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for whatever this is worth, hinkie was the only GM to see mudiay in China this year

From my perspective...I like having a GM who is willing to get on a plane and self scout the top players. That may not amount to anything, but right/wrong, I doubt Phil Jackson - bad back and all - has any interest in doing that. I think that hurts New York to a degree, because I think that is part of the job.

Damn it. Heat get to keep it

And Lakers jump


Philly 3 again. Lakers 2, Wolves 1.

Russell should be there if they want him. I think Towns goes 1 and Lakers probably take Okafor at 2.

T Wolves are going to be very good very soon.

by the way im still not worried about the lakers pick next year

byron scott is still bryon scott and kobe is still kobe

and LA is still LA, so anything is possible.

In my opinion it's a two player draft. Townes and Russell.

Townes is the best player, but Russell is the best fit for the Sixers.

Okafor will be a bust. Al Jefferson type bigmen arn't what is best at the position these days. you need a guy defensive oriented, not a slow post up guy who has athletic concerns.

Mudiday will be even worse. Another point guard that can't shoot for shit. Shooting is the most important factor for point guards. Shooting in general is what wins in the NBA. Every player needs to be able to do it except for the 7 foot center rim protector.

I don't think any of us can be mad at #3. Good showing. Next year will be fun boys. Just need a healthy big boy.

Was hoping for another pick to convey, but I guess getting 3 is not half bad. Regardless if you are an angry or a patient Sixer fan, the notion of entering next season with a core of Russell, Covington, Noel and Embiid is at least interesting and potentially compelling.

You have 2 guys who can shoot and 2 bigs who can protect the rim and finish above the rim. Not sure what that means long term, but at least it represents a product worth watching- assuming you are a fan who enjoys watching a team on the way up.

I am absolutely fine with the outcome, especially given the two teams ahead of us.

My hope is that Hinkie does not get "too cute" with the pick. Take Russell and go from there.

I would like a move into 5-10 if we could get Hezonja, but I am honestly fine just taking 3 and going into next season with that.

Watching Warriors/Rockets now is an interesting exercise for depth. Guys like Iguodala, Livingston, Terrence Jones, Capela (!) are putting in serious minutes here.

I would be 100% satisfied watching Russell, Noel and Embid next year. I really like that upside if luck keeps them healthy and we build a system around them.

Don't get too cute, Sam.

I hope the draft plays out like this:

1. Minnesota- Towns
2. LA- Okafur
3. Philly- Russell
4. Knicks- Mudiay

I'm satisfied with how the top 4 played out. I still think LA is in the lottery next year hovering around the 6-7 pick. It sucks that we didn't get the Miami pick. We would be looking at Stanley Johnson or Kelly Oubre.

I bet the Sixers take Mudiay or Winslow, just based on the the idea that Hinkie likes guys who can defend and are athletic. I'll be surprised if they take Russell. Also, you can't really call Noel or Embiid a malingerer.

I actually didn't call them malingerers, though it's interesting that you made the association.

The only "chronically injured malingerer" even remotely associated with this Sixers team was Bynum.

Which "chronically injured malingerers" were you referring to?

I can't complain! Russell is the guy i truly like in this draft and he'll most likely be there at #3. And i have a feeling Hinkie likes him too...

Based on draft history and Hinkie's affinity for guys who can play defense and are athletic, I'd say the most likely draftees are Mudiay and Winslow. I'll be surprised if they take Russell. Also, not really fair to call Embiid and Noel malingerers.

Utah calls and offers Exum + 12 for the 3rd pick.

Do you accept?

No. He didn't show anything last season. I would offer either the LA pick or the Miami and OKC picks.

hell no

If 12 was a bit higher (maybe 6), then absolutely. I like Exum but I was a bit disappointed that he didn't make greater strides last year. He's so young still and I bet he turns into a great PG.

I didn't follow Utah at all this year so can anyone who did talk to me about Exum's shooting? Can he do it?

It feels like in today's NBA you really need a PG who can make shots, and not just by getting to the rim (unless he's freakishly athletic like Westbrook). If you have the ball in your hands a high percentage of the time and aren't at least a reasonable threat to make an outside shot, the paint will just get packed tighter and tighter.

With Embiid and Noel down there, a PG/combo guard who can shoot (like Russell) really seems to fit the bill quite nicely.

Without looking at any stats, my recollection was that he was just OK from 3. But his shot isn't terrible so I'd be surprised if he doesn't show see significant improvement.

I was more bothered that he wasn't able to wrestle that job away from Burke with relative ease. But I overestimated his NBA readiness.

Yeah, he's basically not any good.

Imaginations were running wild about Exum at this time last year, for no reason whatsoever.

As Derek would say, Exum's swing skill is shooting. If he develops a quality jumper he could end up as a great SG or maybe a PG., But without a jumper you cannot play him a SG and it limits his upside at PG. Which is key, since there is not much NBA depth at SG but a ton of depth at PG.

This reasoning in reverse is why I am a bit more comfortable about Russell. I think he is overrated based on inflated big 10 stats, but he can shoot. And with his size and the lack of quality NBA SG's, his floor is fairly high. But any player who is locked into only playing PG has to go against a lot tougher competition at the PG spot.

But overall, I can see the guys going 5-8 being as good or better than the players going 2-4. I think Winslow and Mario are going to be above average starters or better on the wing.

"no reason whatsoever"... Aussie-flavored 76er coach Brett Brown was blabbering some on the kid, his talent and his character, lending credence to his draft value.

It's early to draw a conclusion, but 1st yr was a flopperoo according to stats and raves that never appeared on screen or in print here in Phil i del phi a. But who knows where he's really at in terms of his NBA future? Has to have SOME strong skills, and Salt Lake City and its team's system takes acclimation time, I'd guess. With patience, he just may launch into the superstar stratosphere, like Lou "Peach" Williams.

Lou is a scorer with a penchant for attacking. Exum is the worst player in the NBA. They'll get more use out of 23rd pick Rodney Hood in my opinion.

You could do a search for: NBA > 2014 > Rookies > Guards > Utah Jazz > Australian > Best statistically > sort the results in descending order, and the first name will probably be Joe Ingles. Considering the two year war you launched on "Snowflake Williams" in the comments section here though, it would be pretty interesting to see you cope with Exum for a couple seasons.

"With patience, he just may launch into the superstar stratosphere"

I'd rather have patience for Austin Rivers' superstardom.

I think you are a bit overly dramatic about Exum. It's not just about the stats, it's about why those stats were what they were. Wait till the end of next year to get a better grasp of where his career is headed. That kid is really really young.

I'm not trying to be dramatic. I'm just still confused about what people see in Exum. And no thanks on waiting until next year, I didn't even wait till this year.

Calling him the worst player in the league statistically isn't an outrageous statement. He was last by a mile in point value added over replacement at -130. nobody else was even half as bad except 1 other player in the 80's (Hinrich I think). Divide by 30 to get added wins and the Jazz cost themselves a playoff berth by not D-Leaguing him right away.

He had all kinds of hilarious stats. A player lauded for his elite ability to attack and get to the line like Penny had a stretch of 40 games (as starter) in which he attempted a total of 3 free throws combined. He scored at the rim maybe once every 4 games, if that, and drew 10 shooting fouls in 82 games handling the ball. No jumpshot, can't pass, I'd say his statlines look like Reggie Evans was starting at point guard except Reggie wouldn't have come in last in rebound rate.

The only thing that didn't look like he should be out of the league were some on/off numbers, but those are so tied to Gobert that pointing to them is disingenuous when his DBPM is garbage and he was lit up constantly.

It was en vougue to put Exum at 1 or 2 in the draft but the scouting community are the ones who dropped the ball. Their lack of doing some actual scouting is what enabled Pelinka to sneak Bimbo Coles Jr. into the top 5, after he just finished doing the same exact thing with Waiters.

My Lou statement was facetious.

How many of Exum's 1817 minutes did you watch last season to arrive at your drastic conclusion?

Kid's only 19 (turns 20 in July). 3rd in assists on 38 win Jazz in 22 mpg. Raw, but door is hardly closed.

The more I think about the LAL spot at #2, the more I think it makes sense for them to draft Russell or trade that pick. I thought before that they should go BPA and take Okafor regardless of Randle (terrible fit together), being there. Thinking was Okafor is better piece so find a way to move Randle later. However, if the Lakers want Towns as bad as the rumors/talk indicate, and if they value him(his Def/athletic traits) that high, then I'm not sure they settle for Okafor. Especially if they think they get a big name C via FA. That would mean either Russell for them or a trade to the Knicks. Either move makes more sense to me today than it did yesterday.

The trade to the knicks only drops them two spots, plus considering they won't have a pick next year (neither do the knicks right?), maybe they get a 2017 pick from Knicks.

So what does their board look like....I wonder. I'm feeling less confident that Russell ends up a Sixer. Time will tell.

Russell, another derivative personality who's "blessed". Gimme somebody who doesn't parrot lines and who knocks down walls. The kid's OK but I don't see greatness.

Only supers Ohio State has produced: Havlicek, Lucas. Decent pieces: Kellogg, Herb Williams, Conley. The rest: could be found anywhere north, east, south or west of Columbus.

I get you, but most drafts don't offer "greatness". You hope they do, but the results are what they are. Russell fills their two greatest needs (shooter and PG).

He shouldn't be filling that second need. And their greatest need is really "scorer," not just "shooter."

I'm not a huge Russell fan (Voodoo sounds too much like Villain), but I think he is the best scorer on the board. He is not an above the rim scorer, but I would not say he is only a shooter. Other guys have the potential to be greater scorers (Mario, Winslow) but I would not say any other player in the draft is a clearly better scorer than Russell.

I wasn't saying anything bad about Russell, I think he'll be a scorer. I was just saying that shooter isn't the team's biggest need -- alone.

Yeah, agree, especially since the draft has turned into a puppy pound.

Shooter - at times, but not consistently; some stiff comp kept him in check this past season.

At least he is not a Jr. So he was achieving against his peers (unlike ET or McBuckets.). Hopefully he can raise his game as he matures. At least he has shown he has talent as a shooter/scorer/passer. Whether he improves to be a star, I really don't know. But at least worst case he can hit shots as a starting caliber shooting guard... which is a lot better than what happened with ET, who is not effective off the ball.

I'd draft Russell for Bulls (not that they'd necessarily want him) and take McDermott, someone who shoots OVER a defense, in exchange. A lot are down on the former Creighton star because he didn't thrive or play much under Thibs. I still think he could become Geoff Petrie-like or Mike Newlin-like (or at least Kyle Korver-like) in scoring if he hooks up with a compatible coach and game plan. Shooters need minutes, a ball and leeway. Thibs didn't provide due to defensive reasons and his penchant for playing more trusted vets. Nothing takes the heart out of a team like the long ball. Ask Nova and Jay Wright.


You don't seriously like Doug McDermott as a prospect more than the D'Angelo Russell do you? Are you Bob Ford?

Yes I am. Give them both the ball and a green light equal amounts of time, see what happens.

Please don't typecast. At my age I need all the roles I can get. Who's Bob Ford but a byline? Probably a nice guy. Knows where Sixers skeletons are stashed, I'd bet. No column he's ever written has won a Pulitzer though. Not to disparage the hack.

Man, not me. I think McDermott is going to have a significantly more difficult time getting his shot off against NBA small forwards than Russell will have against NBA shooting guards and PG's.

Russell had a 6'9.75" wingspan at the combine and is 6'5" in shoes. McDermott is a couple of inches taller but his wingspan is only 6'9.25!!! Slow-ish with short arms is not a great combo for an NBA small forward.

I loved watching McDermott at Creighton and hope he's successful, but compared to Russell I just don't see it. Add the fact that Russell is 4-years younger and that seals it for me.

I think he'll be a much more effective NBA player.

Regarding closing statement: ya may be right about that, Steve. Still I don't foresee the next Lenny Wilkins or Dick Barnett or even Kenny Anderson in the ballyhooed Buckeye. Russell could become a solid component player like Lionel Hollins, with a bigger nose for the basket.

As for McDermott, early compliment from Thibs about his feel for game hints at more than he produced this season. College yearly progression says give him some time.

Correction: Yes I do.

Given the options, Russell was the guy I wanted. That makes me 95% certain they won't take him. They'll probably take Mudiay. He fits the "athletic guy who can't shoot" mold.

If they do get Russell, I'd have a certain role in mind for him, and I'd groom him for it from day one. They'll probably try to force him into the wrong position, though, due to their absolute lack of talent.

Russell could be the first real step in the right direction, I'm just afraid we're going to get one step backward (Mudiay) or two steps to the side (Euro). I don't think Hinkie's done trying to prove how smart he is.

And thank you for not mentioning the obvious Ohio State comp.

What role? I'd play him the same way as OSU did- as a second PG in the SG position. I'd actually start him at SG next to Ish until they can find an elite guy to replace Ish. I would look to install a 2 PG offense like the Suns had and hope for the best.


Not a playoff roster, and likely Ish and Covington... and maybe Noel... end up as bench players long term. But seems like the right roster to develop the talent on the roster.

Yeah, I'd say forget PG. You groom him to be a shooting guard, don't put the PG responsibilities on him. I don't want him running the team, I want him learning to move without the ball and get himself open for jumpers...then using his shooting ability to blow by his man off the dribble. Like you said above, there's a real lack of quality SGs in the league, just because he "can" play the point, and the team doesn't have one currently doesn't mean it's smart to push him into the position and suddenly he's having to create his own shot 95% of the time and his open looks are declining. Put him off the ball, get him used to drifting to the open spot, running his man through screens, finding the opposite corner if/when Embiid gets the ball in the post (hopefully).

PG is a loaded position. I'm fine playing this season w/ a warm body and then addressing that need in free agency next summer. The kid has the size and the shot to be a quality SG, don't force him into tougher matchups on both ends of the floor just because you don't have a PG.

I think they'll try to groom him like Curry. Is Curry a PG? He usually plays the 1, but he can just as easily move to the 2 and be equally or even more effective. Whether he's casted as a 1 or a 2 is not all that important IMO. He definitely needs another guy on the floor that can handle the ball some so he can play off the ball for stretches in a game. But that player doesn't have to be a PG (maybe Saric can fill that role?).

I would want a second PG type player on the floor so that you can run Russell of the ball for stretches. But I also would hope that Embiid's presence will generate a lot better shots for everyone.

I think egghead's got another personnel surprise in him too. "You can never get too cute" is the slogan on his mirror.

You're welcome, Brian. Somebody else's jigsaw piece now.

Don't worry Brian, i have a feeling you are going to be wrong on this one. Russell seems destined to end up on the Sixers.

To be honest Russell is my favorite prospect in this draft (even though i do recognize why Towns and Okafor are superior prospects). I'd love him in a Sixers uniform for the foreseeable future.

am i the only one that wants hezonja over russell?

Probably you and Hinkie.

I'd be wary about taking Hezonja over Russell. Hezonja has the talent to be a no.1 pick, but i'm not sure he'll maximize it. Russell is close to a sure thing of maximizing his abilities IMO. I'm fine with Hezonja in that 5-8 range IMO.

No. I'm going back and forth on it.

Hezonja is a great athlete and a great shooter. But I heard he's a little crazy and I'm worried that he might not play next year.

Russell is a PG, a position I value more than SG/SF, and his skills fit with Embiid and Noel. But his game isn't as fast as I would like it to be. I think he struggles getting his shot off at the rim, and the jumpshot he relies too heavily on is a little awkward.

denver might be a team that might want to trade up for one of the guards(especially if they trade lawson) but i dont know if mario will be there at 7

You're definitely in the minority on that, but I don't think that's a crazy opinion to have or anything. Hezonja offers the best mix of shooting and athleticism in this year's class and the Sixers have as big of a hole at wing as they do at guard.

Like Xsago said though, Hezonja's game comes with the sort of questions that portend a bust scenario to me. If I wasn't biased toward American players I might look at him as like a quicker Peja Stojakovic with a 40 inch vertical, but I can just see the cultural barrier combining with the prima donna mentality into a weight that sinks his development, and in turn, NBA career very early.

Giving the negativity a rest, I do like his physical tools, upside, and offensive skill enough to've taken him at 6 if the Lakers pick would've come through and Winslow was off the board.

I'm pretty boring and risk averse when it comes to my Sixers draft philosophy in general, but even more so this year because of how imperative it is to hit on this pick if you want to see growth anytime soon. Unfortunately, it's not the strongest class and I only see a couple of guys whom I like and would feel even remotely secure drafting top 3. Towns looks like Al Horford to me and Russell could be a Brandon Roy/slower-Gilbert Arenas type if they max out - but even if they don't I think their floors are high enough to at least be long tenured NBA starters.

just realized I inadvertently made comps for 3 different players all with some trivial non-basketball elements as links. I swear two of them were unintentional haha

Towns/Horford - Dominican Republic
Russell/Arenas - Jersey number

Just wanted to point out that I was talking strictly about their games, the rest was coincidence. it actually gets on my nerves when I hear some player lazily compared to some other one because they're both left-handed/black/white/went to the same college/whatever (espn draft coverage is like the annual tournament where Bilas and Jalen Rose battle for who can put the least amount of thought into prospect analysis)

The Hezonja/Stojakovic Balkan connection was partially intentional though because to me Euroleague is a factor in projecting a player's NBA-ness.

Drafting a Euro always comes with the risk that they will decide that they have better options overseas even if they are good enough to contribute in the NBA. Sergio being a prime recent example. I'd think Maio is less likely to bolt home, as his game seems like a better fit in the NBA than Europe. While Kristaps could very well struggle his first few years the way Veseley did and decide he'd rather play in a league where he can be successful withot bulking up.

I agree. How some people have Porzingis as an option at all for the Sixers is beyond me. What exactly is the appeal there, Channing Frye?

I've read Porzi described as a more mobile Ryan Anderson who can block your shot but even that sounds absurd to me lol. He doesn't and likely won't ever shoot as well, and his ability to defend post-ups and box out sufficiently would be in question in the WNBA. Guys like Taj Gibson, Faried, Tristan Thompson would eat him alive and the NBA is full of that type of PF.

His footage actually looks a bit like Vesely's. 7'2" guy with point-guard weight running around screens and flicking 19 footers out of strange Euro formations.

in a perfect world where he fills out and bulks up he is a good fit next to embiid but who knows if that happens

To me the question is whether adding some weight will actually make him less soft. It might not. Usually skinny tall players still at least get blocks and protect the rim (Nerlens)- and Porz does not( only7.2 reb and 1.8 blocks per 36 min.) Does 20 pounds change that?

it might not but he might feel more comfortable banging down low if he has more weight

That's not his game. But if he can add 35lbs of muscle, his physique can be 'Bargnani'. It would be a cosmetic effort though since he can easily play like him at his current weight weighing the same as Wroten.

Bargnani was a better three point shooter than Porzi but their numbers are pretty similar. Although I don't know how the 2nd division of Italy's Serie A Lega from 2005 compares to ACB, or how much it matters when stepping up from either to the NBA.

If we don't take Russell, I will be shocked and really really fucking pissed. I get that nothing is 100% but I can get on board with all of Hinkie's moves...until he does not draft Russell.

He has the height and wingspan above any other lead guard in recent drafts
He can shoot - #2 shooter in the NCAA as a 19 year old.

How many lead prospects have been "shooters" in recent years?

I don't get the point guard versus two guard distinction to be honest - it's the same thing as shooting guard versus wing. I want Deangello as my pick and roll initiator - watch him in those situations.

A lot of depth at point guard and a weakness at shooting guard means ... The same depth at guard as before? Is harden a point guard? Curry? Lillard? Kyrie? Point guards today were two guards before.

Embid and Russell are a REAL core to me. Fuck if they fail, but it's real and I'll sign up for that.

I'd love:

Danny Green

I'm very much aligned with you on this Rusty. My imagined scenario for next year looks very much like yours (i'd try Middleton over Green first, but i doubt Milwuakee won't match).

The only difference is Robinson. I'd want a real center over him coming off the bench. I want a team filled with high basketbll IQ guys. Robinson does not fit that mold.

Yes - I'd actually love Middleton in that spot, but have the same feeling as you with Bucks matching. I picked Green because of his two way ability and his leadership potential. A guy who came from the D league and became part of a unit. Fought his way into a big role and ran with it. Could help development of the rest of the team because he won't be high usage, he spaces the floor, AND I expect less concern on wins added with signings. Still doubtful signing but I'd like it.

The backup center point is valid. I was actually debating who might be around in the early second - someone like Rakeem Christmas or Dakari Johnson. I think for our sake we could use a veteran in the role. My thought is one with someone offensive savy which Henry Sims was a poor poor mans version of. I can't think of a long list but I think they are available.

76ers Theatre Memorial Day triple feature:

Waiting for Godot, starring Sam Hinkie

That Championship Season, starring Brett Brown

How Green Was My Valley, starring Joshua Harris

who wanna play some 2K15 online

Dollar Bill, you down?

From Chad Ford's chat re: Dario Saric

Question from James (NYC)

Where would Dario Saric rate in this draft if he came out this year instead?
Chad Ford (1:17 PM)

Probably Top 10. But maybe higher based on the NBA's infatuation at the moment with playmaking fours. Everyone wants a Draymond Green right now and Saric is one of the best playmaking fours I've seen in the draft for a while. Zach Lowe did a great story on this yesterday worth reading. But given that criteria, Saric would be very intriguing to teams. I think given the way the NBA is playing right now, he could be a very valuable piece for the Sixers when he decides to come.

Here's a link to Zach Lowe's Grantland story. Good info and it pertains to the Sixers and how they are being built.


Good, let's trade him for Winslow.

I would love Winslow but I'm definitely intrigued by Saric.

A legit 6'10" forward with great passing skills plus supreme grit/energy sounds pretty good, especially next to Embiid.

Hah, so I have never been a big Saric guy given the questionable jumper. It seems like he is on a hot streak recently, but its obviously remains in question without a sample size. The Green comments were definitely compelling and thought-provoking....but then I was just left thinking, hmmmm, how generational can Embid be in this new era?

The last paragraph is the right one - any time the game sways too much, coaches capitalize on where teams are leaving themselves exposed.

From the 10,000 foot view (and all in theory):

Two way mobile big man with a soft touch (Embid)

Defensive analytics prototype, "guard any position guy" (Noel)

Cheap floor spacing wings (Covington, Thompson, Grant?)

Playmaking 4 (Saric - but maybe Grant fits in here)

Something tells me we need a pick and roll running, high 3p % shooting, high IQ, primary guard. (Get here DeAngelo)

It's similar to the NFL in the way that the running game has fallen out of favor a bit.

Yet, if you can find an exceptional running back and build a strong O-line you can still have great success. Look at Le'Veon Bell with the Steelers or the Cowboys o-line. For the first time in years two RB's were taken in the first round of this most recent NFL draft.

Everything shifts and the NBA is no exception. Everyone wants a free-flowing style with quicker more versatile players, but throw a couple of talented 7-foot post players into the mix (Embiid, Okafor, Towns) and watch how things evolve once again.

It is funny how things "seem" like they are falling into place for the Sixers and the way they are being constructed. There are still plenty of big "IF's" (Embiid's health, this draft, any trades/FA moves, Saric's contract buyout etc.) but I am really excited for this upcoming season.

Nice to see Harden choke and Morey fail. Not a fan of either of those guys. Finals should be interesting, I think if LeBron can win a title w/ these guys, it'll be the most impressive example of a one-man team. This is LeBron and a 30-win team, and that's with Kyrie at 100%. The path to the finals was exceedingly easy in the East, and I think the Warriors should win in 5, but if he can carry this squad to a championship...man, that would be something. Going to the finals 6 times in 12 seasons with (essentially) 3 different teams, also quite an accomplishment. Going 2-4 in those finals would diminish it a bit, though. If the Spurs hadn't blown game 6 two years ago, 1-5 would probably shift the perception of him quite a bit.

on the other side, if the warriors win curry will have gone through everyone else on the All NBA first team

The only thing stopping the Warriors from winning the title is injuries IMO. The Cavs have no shot against them as long as GSW stays reasonably healthy during the series. It could be a very quick finals series - 4, 5 games tops.

bulls have fired Tom Thibodeau

Wow. I think he's a great coach, but he'd be a horrible fit w/ this ownership group. Not the type of guy who'd be happy going to battle with both hands tied behind his back, nor the type to be happy with every injury requiring 18 months of rehab.

Tom's suits were getting a little too tight on him. Could take a sabatical and enter as a float in the Macy's Parade. Chicago steakhouses are draped in black bunting today.
Blame it on the pepper cream sauce and full-bodied cabernets. "Burp."

Every strong coach is sharpminded and pigheaded to a necessary extent. Krause's rendering plant strikes again.

Good job, Tom. You're a credit to basketball.
You carry the torch for tenacity. And your Bulls overachieved. Richard Simmons is holding on line 1.

Scott Skiles named head coach of the magic

I just googled Scott Skiles and realized that I had him confused with Lawrence Frank.

Lawrence Frank never coached the Bucks.

Beware of used tires, even when they look like they have a lot o' 'meat' - - dry rot a real and present danger.

Scott Skiles is scrappy if nothing else. (Played and) Coaches hard. So did the late Dick Harter. And the early Jim O'Brien.
Niagara/Nats/76ers' Larry Costello was demanding too.

Orlando. Wake me up when they field a team.

dollar bill, you ready to live in a world where marreese speights might be a NBA champion?

Absolutely. Always rooted for the Speez. He's rooted for everyone else. Like a big who can drill shots, mixes it up and who shows personality. Go Mo!

Am conflicted though. Love what Cavs' bench is doin'. And the King, doin' an A.I. If Kyrie gets it goin' and JR gets smokin', watch out, Warriors.

Waiting over a week to start Finals, ridiculous.

Which brings me to Iguodala's foul shooting, still ridiculous. The Clangmaster struck again in clincher. 0-4 with game ALMOST decided. His fans remember the late FT goring of Bulls of course as they make the best of a bad situation.

And what's with Steph Curry goin' all cutesy with his kids and his wife? He's sure lovin' his own perfume lately. Was I hallucinating or did I actually see a show called "Cookin' with the Currys"? Cavs need to knock him on his ass early and often, get his attention.

For a guy that puts in as much as work as Iguodala, his FT percentage is baffling.

Cookin' with the Currys is probably in reference to a lyric from Drake's song 0 to 100.

"I been Steph Curry with the shot
Been cookin' with the sauce, chef, curry with the pot, boy"

I don't know why it makes me so happy to picture Dollar Bill feverishly searching the internets for Drake songs.

Walt Disney created a whole industry with fantasy.

Psychosomatic illness. Needs hypnotist. Or a peach basket.

Know of Sir Francis Drake, Drake's Cakes and Drake University (Willie McCarter, Lewis Lloyd). Drake the entertainer is a mere rumor to me. Does he sing that new song, "Betty in Bermudas"?

Thanks, Stan, with lyrics like those you forwarded who needs Johnny Mercer or Burt Bacharach?

Roy Rogers wore #99 for the Celtics, as did Darko Milicic and Jae Crowder. George Mikan, The Great Laker, also wore the final double digit. 2 others only; never heard of 'em. Maxwell Smart was fond of 99.

Wilton Norman Chamberlain.
March 2, 1962.
Hershey, PA.
Warriors whip Knicks.
Dipper 28-32 from the free throw line, 36-63 from the field.
Hitched a ride back to his pad in NYC with a carload of humiliated Knicks; they cursed him as he snoozed.
100 points scored by 1 player tends to do that.

Kristaps article from Grantland. He's definitely an intriguing prospect.


He's somewhere between Bargnani and Elena Delle Donne.

Do the Sixers have a shot to draft Caitlin Jenner for their dance team? Or is (s)he a Lakers or Clippers shoe-in?

Caitlyn is an explosive, versatile athlete.

Crossover is better than Corporal Max Klinger's. Keeps opponents on heels.

This is perfect

FWIW, D'Angelo Russell jumped 39.5" in the vertical jump test today. Really good, especially for someone with questions about his "explosiveness."

Larry Bird's vertical was 28". Basketball I.Q. was 280. Competitive temperament was off the charts. Had gunslinger-quick hands.

Sixers' championship 3rd guard Clint Richardson had a vertical leap similar to Russell's. A 6'3" booster rocket with long arms and a willingness to play D. CR was a product of Seattle U., as was the one-and- only Elgin "Hang and Double-Pump" Baylor, Pistons deep sharpshooter Eddie Miles, Lakers forward John Tresvant, Wilt's frontline helper (along with NYU's Happy Hairston) on championship team team that won 33 straight.

Facts are incontrovertible, memories are flawed: John Tresvant was NOT a member of the steamrollin' champion 71-72 Lakers; had been traded to Baltimore Bullets previous year.

Leroy Ellis picked up John's minutes in a 2nd tour of duty with his 1st NBA team. Leroy finished his respectable career with the pre-McGinnis 76ers, a rag tag bunch that was a remnant of the late Jack Ramsey's poor late- 60s GM decision-making, one of the offshoots being Billy "Kang" Cunningham's jumping to the ABA's Carolina Cougars for more loot, leaving Sixers without a go-to player.

wouldn't the Lakers be smart to take Russell at 2 and hold him hostage? do Hinkie like he did the Magic with Payton. They can tell him to take Okafor for them and get their 1st rounder back if he really wants Russell.

he wouldnt do that

id trade the lakers pick if it guaranteed me towns but hes the only guy i would trade future pick(s) for

Yeah....I would agree with sixerfan1220. There is about a )% chance of that happening and Hinkie getting strong-armed.

I think they like Russell but there are most likely a couple of other guys they would be perfectly fine taking at #3 if he's is gone.

Towns is the only guy worth trading up for. Although I am hoping that Hinkie can trade back into the lottery/first rd if they identify a second player they really want. I would love to find a way to get Russell and Hezonja/Porzingis or a Hollis-jefferson a bit later.


Nah. If you have a franchise guy available you take him. Losing out on him is not worth the gamble. Also Hinkie is a little crazy.

I have generally liked everything I have seen in these predraft interviews. My biggest concern is Russell does not fall to us.

I realized that I would be pretty darn satisfied with two things this offseason (1) Drafting Russell and (2) signing Danny Green

Green is a top tier wing defender and lights out 3 point shooter. He fought his way up into the league after early struggles. He played in the Spurs system that (apparently) the franchise wants to model after.

PG - Russell
SG - Green
SF - Covington
PF - Noel
C - Embid


Ish Smith
Jerami Grant
Hollis Thompson
(eventually Saric) as backups

I would be in favor Sampson and Sims coming back as the 11th and 12th man. They do their job - Sampson has upside and Sims just grinds. End of bench with good attitudes.

I would want a better backup big and potentially another ball handler. But I would not mind that starting 5 by any means.

doesnt need to be changed but the longer it takes the better

@tomhaberstroh Interesting: Adam Silver says he thinks draft lottery reform should be tabled for "at least another year" because of changing cap landscape.

Game 1 was fun to watch. I hope Irving is alright so Cleveland can keep it close.

Iggy did a nice job on Lebron.

..aaand fractured knee cap. J. R. is gonna have to shoot about 70% from 3 now.

Dry-mouth cotton on Warriors' tongues until "Sparky" Speights entered with mischief on his mind and points in his right arm... a 6'10" B-12 shot ordered by the genteel Dr. Kerr.

Iguana had a 5 minute Magic Johnson-type flurry which greatly helped Warriors cause. Played inspired, respectable D on the ramrodding King of Akron.

Warriors lose without X-6ers' feistiness.

Amid sea of yellow shirts, Cavs almost got the 1 visit-win they need. Mosgov got homered on travel call at key juncture. Shumpert buzzer prayer a half inch short of being answered.

2 Irving blocks on Curry drives were fun to watch.

Losing proposition: 2 players accounting for 2/3 of team shots and points. Cavs' calvary gotta be more involved and productive; disappointed last night.

As Rusty mentioned above, the biggest concern is Okafor having a poor interview, workout, injury, or some other unforeseen red flag that causes the Lakers to take Russell at 2. I don't think it's all that likely at this point, but there's still nearly 3 weeks for prospects to move up and down draft boards.

I've read speculation that Flip is leaning toward Okafor with the first pick and I hope that's what ultimately happens. In my opinion, there's almost no chance of L.A. passing on Towns for Russell, while there is a chance (albeit a small one) of them passing on Okafor to take him - considering the layup line a Randle-Okafor front court would be creating there on defense.

Towns has been killing the workouts in L.A. and has already said he'd like to play there.
Some of his 1 on 0 workout highlights from the past week, if anyone is interested:

KAT (pick & roll stuff, handle & finish):

KAT (shooting):

and here's Russell:


And I've eye-tested Porzingis' weight and he's 174 pounds, not 220.

I take it on faith, Mr. Magoo.

CROWING ON RUSSELLS: Bill > Cazzie > Campy > D'Angelo > Nipsy.

To the aggressors go the spoils.

Great fun to watch hearty Aussie outbacker Dellavedova badger Cosmo cover girl Curry into 5-23 night. So much for the power and efficacy of MVP awards.

Hey Iggy, you do more tomahawkin' on the King's arms than Ted Turner & Jane Fonda in Fulton County Stadium stands at their 90s peak.

Speez kinda spazzed on that breakaway effort. Looked a little chubby chuggin' into the station. Mo, lay off those cheeseburgers, hot dogs and potato chips until the 4th of July picnic.

The King will wear the Crown again if he doesn't try to do it all himself from the left wing or top of the key. Great efforts on his part in Gms 1 & 2 though. Hat off to him.

Shumpert made a big 3 and a sealing steal. Way to go, Stovepipe.

Thompson, it's OK if you put the ball in the basket. Great rebounding efforts!

J.R. THINK. Think about what you're trying' to do to them. And keep firin' away.

Warriors will be chasing Mister Softee trucks soon in consolation. Al Attles, original Warrior and tough-as-nails PG in his time, will most likely abstain on principle.

Andrew Bogut, quit holding opponents' hands and wrists for advantage. You're getting' paid to play basketball, not Crack-the-Whip.

"Great fun to watch hearty Aussie outbacker Dellavedova badger Cosmo cover girl Curry into 5-23 night. So much for the power and efficacy of MVP awards...The King will wear the Crown again if he doesn't try to do it all himself from the left wing or top of the key."

Their whole team should be playing like Delly in my opinion, sans Bron, since there's nobody else left who can create offense. Dellavedova's been all over the TV this past week entirely for his effort - that's pretty impressive. He doesn't have the measurements to be a good defender but he's been forcing stops on Curry like no elite perimeter defender has been able to do all season. I'm rooting for the Cavs. A horse is going to win Sportsman of the Year if they don't win this series.

All Cavs are chippin' in. Only way they'll get it done. Thompson boardin' relentlessly. Mozgov pickin', rollin' to hoop, keepin' eyes & hands target ready. JR bucket spurts. Shumpert spirit and agile D. Blatt outdueling Kerr. Gotta love the Miller ball saving dive... typifies the team effort so far.

The King's human. Can't go that deep to well each game. Or can he? Despite 40% from field: A, A & A to date. Truly remarkable performances. Smart; adjusts on fly. And maybe a little powerful... shades o' Jim Brown turnin' the corner and mowin' down linebackers and other gnats.

SF/OAK cry: "More cowbell, more Lee!"

Delly: Australian for playuh!

Where does Lebron rank all time if the Cavs win?

Would you trade Embiid for Towns?

I would. You get a player of a similar calibre under 1 more year of control and without the injury history. Embiid is bigger and the better athlete, but KAT is a tremendous prospect in his own right. He has a lot of skills that were not showcased at UK.

I'd rather have them both, but I don't see that happening.

Now this is a great question.

I think most people would agree that a healthy Embiid is a better prospect than a healthy Towns but until we get a couple of injury-free years out of Embiid in Philly it'll be a worry.

More shaken Curry from the Delly.

You want 'maters on 'at hoagie?


"Yo, Philly, whassuuuuuup?!!!" We missin' 3 starters and weez up 2-1 - yay-yah!!

When you comin' back t'da league? Been such a looooong time.

Draff picks, laff picks. Hinkie, he crayzee tomorrow too."

- Cleveland


This is childish. Are they now going to stop using the brand name for every company that does NOT advertise with them? Lends credence to the narrative that business is this ownership's number one priority.

Core States, First Union, Wachovia, Wells Fargo... 4 up, 4 down... dang, ya just can't bank on banks like ya used to.

Brass refers generically to team's playing arena as 'the ATM.'

Reader comments to the content of AP article of your forwarded link are blocked on this otherwise sunny day in the nation's birthplace. I wonder why.

'We, the Gagged (Reading) People of the Philadelphia 1776ers?' High irony. A commercial news outlet and a linked sports entertainment enterprise; both are entities dependent on public trust.

Ideas and opinions of the rank and file? "Scram! What did you think this was, a democracy?"

Ilyasova to Detroit for Caron Butler & Shawne Williams


I didn't know you could trade players after the deadline while the season is still on

im pretty sure once the playoffs start every team not in the playoffs can trade

Even the teams in the playoff might be able to do it, but they can't use the players during the playoffs. Not sure about this though.

The deadline ends with the end of the regular season, but the players you acquire will only be available next year.

So where does everyone stand right now with:
A) The player you want
B) Who you think the team will take

I still want Russell at 3, but it's starting to feel like the Lakers are going to draft him. If he is off the board,and there is no draft and trade scenario for Okafor, I am left going back and forth between Hezonja and Porzingis. I have very little knowledge of predicting the development of an individual's body, so guessing what Porzingis COULD look like at 24 years old is tough. If you tell me he could be 240, I would be thrilled and take him in a heart beat. But he looks 200 now, so 240 feels a long way off. I also wish he could play small forward, but it does not appear he'll be able to guard a SF on defense. So I guess I am leaning towards Hezonja if Russell is gone.

in order of who i want
russell/mudiay(still going back and forth with them)

feel like its going to be one of those 5 guys

A) Russell
B) Russell

I'd rather have Towns but that's not realistic.

Why do you say Russell is looking like the choice for L.A.? I think he cancelled his workout in Philly because he was sick (I saw it reported somewhere), I don't think it was because he has a promise from the Lakers or anything like that.

Just a feeling I have. Maybe it's because I live out here (which should mean nothing of course), and it's the popular pick among fans, or possibly the timing of what GSW is doing with their back court. The belief by some is that the lakers think they can create a "similar" dual threat with Clarkson and Russell. Couple that with a terrible match of Okafor and Randle and you arrive at Russell at No. 2. This assume Towns goes no. 1.

I hope it doesn't go down like that, but there is no vibe for Okafor at all.

I think Towns, Okafor and Russell are in the same tier at the top. I'd be fine with any one of them. Maybe i give a slight edge to Towns, as i think he's a safe bet to be a really good player in the NBA at the very least but overall i have to admit i'm a Russell fan.

So to answer the question, realistically i want Russell and i also think the team WILL draft Russell. Everything else is just smokescreen after smokescreen.

A) Russell by a long shot given team makeup. But to be honest, I have a difficult time breaking the other players into tiers. I give little value to the player vs. folding chair workouts so its based on everything I have seen during the season. It is easy to see why Towns is rated where he is, but he never looked "explosive" to me relative to an Okafor, and instead dominated late season with just power. His defense was definitively good; however he has some other players around him which helped and he didn't do much to avoid foul trouble. I am not sold on him being a lock more than anyone else.

I would go: Russell, Towns, Okafor, Hezonja, Mudiay, Porzingis. Keep in mind what I said about knowing what I have seen and not caring much for the workouts. I just have a tough time seeing shots go in and having any concept for the speed of the release and whatnot.

B) If I were betting, I would still go Russell. Most analytics support the eye test which seems to match what Hinkie would look for. But, with that, I will say Hinkie is as successful as I can imagine with throwing off the consensus. I don't think anyone knows - for whatever advantage that provides - he has it.

I wouldn't trade Embid for Towns but that is the risk taking approach. Have to imagine outside of logical consensus.

Really just hoping for:
Russell pick
Saric coming over this season
Danny Green signed

BREAKING NEWS [ESPN]: Joel Embiid, assumed franchise center who was injured when drafted and shelved for a full season, "suffers another setback" in foot. Who didn't see that coming?

Yep. Not surprised. I think at his best we'll be looking at a Center who's only good for 50-60 games/year on a very strict 30 mpg regiment. At his worst, he's out of the league by RFA time.

He's only been playing basketball for 4 years and has been plagued by serious injuries in 2 of them. Let's amp the workload to 82 games vs. grown men and see what happens.

Yep. Probably played 10 games against serious teams in his life.

Was so lookin' forward to pre-game between- the-legs dunks and All-NBA post-game tweets. It's the essence. The in-between was and still is highly questionable.


I am disgusted by Embiid's setback, but my surprised-meter is at 1 out of 10. Another year of tanking. It is miserable being of a fan of this greedy team.

Cavs gots ta slow gm 6 down. Bump 'em around. Delly (and assistants) gotta make Curry smell again, make mouthpiece disappear. Only way to a W. On O, would help if the 4 Non-LeBron's move, step into creases, ready to catch and willing to make something happen. King, great as he is, can't do it all himself.

Curry, Barbosa: warriors last night when it mattered.

Iguodala putrid FT shooting is a wreck on the highway of 80 million dollar players. Eddie the Shot got Pelinka-ed. But that's water over the dam and under the bridge.

I think it's goin' 7, an arrangement in which anything can happen. Go Cavs. Recoup early mojo. 48 minutes o' work!

See I actually think they should try to run a bit more. Lebron w/ball sprinting downhill is probably the most efficient possession in basketball and I've seen almost none of it.

I'd give it 50/50 odds to go 7...Delly's exhausted his 15 minutes of fame around game 3 - 3.5 mark. Sort of like an abbreviated mini-Linsanity stretch except it was based on unsustainable defense instead of unsustainable offense. His effort on Curry first 3 games was probably worth about +10 net points/game for his team, but Curry's found his rhythm and Delly's all-around game is like if Rudy played NBA basketball instead of college football.

Running and fast pace creates defensive indecision, lateness/space and easy opportunities for effective shooters like Thompson and Curry. Only way to limit 'em is to slow pace of game AND deny 'em the ball to the extent you're able AND once they do get it, stay in front of 'em and make 'em hit the tough shot over top. Gotta frustrate 'em, keep 'em in doubt and out of rhythm, make their shoulders droop from bucket droughts (their egos are slaves to the bottom of the net and headlines).

Assigned defenders should tell each sniper at tip-off, like Joe Frazier told Ali before one of their fights, "I'm gonna be here ALL. NIGHT. LONG."... but only if they mean it and can back it up like the late, great Smoke did.

It's a pretty slow grinding series as it is, though. If they could create a few more transition buckets by running off live-ball TOs and long rebounds, they'd make it easier on themselves on both ends down the stretch. Otherwise it's just Bron in the post. I guess running is easier said than done when everyone is playing so many minutes, but Blatt trying a deeper rotation might solve several problems at once.

This squad is just trying to *Lebron* their way to a title it seems. it's either because Blatt is overwhelmed, or Lebron is just overruling the coach's strategy and trying this ad hoc hero-ball kamikaze thing. Either way it's a matter of coaching. I've watched everything except Gm3, and the only distinct play I could make out is that weird "horns" set up high, where Lebron drifts laterally over either Mozgov's or Thomposon's pick and if he can't thread the needle into Mozgov's dive, they just clear out and Iso him on AI9. That or they skip the foreplay altogether and just Iso him wherever.

And yeah both Shawn Marion and Mike Miller are getting long in the tooth but like you said, why not at least try them, like during one of those 5 minute droughts? An aging Marion/Miller with fresh legs & experience should be better than a cramped up Shump and Delly on their 40th minute. Not sure what Blatt is doing, the only real adjustment I've noticed so far is benching Mozgov for being slow. Otherwise Kerr is dictating.

I'd make a guess that Cleveland will just barely force a game 7, and then get blown out in Oakland.

Agree, push ball at opportunities. Just don't force issue, they'll play into Warriors hands. Below 100 favors Cavs.

Small ball lives up to its name when shooters miss. Always a possibility if "distractions" appear. Scratch 'n' claw recruits report to the scorer's table.

Cavs have 3 distinct advantages: Lebron, urging fans and Lebron.

Warriors plight tonight: some days you eat the collesseum, some days the collessuem eats you.

The late great shooter Paul Arizin retired and played for the Camden Bullets of the Eastern Basketball League rather than move with Warriors to San Francisco.

They say the Rudy story was fraudulent. Delladedova is a genuine player with limitations and a tough series assignment.
With his fierce mentality, I wouldn't count him out of the fight just yet. Kid's a winner, win or lose.

I was wonderin' about vet Marion's absence, and would give Miller a try too if in need of O spark. Or have both aged to inability? Fresh bodies get to the basketball. Blatt should play 9, especially if things aren't goin' well. Might hit upon something unexpected. Everything but the kitchen sink in next game. Any combo to get to gm 7.

The story itself was fraudulent or they just embellished some stuff in the film? I figured the brown haired booster chick he hooked it up with probly didn't look as good irl but I guess I fell for the rest of it.

I'd put the onus on Blatt more than on his players. Dellavedova can't do much about his fatigue, same as LeBron can't do much about the static sets Blatt's been running since Irving went down. I'm wondering if that 07 team with Drew Gooden, Larry Hughes, and Booby Gibson might've performed better, as far as supporting casts go (they went 10 deep and none of the ancillary players were forced to play 40+ min).

Both Head Coach Dan Devine and QB Joe Montana had problems with "Rudy" movie portrayals and storyline. Sappy Hollywood strikes again.
One man's embellishments are another man's lies.

The Cavs cluster you mentioned may have been better IF you could pick the peak year of each, which of course is more escape fantasy.

Agree, Blatt's been a little flat in last 2, but gm 4 player petering didn't surprise (sometimes the troops just don't have the starch/reserve to pull off the mission). Time to pull out all the stops tonight.

Blatt should try a Lebron, Smith, Miller, Marion, Thompson lineup. Just hope the shooters get hot. Play Mozgov a bit more vs. Green too (I think Mozgov can hurt Green more from the inside than Green can hurt him from the outside). Also sub Jones/Shumpert in for J.R. if he's cold and/or braindead again.

Probably a bad idea to try outscoring GS but this Cavs offensive status quo won't do. Iggy being able to guard Lebron 1 on 1 has been key so far because everyone on the Cavs sucks at moving without the ball. So Lebron's options are either a kick to a stationary shooter with a defender glued to him, or a Lou Williams end of the quarter type of possession against an elite defender.

It's between Curry and Dre for FMVP in my opinion (though of course Curry will get it because whoever votes on that stuff just scans down the "points" column of the box score like an ape)

The Clippers have acquired Lance Stephenson from the Hornets in exchange for Spencer Hawes and Matt Barnes

Does the pickup in Porzingis speculation feel similar to the Exum speculation last year?

I am holding my breath with Embid and have not given up hope. Major disappointment with the setback, but I am using my lack of medical background as a "naivety is bliss" mentality.

I would not change my "Russell or bust" outlook on our draft even if Embid is shelved forever (which he is not - but hypothetically).

I have been reading "The Art of a Beautiful Game". A lot of really interesting tidbits in there - but some guest appearances by Hinkie. It would be interesting to see if we ever signed Shane Battier to a coaching contract (assuming he does not run for political office). Seemed like those guys had a really deep relationship. Similar relationship with Yao for Hinkie.

Also interesting to see the two pre-draft trades go down... Embid's injury, the pre-draft hysteria of Porzingis, and general uncertainty builds a nice foundation for big draft day trade. I doubt we do anything, but I think the optionality to trade out of 3 and get Russell at 4, 5 or 6 would be something Hinkie will seriously consider if the situation presents itself. Or something bigger (i.e. Cousins type deal).

Can we just get this over with?

If they value Porzingis that high, I wouldn't mind getting him. But I agree that Russell will still be my No.1 (after Towns of course which isn't realistic). FWIW I like what I have heard from him in interviews. Which brings us to Hezonja. Shouldn't he be making the rounds over the next week or is he still playing?

I was thinking about Hinkie and when the Sixers will provide an official statement on the next course of Embiid's recovery. I wouldn't be surprised if we don't hear anything until his (Hinkie's) post-draft presser. The unknown can be considered a tactical advantage regarding trade-down scenarios, so I doubt Hinkie gives that up.

i think Hezonja's team is still playing

"Does the pickup in Porzingis speculation feel similar to the Exum speculation last year?"

I think it's different. Porzingis is coming from the ACB while Exum came out the Aussie HS circuit. The YMCA probably has a comparable level of competition to what Exum faced as an amateur down there. On the other hand, the Spanish pro league is pretty tough, especially for younger players.

Also Porzingis is being advertised as this "rare commodity" type of prospect - 7 ft stretch 4* who can defend the rim* (*supposedly). While Exum was billed as a toolsy PG who can't shoot (plenty of those already).

And lastly, Porzi has been scouted much more thoroughly than Exum. His strengths and weaknesses are pretty well identified by now (he was initially in the 2014 draft before pulling out last minute - so extra year of scouting). As opposed to Exum, whose stock kept going up despite nobody knowing what he's even good at.

I do see certain similarities too, though:

1) Both are major gambles

2) the upside seems predicated on stuff that just sounds like unfounded blind optimism to me

3) I don't want either of them on the team

4) Porzingis as the consolation prize for such a crap season is just depressing IMO

FWIW - with all this damn cap space, I wouldn't mind signing Danny Green AND Greg Monroe for the hell of it. 4 year deals aligned with other players progressing into their contracts.

I will ignore us potentially drafting Porzingis and guess we go PG:

PG - Russell
SG - Green
SF - Covington
PF - Noel
C - Monroe

J Grant
Pierre Jackson

It would ruin the plan so I don't really advise it - but at least I could get excited for a season to watch potentially playoff basketball.

would love to trade down with someone who wants porzingis and then take hezonja

there is also a scenario where okafor falls to 3 and you play a game of chicken with the knicks

the draft cant get here soon enough

Congrats to Warriors for winning - in style - over 90's style beat-em-up-ball that some here seem to like. Happy for Iggy after all the abuse he took in Philly because PonitZ.

And we can all be thankful that that "scrappy" scrub didn't injure any more actual players.

What did PonitZ do to him?

Andre Iguodala, Finals MVP. Why can't the Sixers get players like that?

Well whataya know... Statman comes out of the woodwork to stick out his tongue, emboldened by Iguana's pretty trophy despite Iguana's canning only 27 of 65 playoff foul shots. Happy for ya, Statman. Your boy finally got slotted in a situation that could tolerate his warts (like the Coach K mascot Olympics placement) - - among 2 deep shooters and an assortment of other talents. Now if he'd only give Philadelphia some of that 80 million back that he collected while "refining" his game and blighting my eyes in 18 years as a Sixer. Loved his self-referential Pippin and Hardaway (and another) comparison. That was a gem. He's funny.

And just what did your guys do? The "best player in the game" with a super-Kobe usage and a sub-Iverson percentage versus said mascot? Or perhaps the "scrappy one" that likes to dive into players knees to help his team out that scored all of 16 POINTZ! (see, I can spell and correct typos if not having to wait all night for a new post to be approved, dhead) in the last 3 games?

I'll take the team that won, thanks for playing.

Mascot is a histrionic flopper. Can't believe refs bought it a few times. HELD Mr. '5 straight Finals participant' to 36, 13 & 9.
Missed 38 of 65 playoff free throws. Hit some open J's with wide berth given to the likes of the Queen Mary as Curry and Thompson and others preoccupied. "MVP"... if the 11 voters say so. We all know electorates aren't logical. Baaa-aa-aaaaa.

I'll take Delladedova for the Sixers. So would Brett Brown. Bring back skinned knees and strawberries and volunteerism.

You can have the team that won. I haven't liked 'em since '62. They didn't exactly distinguish themselves with their play, just outlasted a team sporting the greatest oceanliner on earth and his hustling barnacles. And you can also have the overeducated Oklahoma boob who currently runs amok in Sixers personnel outcomes as a bonus. This starts now.

Dollar Bill! I've missed your witty repartee, sprinkled with sarcasm and bitterness. No doubt you've watched much more of the Sixers than I have over the past couple years, so I wonder: were the Iguodala-era Sixers such a blight to your eyes compared to more recent reincarnations? Every time I've seen the latter, they've been unwatchable. I'd rather watch the 08-12 Sixers any day.

As for Iguodala, I'm quite happy with the career he's carved out, especially since leaving Philly, where he took a lot of unfair criticism from the ugliest side of Philly fandom (I'm sure you would disagree and would substitute Willie Green as the unfair target). For Iguodala in just in the last five years: World Champion starter, All-Star, Olympic Gold Medalist, First Team All-Defense, NBA Champion, NBA Finals MVP. The two teams he left got worse the year after. The two teams he joined got better and set franchise records for regular season wins. So I'd say he's quite a bit better than you ever thought he'd be, though there's still room for you to say (a) he's had an incredible string of luck and (b) he's pulled the wool over the eyes of a lot of veteran NBA observers.

No, Statman, if you can believe it, the last 2 years have been even more dreadful to watch than the Ilinois Rimsplitter Era. Wherever you've taken your fan energies, I'm confident that you're having more fun.

Iguodala is what I've always known and contended he was: a bricklaying, athletic B player in a greedy, lavish (blame to Stefanski) A contract (that binded the Sixers at the time). Monikers and favorable circumstances don't erase spots, but they can deliver happiness. Enjoy.

I had Kristaps Porzingus one summer. Dried it up with Calomine lotion.

Worst 32/18/9 you'll ever see. King uneven all night, abdicated power too often. As series evolved, devolved from great to straining & good.

Smith, Shump, Delly & James: 7-29. Refresh your resumes, boys.

Mo Speezy, world champion! Was first Warrior to go to war when others had stagefright, led the battle, albeit briefly.

Iguodala making Lebron work throughout, business as usual. As Sixer, always amped up to play against him, turns his feet into Archie Bell & the Drells ... "I just can't stop dancin'! No, No." Nice series. Earned his Ring, though MVP was a stretch. Without Curry droppin' sprees of 'dad taught me at 3' bombs, Warriors would've been in trouble.

Mozgov has some nice skills, needs to get a little stronger, quit bringing ball down for rakers.

Just listened to a Cad Ford interview. He feels that: "any team, regardless of current personnel, if they can't get Towns at No. 1, would be CRAZY to not take Porzingis at No. 2".

I'm amazed at how this guys stock has climbed.


Incidentally he also added that Porzingis is the only other "can't miss" prospect outside of Towns.

Chad Ford bases his mocks on comments he hears from other GMs. Then he watches these prospects, I suppose, during the year, but especially at workout time.

So he feels that confident from watching Porzingis in a pre-draft workout and listening to other GMs that this guy must go number 2? And the countless youtube videos he watches. Does he go to Europe to watch?

What makes everyone so convinced his jumper is quick enough to get off in the NBA? That he can fight through screens in the NBA? That he can rebound in the NBA? That he can pass well and create in the NBA? Who gives a fuck about a 7'0 of height at age 19 when there was not a super relevant 7'0 player in the NBA finals? And we want to create this vision of a superstar Dirk-esque player and disregard Dirk's lack of defensive ability, aka "Irk" (no D) and his penchant for jumpers and not rebounds. Would I love Dirk on our squad? Of course. Would I bet on anyone else replicating Dirk's unique skillset? Hell no - and I sure as heck would not bet on the 7'0 twig that can shoot 3s versus the 6'5 twig that can shoot 3s and has some pretty darn good signs about other abilities.

I buy into the theory that every top team, especailly the 76ers, is talking up Porzingis EXACTLY like they talked up Exum. Because heck, would it not have been nice for the sixers to draft Exum and trade him to Orlando for Embid and their future 1st rounder (which they would have done if they assumed teams loved him). What benefit does Hinkie get by not LOVING porzingis if he does not want to draft porzingis at 3?

I will eat my shoe - but I am still betting on the 3 man draft and hoping those odds start creeping up for me.

Chad Ford is probably going to change that interview to say teams would be CRAZY not to take Okafor at No 2. if they can't get Towns.

I agree with much of what you say, especially the faux hype pushed out in buckets by many of the GMs this time of year.

But this sounds a bit different to me. I could be totally wrong, but it sounds different. Also, regarding the reason why Ford (and GMs according to him) feel he'll be successful is because of his work ethic. They say that will separate him from other prospects, and certainly other failed euros.

Listen for yourself if you have some time to kill:
Chad Ford retweeted
David Locke ‏@Lockedonsports Jun 16
PODCAST - http://weareutahjazz.com/lockedonjazz/?p=9046 … - With @chadfordinsider on 2015 NBA Draft - Part 1

I will definitely check that out soon. I agree that I like to hear "gym rat", but I also keep it in check. I apologize in advance for referencing something I have not confirmed, but word is that Ford had a similar "gym rat" description for Darko?

I do think the double trade back is in play if Russell does not fall to us.

Okafor to Knicks.
Whoever to Orlando.

We get some assets in the meantime.

Heck - given what Tellem is doing with Hezonja - maybe the triple trade back is in play.

Yessss last year's was a good read, this one is good too. I thought last year scouts (and some fans) were a little too high on Vonleh and too hard on Wiggins. Many people just seemed annoyed after they realized he's not Lebron, and became obsessed with pointing that out by picking him apart more than highlighting what's great about him. Also remember thinking how the scouts he interviewed were way too ambivalent on Exum. 'He played at the Hoop Summit. Still don't know shit about him. So I guess I'd take him 3rd overall.' [paraphrasing from memory].

This year's takes seem much more in line with my own, so after reading it kind of strengthened my opinions. I like what they said about Russell overall, but I think they're somewhat a little too sold on him and some excerpts I just don't agree with. Scout 1 in particular.

Scout 1: "I see the [James] Harden comparison. I think that’s fair, just with the way he plays."

I don't see the Harden comparison. I'll check their stat pages when I get home to a computer, but I'm pretty sure that Harden's FTr was something like double that of Russell as a freshman. Wanna say Harden got to the rim more and finished at a better clip too but I'll have to check that. If Scout 1 is just going for another one of those daft, lazy comparisons based on optical stuff, then at least say Cuttino Mobley, not Harden.

"His shooting needs to get better"

really..that's where Russell needs to get better? That's like watching John Wall and saying 'he needs to get faster'. Russell shot over 40% on everything 24 feet and out. In fact, he was even over 40% from range that would be called a "long 3" in the NBA (27+ feet). And a lot of that stuff was off the dribble too.

"I think he has the package you want in a guard. No downside."

How about advanced athletic ability, defense, and two hands? I like Russell but there certainly is a downside. Playing with sub-talented teammates against top 100 defenses where he faced longer, more athletic defenders, Russell was reduced to an inefficient gunner. In those games (which comprised roughly half of his season), he shot less than 40% from the field, under 35% from deep, and struggled finishing inside. Now, Scout 3 says, "he’ll be even better with better players. Ohio State wasn’t very good." Hmm but that sounds a little like this NBA team I like which he's projected to go to, and those long, athletic defenders he struggles against sound like his future competition.

An ideal situation for Russell would be playing next to one of the many good, athletic point guards in the NBA today, who could take on the tougher defensive assignment as well as alleviate some of the offensive workload and shift attention away from Russell (a Steve Francis to his Cuttino Mobley, you could say).
I think that's where he'd really thrive and make the players around him thrive. But of course Hinkie hasn't done shit in his 2 years on the job in terms of putting talent on the floor, so Russell would once again find himself as the marked #1 scorer who has to create the offense. Still surrounded by second rate teammates, still hounded by defenses keyed on stopping him. The upgrade of being able to kick the ball to a Robert Covington instead of a Shannon Scott in the corner, is negated by the defender guarding him now being Avery Bradley instead of Dave Sobolewski manning Northwestern's 2-3 zone.

A season or two of that Sixers acculturation, and we're probably looking at inefficiency, hero ball habits, stagnant development, and depreciated trade value in Russell. Once again: fans are fixated on Ben Simmons or some Lithuanian guy falling to them at spot #3, Saric's epic fit with Embiid once the first comes over and the latter's foot heals, and cataloguing Hinkie's bevy of draft picks.

Change the slogan to This Starts Over Now. it'll always be applicable.


like: Russell, article shared by The Six
dislike: Hinkie

Good write up. I agree that the Harden comp seems like a bit of a reach based on the aggressiveness that Harden goes to the hoop. That is not Russell. Although in fairness, half of Harden's calls are BS. I think he's a product of a the NBA's dumbed down approach to calling fouls at a ridiculous rate for guards that go strong to the hoop. I mean jesus christ....Harden initiates the contact probably 7/10 times he goes to the line. Why should those be foul calls?

I hope in the end we get Russell, but I'm not too confident. Second workout scheduled with the Lakers this week.

I hope there's a part 2 again like last year. I remember Russillo did the same thing on Gordon, Exum, and Vonleh. I'm interested to read what they'd have to say about Mudiay, Oubre, and Hezonja.

Also wondering if it's the same 3 scouts from last year's piece.

any chance we can get a new thread for the draft?

Looks like the last time Brian checked in was 3 weeks ago and that was to comment on Lebron in the Finals. He probly got fed up and forgot the password by now.

Isn't there a way to write a fan post here like tk did for the start of the season? If someone can tell me how to do that, I could draw a picture of Hinkie drowning or something. or if anyone else can write a couple words just so we have a new thread.

i think he checks more often than that but just doesnt comment

You might try emailing Brian at brian@blogsbyfans.com to see if you can put up an article.

I don't really know what to write about.

I'm guessing Brian will have one between now and then. he always does when it's draft time or some big event, plus his will be more interesting.

By the way, any guesses on what's going on with Embiid and what he'll look like long-term? From your medical perspective I mean. Or just not enough information to even speculate?

If I had to speculate, I'd guess that because Embiid just hit the 1-year mark since the injury first occurred, the doctors had a certain benchmark set as to how far along they'd like the healing to be after a year.

All reports indicate that there is no pain or additional injury, and that he's been "explosive and dominant" in his workouts to this point.

I truly think that all of this happening at draft time is no coincidence. I don't doubt for a second that they are being very cautious with Embiid, and will scale his workouts back and will probably keep him out of summer league with eyes on an October debut.

This is a franchise worth hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars. I have a hard time believing it would take weeks to get experts to come in to evaluate an injured player. The fact that they keep saying it'll be a few weeks (until after the draft) for further evaluation leads me to believe that they're just slow-playing this whole deal. If this was a truly serious setback they'd have had him at the worlds best medical facilities by now, not waiting for weeks to get looked at.

I'd be really surprised if anything major comes out of this. Hinkie seems to love a smokescreen around draft time, and this only adds to it.

*Disclaimer...this is all 100% wishful thinking. He'll be fine...he'll be fine...he'll be fine...he'll be fine...he'll be fine...he'll be fine...he'll be fine

Ok so he's smoke screening this to put the idea of Okafor and Porzingis into play at pick 3. But how about denting Embiid's trade value days before the draft?

"the doctors had a certain benchmark set as to how far along they'd like the healing to be after a year"

Yea long complete. 5-8 months was the timetable.

What benchmark is there for when the foot is approaching its 13 month of rehab, nearly at double the median of its initial estimate? I don't even understand why the word setback is used, that implies an event of some sort. Next, Porzingis will have a "setback" in weight gain when trainers put him on the scale and learn he hasn't gained an ounce in over a year.

Obviously the news isn't fabricated because Embiid's agent would be livid about his client's earning potential getting screwed with and would blow the whistle on it immediately. And equally unlikely is them suddenly discovering a 5-8 month injury is healing "less than anticipated" after a year. So this has to be like a warning shot before they divulge more serious news at some point soon. This organization never says a word, so why say anything at all about something as fainéant as the healing of a bone? It's been healing since last summer.

I really have no idea. We'll probably know within a couple of weeks whether he needs surgery. It doesn't take an advanced degree to know that surgery would be a huge, potentially career altering setback, playing in the Summer League would be a huge relief... and anything else just means we are left waiting and not knowing what to expect.

Honestly, it would take a full healthy season before I felt like we could relax about his future and start thinking of him as a "normal" seven footer. I wrote before last draft that I'm a bit wary of ever building around a franchise big, because you always are are keeping your fingers crossed they will be healthy come playoff time.

jerseys look good

only complaint is no black alternate


I agree with a lot of what as been said above.

1. The new uniforms seem fine. Not to major of a departure, which is good because major overhauls that try and appear trendy are almost always a bad idea (see Clippers.)

2. I also am a fan of drafting Russell with the intention of eventually fielding a 2 PG lineup. The NBA PG position is deep enough that they should be able to find another sweet shooting PG next to him who complements him with a bit more athleticism and defense. That gives the double benefit of a great starting lineup and rotational flexibility. Or if not another PG, then maybe a big time combo guard or ball dominant SG. Overall, I like Russell more for how he complements other players than for his actual elite potential as an individual. Is that a bad thing?

3. I hope the Porzi scheme is just hype. I'd hate to see Hinkie pick him as an "I'm the smartest guy in the room" type of contrarian pick.

4. No news on the Embiid front... I was really looking forward to this summer league- even if they babied him like they did with Nerlens last summer. But I guess we'll have to be content with seeing the #3 pick. Hopefully that does not entail watching Porzi get pushed around and overmatched the way that ET was his first summer. I can't deal with people making excuses for a guy that is overmatched from day one.

Agree with you here. Uniforms look solid - won't complain or boast about them - just want some wins.

The two PG lineup is something I see more potential around. And not sure if it was already mentioned here but a Russell + Mudiay draft isn't crazy for me to imagine.

My biggest issue with talking about the overpopulation of point guards is the lack of mention of underpopulated two guards. I see this is as more a consequence of big guards playing PG rather than 2G. Wouldn't Westbrook be a 2 guard back in the day? Even curry, harden, etc. the blended nature of backcourts doesn't get discused enough - or only in "position less" NBA discussion. Which focuses more on bigs.

Finally - I think the smartest guy in the room stuff is less a threat in that instance. iF and only IF porzingis has true 3rd pick value over Russell as perceived by the league - will he do it. But drafting an obscure guy that early with value left on the table is not smart and wouldn't be viewed as "smart". Any "smart" guy would say sure he's great but you could have gotten him a few picks later.

Yes - I will be forced to eat my foot if hinkie drafts kp and Russell is still available. I'd just be truly stunned.

Who shall save the Sixers from another season of 60+ losses?

A guy who holds a basketball like a grapefruit but doesn't rebound or defend much?

A guy who likes to take jumpshots but dribbles in one direction and isn't supremely athletic?

A guy who spent a year at a stacked bball factory and who isn't an explosive scorer?

A guy who eschewed Right Way College, was made in China and whose jumper is a bull in a china shop?

A guy who wields a unique name, an auspiciously tall frame and a portentiously skinny game?




O, spine-tingling suspense!!

O, optionality!!

O, analytics!!

O, sheltering GM!!

O, Taj Mahal in Camden!!

O, new derivative unimaginative revenue intending uniforms!!

O, brother.

I have a feeling Saric won't be a Sixer when Thursday's wheeling and dealing is completed.

Wouldn't surprise me. International prospects have long been used as transaction fuel for teams to move around on draft day. If this were hockey I'd be more than happy to follow a Russian or Swedish prospect for a year or two in a foreign league because I could put stock in their performance and development translating much more reliably.

With basketball, I could care less about them until they're state-side. That's why I opposed the pick last summer - not only do we not know if he's even a quality player, but we don't get to find out for who knows how long.

I actually did make an effort watching 1.5 of his games and he looks to be a slightly taller Royce White in my opinion. Both have cerebral games, good feel for the court, and can start a break with smart passes to guys who move. On the flipside, both are athletically doomed to play bad D, neither is a good enough shooter to justify a face up game at that size, neither seems very enthused about the idea of flying to Philly, neither is a lock to translate their strengths.

I'm hoping Hinkie's honey badger mode used for looting the 2nd round will be put to work on something important Thursday, like maneuvering his way into Russell and turning Saric + one of his unconveyed picks into Winslow or Kelly Oubre.

I never watched much of Royce White. All I know is I would have liked to have seen him play without his disability(s).

I liked the pick. Still do. I think there is a real place for him in the NBA. He has so much skill at such a young age that I don't feel his lack of great athleticism will prevent him from being a very nice fit on a team. I just think Hinkie is going to go hard after a second top 6 pick, and I don't believe they'll be trading Nerlens. Package lakers pick, Saric, maybe take on a contract, and see if that gets it done.

White could stuff the stat sheet as well as anyone but was a bad athlete by NBA standards. Saric is a better shooter than White and behaves professionally, but I question if a player you have to hide on defense will ever be a net positive based on superb passing and 'feel for the game' sort of stuff. Long career/short value type guys like Luke Walton come to mind for me.

I haven't seen Saric enough to say I like or dislike picking him 12th, but knowing they passed up a good trade down option in a deep draft to wait multiple years on a guy who has big concerns on both ends...etc. you already know lol beating a dead horse from a year ago.

Well....as of this morning it's official that there will be no buyout this year. So he's out for the next two years (no way he's coming over after next season with all that money on the table).

Welcome to Analytics Geek Week III, an international jubilee whereby Sam's castle gets a spanking-new addition on Joshua's dime and long-suffering fans' time. The info-moat shall remain alligator-stocked until Thursday evening. Entertainment will be provided by an assortment of front office and media harlequins who will, respectively, front and tail the proceedings. Any resultant imaging of Sixers' progress should be received in the light of 29 equally serious, Ring craving competitors. Ticket stubs will entitle holders to 1 box of Sam's Fallout Shelter Buttered Oklahoma Popcorn and 1 bottle of Josh's Diet Camden Cola.

Wow, I've been reading/lurking this blog for a couple years now, and I absolutely can not believe how pessimistic some of you are. I understand that a lot of you vehemently disagree with the approach Sam Hinkie is taking. From Hinkites to naysayers we all know that that the brand of basketball these past two years was not pretty. Although I have to this day not understood what the counters are to Hinkie's plan, I feel like that is besides the point.

While the record has been undoubtedly bad, and even if you completely disagree with the approach Hinkie is taking can we at least all take solace in the fact that there is a plan?! Remember the Billy King days (/shudder)... We had been terrible until we lucked into our superstar in Iverson, and when King was brought in he just proceeded to throw bigger and bigger pieces of shit at the wall to see what stuck. He handed out big contract after big contract, and we were never close to contending. That kind of strategy produced more wins, but it was so soul-sucking to know that there was literally no plan in place to actually get a ring. Which is why I can't begin to fathom this absolute villianization of Hinkie and the rest of the Sixers FO.

At the very least we should all be able to agree that Sam Hinkie has a definite plan to get the Sixers into contention. I will confess I wholeheartedly agree with what Hinkie is doing, but even if I didn't I could at least take solace in the fact that he is undoubtedly a smart thinker who has the backing of FO willing to take massive risks. If we look back at the history of any successfull enterprise those are two of the most important ingredients.Long story short, success or failure, Hinkie in 5-6 years will be able to look back and at least say he tried. Will you as a Sixers fan be able to look back and say you at least tried to support them?

I should be able to get something up in the next day or two. Surprised no one has commented on the story about Russell saying he doesn't want to come to Philly. Great atmosphere Hinkie has built...he'd rather go to the Knicks.

That story was not a story, but the musings of a journalist. He cited no sources- saying there is "buzz", and Russell himself has consistently said he would be excited to play for the Sixers.

I have no idea where Russell wants to play. But nothing in that article led me to believe that the reporter did either. There was legitimate buzz that he was dodging the Sixers when he cancelled his workout. But that is gone once he followed through on the workout a week later.

"D'Angelo Russell says on SportsCenter the reports of him not wanting to play for the Sixers are "misdirection."

C'mon man. You can't just cherry-pick reports to support your own anti-hinkie narrative...

If I wanted to cherry pick something, it would probably be Saric staying in Turkey for the next couple years or Embiid being the heir apparent to Greg Oden. This one was just a funny headline I caught in passing.

But if it's misdirection, who's spreading it? Who does it benefit? Maybe Russell, if it could somehow get the Sixers to pass on him. More likely, it would be Hinkie because he doesn't want to take Russell, so he can blame it on the player not wanting to come to philly. Or it was just speculation, which I think is the most likely (though it wouldn't shock me in the least, the guy did make the Sixers wait a week before working out for them, plus, you know, who wants to go to a team that's committed to sucking as much ass as possible forever?)

Well it wouldn't make sense to cherrypick Saric staying in Turkey as Hinkie said in the press conference after he was drafted that he would be abroad for at least 2 years. The only reason people are annoyed, is because there was a report a week ago saying that they were trying to negotiate a buyout this year.

Re: the D'Angelo misdirection, it's obviously hard to make asny sense of it. The only facts we know are that Russell has publicly stated that he would love to play in Philly, and the that he has been seen hanging out with Noel weeks ago, and that he went to high school with Embiid. To entertain the notion that Russell for some reason doesn't want to play for Philly seems a little disingenuous.

In general, I think it has been quite a nice sign that no player on the Sixers in the Hinkie era has shown the notion of being discontent with their situation. When you have guys like Ish Smith, Thomas Robinson, Luc Mbah Moute publicly state that they were pleasently suprised with how good this organization was in terms of player development and transparency, that's a pretty good sign. According to multiple reports, the Sixers' FO has seemed to invest a lot of time, money, and effort into bilding an enviornment dedicated to developing players. It remains to be seen if they will be able to attract the bigger name free agents though in the future.

Ish Smith, LRAM and Thomas Robinson are super psyched they could stop by in Philly on their way out of the league. Of course they're going to say they like it here, it was either here, Delaware or Europe.

This is interesting....

Adrian Wojnarowski ‏@WojYahooNBA
Yahoo Sources: Sacramento Kings coach George Karl pushing to trade All-Star center DeMarcus Cousins. http://yhoo.it/1K8OLOP

Does this change anyone's opinion of Porzingis?

Just got the measurements for @kporzee from @impactbball! 7'1.25" w/out shoes, 7'6 wingspan, 230 lbs. Longest wingspan in the draft.

Much more important what his Bring-span is. Is his go-to move turn-tail-and-run? Can he well adapt to the New Country? Is his basketball heart true blue? Does he wake up to make up, is that all he do?

The late Manute Bol had an 8'6" wingspan. The departed Javalle has a longer wingspan than Kristaps. Will Kristaps be snapped in half like a saltine?

I would think about Noel for Smart,16, and 28 but would ultimately say no. Adding the 3rd pick is laughable. Smart didn't even have a good rookie season. That trade offer is so bad it's offensive.

everyone hates us and the plan isn't even working.

Over the last two years the Sixers have probably only spent about $75 million of the $110 million they were "required" to spend. The NBPA gets a cut of the players contract and that's money they missed out on.

But I don't really know what they can do, maybe they're trying to deter the Sixers from doing this again this year by making the organization look bad.

They're looking for CBA violations.

Harvey Pollack has passed away

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