barnes or some mid 1st round picks.

Yeah I'd be very content with this deal if I was a MIN fan. This is one of those rare trades where the team that's giving up the star is given the opportunity to break even or possibly even come out ahead down the line. Wiggins has all kinds of star potential and may turn out to be just as good as Love, Thad is a good player in his early prime, and Bennett can still be good (summer league play was encouraging). They can build around Wiggins the way they could have, but didn't, around Love. Pretty much a second chance on having a star player whereas most franchises are just hoping to get their first.

At least the Sixers can have two lottery picks next year if everything plays out as expected. I could see the Heat's pick fitting into that 11-14 range very easily. I really wanted Bennett but it is what it is. I'm happy for MN. I have a lot of friends there and they deserve a good deal in return for Love. Actually, a great deal as far as what the other options were.

Should be an interesting watching the Wolves on occasion. They have a nice mix of players.

and in other news here is brandon davies screaming like a woman when he gets ice bucket'd:


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