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A Fleeting Moment of Importance

Thank you for the new post.

If Russell is available and we do NOT draft him, I will lose significant confidence in the "strategy". That said, I'd be willing to wager a sizeable chunk of money that he is the pick if available.

Lots of pre-draft activity with Vonleh, Lamb, Batum on the move. I imagine its only a matter of time before we are involved - lets hope it is a player and not an asset.

If we take D Russell, I want the second part of my two piece summer dream:
Danny Green.

Lots to discuss tomorrow. But I think taking Russell creates an entirely new dynamic. He can steal games with his skillset. This increases the likelihood of adding REAL players around him.

The Blazers are finalizing a trade to send Nicolas Batum to Charlotte for Noah Vonleh and Gerald Henderson.

I think we'll draft our starting backcourt tomorrow. Looking forward to a big day. And no doubt someone is going to fleece the Knicks.

If the WCS rumors are true, he is dropping like a rock. Word is that He is going to need foot surgery in the next year or two to clean out a previous injury.

Can someone explain to me what the fuck the Kings are doing trading Cousins AT ALL, let alone to a rival?

Sources: Lakers, Kings exchange framework of trade centered on DeMarcus Cousins today, discussions could intensify Thursday. Story soon.

Karl wants him out. Guess they think theyll look dumber firing Karl at this point than just moving on from Cousins. It's what happens when you are a shit organization and your owner meddles into basketball ops

On another note, how much of a pain in the ass is George Karl? Does everyone still think he's a good coach?

After having watched MCDUBfigurejax, Furkan Aldimir and Isaiah Canaan, I don't know why I don't have confidence in Acquisition Chief Sam Hinkie.

Tonight the Master of Winter Disasters will outsmart the rest of the league's masterminds according to his fervent contingent of boosters, including his dogs, Sad Sack and Sunburn, leaving only victories and playoffs participation and championships between himself and Springfield, Massachusetts. This started in May of 2013.

Just heard on radio moments ago, according to Chris Broussard, agents are telling the Sixers not to draft their clients.


Sleeper picks:

1. George Mason
2. Austin Peay
3. Harvey Mudd
4. Oral Roberts
5. Bob Jones

OK Dollar Bill, I'm putting you on the spot. Make your pick at #3. Who do you like?

I like Pepperdine Wave PF Harold Hangten and UC Santa Barbara Gaucho PG Miguel Pasdebol. Either one would improve Sixers.

Don't like Russell, especially after Holiday, Turner and Carter-Williams. Intrigued by the Flyin' Latvian (could be a player in a few year. I'd trade down to get 2 in 1st, Kaminsky and another. Sixers gotta stockpile talent. An Ohio State guard is an Ohio State guard, even though Bilas calls him a passing "savant." Please.

wouldnt mind russell going 2nd and then trading down

or just take hezonja, mudiay or porzingis at 3

I just don't want anything directly from the Celtics. I hate their roster. HATE their roster. Brooklyn picks are great but we need players this year.

i trust hinkie to not take their garbage, would probably have to be a 3 teamer so they can get back into the top 6

I'm so numb to this played-out GM of ours and his basically no-plan shot in the dark approach that I don't even have any expectations or know what to expect tonight. Two years ago I felt this path was just gonna lead to 2 years away from being 2 years away and that's probably giving it too much credit at this point.

I do like D'Angelo Russell and particularly his vision and passing prowess, but I just don't see him being this needle-mover for say the next 2-3 years. Where I'm coming from with these feelings are, we had a so-so guard that didn't have trouble passing and with other things in MCW and he wasn't necessarily doing any needle-moving either. He was a stat-stuffer that couldn't shoot whereas Russell may be a better shooter but not so much of a stat sheet stuffer.

There's nothing but shit surrounding whomever they add it won't make much of a difference. Ain't no free agents of significance coming to this sad sack franchise either. They're just as far away from this hyped up 'contention' as they were the day Hinkie's ass got hired. Fuck him and the horse Harris let him ride in on.

I do hope they can snag Olivier Hanlan in the 2nd round though. I really like that kid. Rakeem Christman would be nice late too so I don't have to witness Henry Sims tired game.

If there's all this shuffling deck chairs by way of a bunch of wheeling and dealing tonight, it will be so exasperating and inexcusable and only add to my narrative, sadly.

Chad Ford just said intel has come in that Lakers will take D'Angelo Russell after hearing for the last month they would select Okafor.

If that happens, since I know nothing of this Latvian kid, I wouldn't be disappointed in the slightest if we took Justise Winslow.

REMINDER: they could take someone at 3 and trade him so dont freak out

so the Lakers are taking Russell now? that sucks.

Ah, nice to check in and to see how much more ludicrous and ridiculous you've gotten. Perhaps you should just let this die like your eagles blog.

was wondering if you were every going to check in again

Heh. i think quarterly posts pretty much qualifies as letting it die. What number do you have printed on your Hinkie jersey?

Alright, here we go.

Come on Flip, take Okafor. You know you want to

Towns to Minny. That's a team that bottomed out the right way, imo, and they're poised to rebound quickly.

and if lebron keeps wiggins they trade love for klay and give klay the max

im not giving them credit for lebron being a bad GM

The max for Klay is a better GM move than holding on to Turner and Hawes, adding a few wins just to make a few extra bucks in the Granger deal, IMO.

chaos is about ensue

Oh, and Karl is absolutely right in wanting Cousins shipped out of town. Never going to build a good team around him.

And with the #2, the Los Angeles Lakers select another excuse for all Hinkie lovers to hang their hats on.

take okafor and just auction him off

Or keep him, since your center isn't going to be playing any time soon.

I bet there's a trade here.

or trade down

Kenny Anderson and Danny Ainge...that's elite company.

Lakers probably finish .500 next year. That'll be like pick 14.

no they wont

That's your heart talking. They're going to add at least one big man in free agency, probably Love or LMA. Even Byron Scott won't be able to coach them to the bottom.

Okafor but i think they trade him

woj says they are keeping him

Embiid's done.

clairvoyant much?

That vintage picture they're showing of Pollack he looks a bit like Karl Anthony-Towns.

Poor Harvey, had to go out watching this slop.

3 bigs in 3 years. heh

they went BPA which shouldnt be a huge surprise

Ha! Trust the progress.

That's fine. Took 3 top 10 picks to land Al Jefferson. Good work.

4 top 12 picks.

Bilas is full of it. Okafor struggled like hell when attempting to pass out of a double team in ACC play.

Where's that commenter that said we draft our starting backcourt tonight? heh

Yeah...sorry I can't predict the future like you douche. Way to chime in after the fact.

Still a Hinkieite? Or are you still looking forward to the "big day"?

Or you just mad bro?

No I just love people that complain a lot like you. Keep it going.

Well, at least we've got the Lakers and Heat picks coming up that Hinkie stole...oh...what? Nevermind.

Hey, maybe Hinkie is being prudent and fooling us all by taking Embiid's replacement already.

looks like you were dead on it

Heh. At least the Knicks will continue to blow. Maybe the Sixers won't finish last in the division.

Somebody please help me with what the Hinkieites will spin this with? What will be their headline excuse for Sam the Man?

BPA, trust the process, nothing to see here, accumulating assets.

Yeah agree. BPA sounds about right. Figured that would be it. Look below for evidence.

what did you want them do?

right now they have no stars

he is going to take the best players until he gets a star or can trade for one

Fire the motherfucker. That's what I want them to do. This is a disgrace to the game man. He still doesn't have a star with Okafor either.

who would you have taken?

Already said it above. Know nothing of the Latvian kid so Justise Winslow.

you dont take him 3rd

OK, just like commenters told me you don't take Draymond Green 16th back in 2012 like I pined for.

I never understand that just because the "masses" say that this guy is "better" than that guy before they ever play a second in the league, so many are quick to fall in line with that thinking. Why are you and everyone else so sure that Jahlil is actually the "best" player available? You or no one else can be at this point. See how Winslow is impacting the league in 3 years versus Okafor. Eh, I feel like I'm having the Turner vs Meeks debate all over again. Oh well.

eddies' was far from the only one to like Winslow at 3.


I think he's the 4th best player in the class

Well, if I was intentionally trying to lose, I wouldn't have finished with the 3rd-worst record in consecutive years. But I wouldn't have tanked like this for two consecutive years, so it's a moot point. i would've never been in this position in the first place, and my "rebuild" would be further along than square one heading into season three, and that's exactly where Hinkie is. No star on the roster, no star from this draft, the only real future asset(s) being their own picks because the Lakers/Heat picks aren't going to amount to anything. No objective observer can say Hinkie's plan has been anything more than an abject failure to this point.

"Hinkster got the best center in the draft 3 years in a row"? Is that suitable enough?

This guy looks like Shawn Bradley to me.

Could tonight be a resemblance of the start of the turn when the hordes of commenters finally realized Evan Turner was a true piece of shit? Only now their blind faith in Hinkie is crushed?

Eh, if you're still sucking on the Hinkie teet nothing is going to pull you off at this point. He'll eventually get fired, most likely by the next owner of the franchise, and whoever comes in will probably quickly turn the team around, then the Hinkie followers will come out of the woodwork and say it's all because of the years of hard work Hinkie put it.

So the most intrigue tonight holds. How many meaningless trades will Hinkie pull off in the second round? And which pick will refuse to sign one of the BS contracts Hinkie tries to hand out to second rounders?

Thought Hinkie would take WCS when the news of his health issues started leaking earlier today.

but you do need to try to move up for Justise Winslow if he keeps falling

yeah this is getting crazy. He measured 1.5 inches shorter than expected and now nobody wants him. Hinkie needs to get in there

MIA is taking him at

apparently teams dont trust his shooting

Say that Embiid is semi-healthy this year, we do keep Okafor, are we still quote-unquote tanking again for another year? Like losing but not trying to lose or whatever it is that we've done for the last two years? Don't we still try to line the Hinkster up to, at some point, get his ever-elusive star?

lol at MJ if takes Kaminsky over winslow

@SpearsNBAYahoo The Bucks have acquired Raptors guard Grievis Vasquez in a trade, a source told Yahoo

@ESPNSteinLine Toronto will get a future first and the No. 46 pick for Vasquez, according to ESPN sources

@ESPNSteinLine ESPN sources say Milwaukee sends 2017 first-round pick via the Clippers and the 46th pick in tonight's second round to Toronto for Vasquez

the pick is lottery protected but still

@WojYahooNBA Washington has traded for No. 15 and will select Kelly Oubre, sources tell Yahoo.

@WojYahooNBA Washington will send Atlanta the No. 19 pick tonight and two future second-round picks for Kelly Oubre, league source tell Yahoo.

Really think Hinkie should've used the Lakers/Heat picks to get back into the top 10 for Winslow, or some other type of package for Booker.

Jalen Rose: "They (the Celtics) turned Evan Turner into an asset!"

.482 TS = asset.

@WojYahooNBA The Knicks are trading Tim Hardaway to the Hawks, who will draft Jerian Grant for the Knicks, league sources tell Yahoo Sports

how is tim hardaway worth a top 20 pick

really like the Delon Wright pick.

Houston should have taken Jerian Grant instead of Dekker

wouldnt mind trading up for rj hunter

Hey, you asked me up top who would I have taken.

I'd like to ask you the same question - because you didn't even have Okafor in your top 5. So you can't possibly agree that he was the BPA, right?

I mean, you didn't even have him in your top 5 a week and a half ago.

i would of went hezonja

OK, that makes sense. So why did it seem like you were defending Sam taking the so-called BPA and asking me what I would have done when you don't even agree that Jahlil is the BPA?

Jahlil wasnt my BPA, but im assuming since sam took him that he was his BPA

Gotcha. So since your views (and mine) don't align with Hinkie's do you still place belief in what he's doing? Would you say this is a case of blind faith?

yea i still agree with the plan

I guess I just don't get it, this has to simply be blind faith. You think that Hezonja has a better chance to be a star than Okafor but you're not in disagreement with what this guy did tonight? How can that be?

because after towns the guys that went 2-7(beside WCS) are similar enough in talent to me that you can just pick whoever you like the most

Ugh - this fucking sucks.

I have to imagine either Noel or Okafor is dealt post the draft. Embid has no value until he plays.

I am hoping there is a three way trade with the sixers getting Russell, Kings getting OKafor, and Lakers Cousin. I really like Russell.

So I am (perhaps was) a Hinkie supporter...but the "Smartest guy in the room" would know he is hurting value of his assets when he has too many of them that they cna't showcase talent.

This better not be the end of it...

Cavs trading Tyus Jones to Wolves for picks No. 31 & 36

I really hope we can end up with Olivier Hanlan.

that first round seemed extra long

i doubt they use all 5 2nd round picks but we will see

Agree - but Euros like Cedi Osman seem much more in play for us now.

MIN(for CLE) just took him

Christian Wood would be a nice upside pick

This is brutal - I hate Harrel but at least would like him in the 2nd. I am hoping for Cliff Alexander but sheesh

Guillermo Hernangomez because why not

Fucking joke - just wasting so called "assets" at this point.

Don't know who that guy we picked was, but I like Rakeem Christmas. Ugh

Richaun Holmes

what position does Richaun Holmes play? Let me guess, he has to be a big right?

PF not center!

Your exclamation point made me crack the hell up. Please tell me you're laughing with me and I'm not alone.

A center at 3
A project center stashed for couple years at 35
A PF at 37


another excellent draft.

The process has been trusted.

Hinkie just doesn't respect a guy that can shoot the rock and get buckets like Hanlan I guess. Fucking clown.

@Al_Iannazzone The Knicks are acquiring the rights to Philly's No. 35 pick Guillermo Hernangomez. They'll stash him.

they have like nothing to trade so this is interesting

also odd we dont know what they got yet

‏@WojYahooNBA Portland has traded Rondae Hollis-Jefferson and Steve Blake to the Nets, league sources tell Yahoo Sports.

@WojYahooNBA Brooklyn will send Mason Plumlee and Pat Connaughton to the Blazers for Hollis-Jefferson and Blake, league sources tell Yahoo

I'm disappointed that we didn't get Russell. But I can't really argue with taking the player they felt was the best available. At this point I just want good news on Embiid.

I believe there will be a trade at some point, but there is time to figure that out.

@HerringWSJ Knicks are giving up two future second-rounders to get Hernangomez.

Arturas Gudaits!

Those young buck Sixers fans in the stands look like just as much of a clown as Hinkie by wearing those corny shirts that say Trust The Process and some other small font up under it with Sam's mugshot on it. He's made them look like more of a fool than they may have already been.

When I was growing up, our games of kick the can never ever lasted this long. They were usually over in a couple of hours, at the most.

We get it Eddies, you're not happy.

When you're able to finally come around and admit you're not either, you'll be much better off.

How have you ended up feeling after the "big day"?

Well said, Eddies'

The sky isn't falling and the Sixers picked up a player who should help immediately, but I can't see why anyone should be genuinely happy about the state of affairs. At least I hope the uncertainty about Embiid coupled with the drafting of Okafor should quell any remaining illusions among those who were thinking that Embiid might develop into the next Hakeem Olajuwon.

I don't see how anyone can be happy about Hinkie drafting another Euro stash big man at #35 and flipping him for two future second rounders. If a fan hasn't grown tired of that kind of Hinkiesque move by now, I suppose there is no limit to his endurance.

I'm fine with the Richaun Holmes pick as he's a late bloomer with an NBA body who has outperformed expectations at the lower levels. He also may provide another useful body if they can't retain Thomas Robinson. I hope Robinson stays but I certainly can sympathize if he decides to leave.

There were multiple players drafted on the second round who were well worth a tryout. There were four straight point guards drafted from 42 through 45. Hinkie could have given one of them a shot. Iowa's Aaron White (drafted #49), a 3 at the NBA level, made an all Big Ten team all four years at Iowa and was that school's career leader in free throw attempts. Notre Dame's Connaughton (#41) is a great athlete and competitor. Tyler Harvey (#51) lead the NCAA in scoring and three pointers made; it's not like this team has too many good three point shooters.

Considering all the first rounders likely to fall to the Sixers next year, Hinkie could have used the second round to acquire players for a one year tryout instead of acquiring players for the primary purpose of being throw-ins for future trades. Putting together active roster personnel doesn't seem to hold much enjoyment for this GM.

JP Tokoto at 58

I like this pick.

Luka Mitrovic at 60

hopefully when i wake up more stuff will come out

Quite the fall for Chris Walker. I remember following Florida reports looking for info on when this guy will be cleared to play. Just never panned out.

Hah, another borderline comical draft in the way things don't seem fall into place. Okafor was simultaneously the BPA and worst possible fit for not only the current team but the worst fit for what I take their offensive philosophy to be... unless they plan on trading away both Embiid and Noel. Very reminiscent of last year when I felt like Embiid/Saric were the clear BPA and yet also the clear least likely to be able to help anytime soon.

I was going to ask at LB yest something to the effect: Is their a chance we have the right process and the wrong processor or are the Sixers snakebit? I'm on board with the philosophy and general approach of the rebuild- and am willing to endure a few years of bad basketball if that means concentrating assets for long term success. Hinkie appears to be able to acquire the assets, but turning those assets into something is clearly the toughest part for them.

So far Noel and Okafor are the only star likely players who will be on the court next year, and the other pipeline guys (Embiid and Saric) all combine to for a jumble in the frontcourt. While the future assets of LA, MIA and OKC picks all devalued through poor luck since they were acquired.

It sort of is what it is. IMO the process is fine. And ultimately we will have to see if Hinkie has the skill/luck to pull it off. Part of that skill is building relationships accross the league with other teams and agents to eventual have the flexibility to flip his current assets and cap space into a cohesive team. I think he has a bit of rope left, but he has put himself in a bit of an upstream situation either through his own choices or through bad luck.

Judging by Okafor's reaction to being drafted by Sixers, he feels like he, too, missed out on Lady Luck and a four-leaf clover. Think he and his pop were mentally set for purple-and-gold lotusland.

Tk, what color Kool-Aid do you drink? And does Sam supply you with the straws?

Make no mistake, "process" and processor are conjoined twins.

"Make no mistake, "process" and processor are conjoined twins."

Indeed they are. I don't see any other processor in the NBA exactly following this process.

"star likely"

really? I hope you meant starter likely.

its going to really hard to figure whats considered an over pay in free agency for the 2 and 3rd tier guys

some is going to overpay for a player but when the cap jumps the deal wont look as bad

Really tough to root for this team right now.

Thanks for posting. For good measure, didn't read it til after I posted and typed the comment below.

Hinkie was hired 25 months ago. How is this 3 years in? The Bunkum trade 3 years ago killed the team, but that certainly had nothing to do with Hinkle- other then forcing the team into a radical rebuild by almost completely draining them of assets.

I love auto correct.

Sorry some of you guys are so eager to see this team fail in their rebuild. Strange world where some of the fanbase seems to enjoy the losing and another segment seems equally excited to tell you that the losing is proof that they are right about Hinkle being a farce.

Personally, I think there are reasons to question Hinkle and reasons for tanking. And I'd get zero satisfaction out of this grand experiment failing. Okafor seems like a terrible fit but a very talented player. And he is a Sixer now, so I hope he becomes a superstar for them.

The thing that frustrates me the most about one Sam Hinkie is his whole philosophy is basically based around a ton of abstract outcomes. The whole "we take the best available players" bullshit.

No one's certain which one of these young teenagers will be the "best"; no matter the position he plays, or overall. And to sit up at a press conference and continually refer to such nuggets as "I've said this previously..", "I've mentioned this at other press appearances..", and "We've been clear from the start..", is just hollow rhetoric that he's pushed all his chips in on the riskiest of all shot-in-the-dark-approach. Don't worry about any type of team-building or fit at all, just hell or high water your way to the motherfucking star, however rare they are to come along.

And not to mention, how much rarer you've made them available for yourself by winning 2 or 3 meaningless games for the last two seasons and coming up incrementally short of having the best odds to obtain that abstract savior.

I just don't see how it's automatically assumed that just because you "might" hit with a pick on a bonafide "star", you're suddenly well on your way to this mythical "champiohship/contender" status so many of the faithful long for; talk about abstract!

It takes soooo much more than that. Yeah, that might be the "starting" point, but hell, we're three fucking years into this already.

About time, if it even is so.

"[Thursday] night, we sort of just did one trade, in some sense, which maybe is a bit unusual. But you don't want to sort of be making moves to make moves. You want to be making things that you think will really moves things forward and that will really add talent to the pipeline in a way that makes sense. And if not, you want to do other things."


This is sort of what I was talking about. His schtick is baseless and hollow rhetoric. He parses words so well for some gullible enough to fall for it.

What the fuck is Sam really trying to say?

Did this cat actually say "move things forward"??? Did he really say that?... And no he didn't say "add talent to the pipeline that MAKES SENSE", did he?

Well welcome to the party Sam! That's some hell of making sense that you've virtually taken the same position player in 3 straight drafts.

You's the most making-sense motherfucker I've ever stumbled upon, you shrewd individual you. Only you Sam, only you man.

Bless all the acolytes sopping up and following your molasses.

Hinkie should trade for Roy Hibbert

As for Okafor, the guy very well might be the best combination of low post scorer-passer in the NBA at age 19. He is also has legit NBA center size and should only improve over the next 5 years. I may not be a huge fan of the tradition low post game, but I still think he will be at very least a max salary guy during his career. I also think his defensive questions are Marjory overblown given his size and position. You can teach a guy with that size/length/quickness to be a net positive on defense.

As for Okafor, the guy very well might be the best combination of low post scorer-passer in the NBA at age 19. He is also has legit NBA center size and should only improve over the next 5 years. I may not be a huge fan of the tradition low post game, but I still think he will be at very least a max salary guy during his career. I also think his defensive questions are Marjory overblown given his size and position. You can teach a guy with that size/length/quickness to be a net positive on defense.

While I'm pissed about the draft (not getting Russell) and reality of our team right now, I am at least pumped that we get to see a real player hit the league next year. Call it what you want, but this is the NBA ready guy hitting the league. Doesn't always work (see: Evan Turner) but I don't even see pro guys with Okafors post moves and/or passes.

Here is my test. I don't hate Hinkie like many of you. I think I understand his "strategy" and how he balances best probability to be a great team.

You now have Okafor. Maybe you have Embid but I don't even count him. Noel could be a real piece.

All of those guys benefit significantly from a good wing shooter/defender like Leonard, Butler, Middleton but they will all be matched. They also all benefit from Danny Green - former D league - potential all defense team - elite 3 point shooter - Brett Brown player during Spurs era - young for his age given minutes played.

We've got enough lotto balls with Noel, Embid, Okafor. Our pick and Lakers pick may have upside next year but we don't need to avoid winning by not adding solid pieces like Danny Green.

If he does not want to play here then I will understand and be more annoyed - but damn Sam make a play. Give him a reason to come and help the cause. He has a title - get paid - be the vocal leader on a team of guys that want to be success stories like you.

Fair points. I think your post is very reasonable. I would not mind Green at all and I know you clearly value him very high. It would be nice to go after a player like him who can obviously help this team.

I'm looking forward to watching Okafor. Although I wanted other players for fit reasons, he's a great catch and there is not even an argument on whether or not he can have a long NBA career with multiple all-star appearances.

I don't particularly like college ball, and I'm not looking forward to "lottery watch" again. Believe me I'm not. But I laugh at the people who seem to be happy when things don't work out for this team so they can gloat about it. I just don't get that. But it is what it is. I want this team to move forward as well, but I don't think not getting Russell is the end of the world. I look at how Ainge had to beg people (Jordan most of all) to take a shitty Boston package of mediocre players and picks and I'm amazed at how some on this site feel that Boston is in such a better position than the Sixers. That roster SUCKS! Nobody wants those players. And don't think for a second that it was just Jordan who denied their shitty package. Ainge is smart enough to get Boston where they need to be, but I would honestly much rather be the sixers when it comes to deals. Just my opinion.

Neither team really has any pieces to brag about at this point, and the Brooklyn picks are much better assets than anything Hinkie has acquired.

The salient point is that Ainge was able to accumulate his assets without making his team utterly unwatchable for two years.

Nothing that Hinkie has done is even a tiny bit special or creative vis-a-vis other GMs, he's just had the most rope from an owner who doesn't care about garbage being put on the floor. Hinkie got stuck with Embiid - had to take him, got stuck with Okafor - had to take him, roster still sucks. In the meantime, he's made a litany of mistakes, big and small, ranging from holding on to Turner, Hawes, and Thad long enough to screw up his own tank while getting nothing of value in return, to the KJ contract debacle, to a half dozen other things in between.

His ultimate doom will be Embiid. Blowing his load on a broken 7 footer in the year where his tank and the caliber of the draft class aligned to possibly get that elusive superstar, then following that up by drafting a slow footed Euro who struggles shooting (almost a good thing that Saric won't come stateside until 2018, there'd be no minutes for him in this haphazard rotation anyhow).

No, give me the Bucks, the Wolves, the Celtics rebuilding efforts any day. They're more constrained by owners who give a shit while still doing a better job than this loser.

Oh and can't forget cycling through damn near 50 scrub players over two years to find 2 replacement level one dimensional shooters. Another testament to Hinkie's talent finding abilities.

This will be year 3 of open court tryouts for the Sixers, let's pray that they find another Hollis Thompson.

Maybe the NBA busts them for some sleazy violation so they'll have to vacate their 19 wins, just for comedic relief's sake.

I'll give you the Bucks and Wolves. I like both of their rebuilds. But to say you want the Celtics rebuild efforts over the Sixers...I think you're a bit emotional right now and your dislike for Hinkie is clouding your brain. Give me one player on that roster that any GM in the NBA would value over Noel or Okafor(even Embiid for that matter)? And for the record, I like Ainge, and believe he'll get the Celtics back in legit contention.

I don't really get emotional about watching basketball. It's just guys playing with an inflatable bouncy ball. I'd say it's more about emphatically disagreeing that Hinkie is anything above an average NBA general manager.

If you surveyed NBA GMs, I doubt you'd find even a few that would value Marcus Smart or Avery Bradley over Okafor or Noel, but how many fans would prefer watching the Sixers over the Celtics the past couple years?

Both Philly and Boston are undergoing rebuilds in two very distinct ways. I would say the two teams have a comparable amount of future assets but Boston has been far more competitive and rewarding from an entertainment standpoint and will likely continue to be for the foreseeable future. All we've seen in Philly thus far is a controlled demolition and the novelty wears off pretty

I don't know. I like to go on different teams SB Nation sites just to get an idea of what their fans think about their own teams. I especially look at Boston for the exact reason you mentioned. Both teams are actively rebuilding yet doing in completely different ways. I think both will succeed. But you may be surprised by the number of Boston fans on that site that view that playoff appearance as fools gold and a step in the wrong direction. You only think they are more entertaining because it fits your narrative. For you, it works. I have a different view. If you replace the two teams today I would despise that team. And generally speaking the environment is also a bit more forgiving in Boston based on the recent success of all teams in that city. Time will tell.


Surprised no one has linked this yet. Question - isn't the maximum allowable fine around 1 million? If so, wonder did the Sixers increase their payment to avoid draft pick loss?
Either way, this doesn't bode well on GM colleagues and player agents holding the franchise, and particularly Hinkie, in a favorable light.
Don't want to piss off your neighbors and future kids and their guardians

Whoa! Hadn't heard about this. Not sure what the maximum fine that can be brought down by the league is, but 3 mil sounds mighty hefty.

Can't remember but read it previously somewhere, I think you may be on to something with the draft pick loss. Maybe that really is why the fine is so high. Does that mean it was self-imposed?

Not only does this guy portray himself as the smartest cookie in the room, but he's slowly but surely becoming an outlaw/renegade while acting like it. Not good. At all. He's shady as shit.

Who knows what the reasons were but it wouldn't be a stretch to guess that is why he couldn't manuever back into the 1st round, being that he admitted at the presser that he had no intention of adding 6 new players to the roster.

I was already of the belief that no free agents want to come here before this regime took over. There's no way in hell anyone would want to come here now. If it's not bad press after bad press it's that we've become the butt of jokes around the league. Total laughingstock.

If an agent has a comparable deal or close deal on the table it's pretty easy to see which one he'd advise his client to take. Concerning the logjam in the front court (if Embiid ever gets healthy), this worries me that other GM's would be reluctant to deal for our players because of their disdain for Hinkie and his now proven slimyness. Not to mention, that two of our bigs have previously had major injuries. Ugh.

Smartest guy in the room will adjust his approach if its backfiring as much as some suspect.

At times it is a GMs market, at other times it is an agent's market. In one year from now (or two), when the cap jumps, everyone will have money. Not ideal if our relationships remain sour then.

I can believe Philly might have been less than upfront after the Bynum trade. It wouldn't be a sour taste in Hinkie's mouth given he wasn't part of Bynum, but perhaps for the owners.

According to the press, this was a "settlement" and not a "fine". So by definition, doesn't fall under the guidelines of the NBA (or so I imagine).

I have said the same thing a few times now but I will say it again in a different way.

I believe in the plan. I am okay with the last two years we sacrificed "win's". I am disappointed with the roster construct after those two lost years, but I think we have a lot of flexibility going forward. I think another year of the same strategy would be unwise. Not pursuing a decent roster will create only more and more public backlash - and I think we still have some time to salvage face by adding a decent free agent or trade.

Broken record but:
Sign a Danny Green
Trade for a Nik Stauskus

I would be pleased.

Couple things.

The thing that irks me the most is this was blatant cheating. By the amount they paid, it was breaking the rules by way of intentional deception.

Are you positive on this being a "settlement"? The link says "ordered to pay", that doesn't sound like a "settlement", to me. Hopefully someone else can chime in and clear this up but I thought the max the league could force you to pay, whether defined as a fine or not, was 1 mil.

On to the strategy thoughts. While I totally agree on it being unwise to tank again (never agreed with it to begin with), it seems like he's basically forced himself to. I mean, how can he not?

Assuming Embiid is not in the picture, he's only got a one-way big on O and a one-way big on D to build around. If you just take into account that Jahlil will be such a plus for us on offense this year being that we had almost next to no post presence last year, that will add several more wins right there. Point being, we're not really going to be bad enough to pick that high (top 3) anymore going forward if Jahlil contributes as he should.

Let's just say we'll be bad enough to fall in the 6-7 range with Jahlil's contributions and improvement from some others. Your chances of getting any stars aren't so high anymore. If you add what you're suggesting in a D. Green or a N. Stauskas, you're either back to the 10-13 range in the lottery, or worst case you're right back to where this strategy was trying to avoid in being 8th seed playoff fodder.

Therefore, it would seem if you're in his position you have to stand pat and just throw Jahlil out there and let him take his lumps, and hope like hell luck hits you in the face by the time next year's lottery rolls around. Or, keep sitting guys with these miniscule injuries ala upper respiratory infections, sore this or that throughout the season hoping to indirectly affect your overall record.

Even though I'm a staunch opponent of this dreadful approach, that is how I'd probably play it if I was in his position. He's pretty much backed himself into this big-man-corner that he's in and there really isn't an easy way out of it besides rolling the dice on a tank again.

If he does try to wiggle up out of it by adding incremental needle-movers, he's going against everything he set out not to do from the start.

Again, this is taking into account how much he's pissed off the rest of the league and agents as far as his now-hindered ability to deal and sign going forward. Remember, he's sort of still the new kid on the block and a bad rep can be a difficult thing to shake when you're mostly surrounded by the old boys club.

P.S. He's never given a shit about the public or the resulting backlash, and rightfully so.

There are differences between 8th seeds. And there are different points in the build. While the hope is to go from 20 wins to 55 wins, it is extremely difficult.

Adding Green to get to the 8th seed may be a failure to you. But I think the free agent pitch to a guy next year might be easier versus what it would be after another tanked year. Being the guy to put the team "over the top"

I think the Bucks are at least an "intriguing" destination for free agents this summer.

You avoid mediocrity if it also is the definition of your future. I don't think being hte 8th seed with Okafor, Noel and (say) Green is the definition of future mediocrity. You have some picks you could move for another difference maker and cap space to offer an attractive young gard.

"I think we have a lot of flexibility going forward."

Yes, I think Janis Joplin and Kris Kristofferson explored that theme when they sang "Freedom's just a another word for nothing left to lose."

The "smartest guy in the room" may be able to adjust but we'll have to see whether he has sufficient time remaining. While I don't have too much doubt that Brian essentially is on-the-money with his view that Hinkie is mostly a tool for ownerships' avarice, I also don't think they would hesitate to throw him under the bus if NBA and public sentiment turned ugly enough.

I'd say you should just go ahead and give up on the second part of your summer dream. He's not likely to come here. He wants a winning team. Check out this quote:
“I know how this business goes,” Green said. “There's a lot you can't control. If I get a great deal, a good city, a good organization, a winning team — everybody wants to have that.”


Suns to re-sign Brandon Knight to a five-year, $70MM deal

i might eat my words in a week if they go crazy in free agency but ill say it again im more worried that the lakers pick will land in the top 3 then i am about it being outside the top 7 or so

Agreed. Everything hinges on Aldridge. I initially thought that by drafting Russell, they had a deal in place with a big man, but maybe not. I still think they were foolish to pass on Okafor.

I'll put money on that pick not being in the top 10.

i dont see it

The last time the Lakers finished under .500 for three consecutive years was 1961. I realize past performance is no indicator of future blah, blah, blah, but it's relevant in that LA will always be a premiere destination.

They've got their lottery pick from this year, who looks ready to make an impact, their lottery pick from last year who was NBA-ready and absolutely no incentive to suck, considering they don't own their pick. Kobe's swan song will probably be a detriment, but they also aren't going to be led in minutes by Wesley Johnson. With no further moves, I'd put them at 30ish wins. No way are they bottom 5. When they add players, which they will, we're talking 40 and probably a pick around #10, at best.

The Miami and OKC picks are pretty much worthless, unless some superstar is forcing his way out of a situation and wants to come to Philly and/or Hinkie is willing to take a tremendous risk that he'll be able to re-sign a star (like the Deron Williams situation), and throws caution to the wind in a package sending our first, plus OKC, LAL and MIA first rounders out. Don't think that's very likely to happen. What's probably going to happen is we're going to finish somewhere in the 6-10 range, the Lakers will finish somewhere between 12-14, MIA and OKC will be out of the lottery and we're going to have to get extremely lucky to either (A) move up to a meaningful spot in the lottery and/or get extremely lucky and find a star in the mid-late portion of the lottery/first round. Outside of that, Hinkie's grand plan already has it's big splash from the lottery.

Of course, he could get extremely lucky and Okafor could get hurt early in the year and we could be in the bottom 3 again next summer. That's probably best-case scenario for this "process."

It could happen but a lot of things would have to go right for LA to even have a fighting chance at a playoff spot next year.

Do you even like Randle? All I see is an undersized PF that can't shoot, can't make the right pass, and can't defend or rebound.

I wouldn't bet against you.

Ed Davis
Tobias Harris


is a relatively solid team with depth.

Meant to ask this even before the draft, but if by 2017 this team has yet to crack 30 wins and no superstar (rising or established) is on board, 1) does Hinkie get fired and 2) if yes, will he ever land another GM gig in the league?

1) Quite possibly.

2) No. If #1 happens, this will be Hinkie's last GM job because he will have been an even bigger disaster than David Kahn.


The team is not running at a financial loss.

He's trying to sell the team and get a substantial return on his initial investment.

He's willing to go at status quo until the team can get a young championship core like the OKC Thunder. I bet he builds a new stadium with public money in Camden but still calls the team the "Philadelphia 76ers". Similar to how the Detroit Pistons are located in Auburn Hills. Camden is less than a 10 mile drive from the Wells Fargo center.

The Sixers have a long term lease with the Wells Fargo Center. So Harris has the time to wait.

Hinkie is the perfect GM for Harris. He keeps costs low, doesn't take big risks, he makes solid draft picks, and his aim is championship or bust.

It would have to be at least 5 years of consecutive colossal bad draft picks to see Hinkie fired.

"He keeps costs low, doesn't take big risks, he makes solid draft picks, and his aim is championship or bust."

I don't understand that...he just sat there and took Okafor at 3. Billy King could have done that. His big hallmark pick the previous year at the same position will likely never have a meaningful career, so neither "doesn't take big risks" nor "solid pick" applies. And Noel is a good defender, I'd grade that one as "meets expectations" for a 6th overall pick.

"big risk" is the wrong term. Taking Embiid, Saric, and trading Jrue were big risks. What I meant was avoiding potential franchise crippling moves that would take away future picks and straddle the team with a high payroll and no cap space.

Billy King would have traded for Rudy Gay and signed someone like Al Jefferson to a huge deal.

If things got bad enough, the owners would throw Hinkie under the bus. He may be a useful tool but he is dispensable. I have little doubt of that and I'm guessing Hinkie knows that as well. If that happens, he'll be too toxic to get another GM job. He may be already too toxic to get another GM job.

I agree that Hinkie's prospects of finding another job would be pretty close to 0 unless he really turns this around. Word is that he's quickly becoming a pariah around the league - from agents to executives to league and now NBPA officials.

I think if another team in the future will want to try something similar, they'll find someone else to do it. Someone who can do it right and who's learned from watching Hinkie's mistakes.

I think a separate ownership group could pick him up and just think to give him less leash. If this Pelicans deal blows up with more details - that could be the end.

Nah, these guys don't rely on performance for their next job, they rely on connections. It's true in NBA front offices, but more so in MBA circles. Hinkie will get another job no matter how poorly this one turns out, and really, this hasn't turned out poorly at all from the perspective of a miserly owner who only cares about making money while minimizing risk. The value of the team has skyrocketed under Hinkie's care, they've turned a profit without investing much at all.

I seem to recall that you were favorably inclined toward drafting Jeff Withey a couple of years ago. The Pelicans didn't extend a qualifying offer to him so he is unrestricted now. Would be a good pickup for Hinkie now that he's cut Sims loose and Embiid is doubtful.

It's crazy how they bought the team for $287 mil and a couple years later it's valued at over $700. All they did was buy the Sevens and bring in Hinkie to kill the payroll.

Seems like you could even aggressively mismanage the team on purpose and still watch the value double within a few years.

im sure it was just a leverage thing but to get him to say yes to a meeting is a nice step


all of this is from woj

DeMarre Carroll has agreed to a four year, $60M deal with Toronto

The San Antonio Spurs have traded center Tiago Splitter to the Atlanta Hawks

The Nets have agreements now: Thad Young (4 years, $50M) and Brook Lopez (3 years, $60M). Both deals w/ player option.

Mike Dunleavy Jr., has agreed to a three-year, $14.4 million deal with the Chicago Bulls

Goran Dragic has reached agreement on a five-year, $90 million deal with the Miami Heat(player option after the 4th year)

danny green back to the spurs, four-year, $45 million

he left a ton of money on the table i think

Rusty is probably crushed.

Haha you nailed it. Really disappointed in that outcome.

I have been generally supportive on the moves for the past two years. I didn't agree with each of them but I liked our setup going into the lottery.

I am becoming more critical of the decision making since the draft and especially seeing Zach Lowe (respected) say things such as "haven't heard the sixers mentioned once today".

I think there needs to be a shift especially with the ongoing issues in the press with the Pelicans, agents and even players. You do not want to piss off everyone because the world is significantly more relationship dependent then most think.

I don't subscribe to most of the conspiracy theory stuff on here - but I think the dependency on luck is showing its downside.

Hinkie mentioned in the MCW deal that a lot of people run from uncertainty while he likes it. This was in relation to where the Lakers would pick. The obvious counter is that value is what someone is willing to buy something for. If he is the one spending most on uncertainty - then perhaps he is overvaluing it. It would appear that was the case with our lotto outcomes and the ongoing embid issues. At some point having something definitive is worth a lot more.

I believe we wasted a few second rounders which defeats the purpose of having 6. I liked our second round last year so perhaps had unrealistic expectations but then this argues the point of the vale of a 2nd rounder to begin with.

We know we have 3 big men that all have potential to be starters on good teams - maybe even stars on good teams. Adding good contracts will help their development AND open up more options for the future.

Look how easy Tiago Splitter was just dealt. A good contract can be moved. We need to at least have discussions with players and not start from scratch next year.

I now expect nothing over the summer and a logjam to start the year. A logjam is likely to deteriorate value in the bigs - either we need to trade one or one doesn't get enough time to showcase.

Stauskus and Cory Joseph at least have the feel of effort if added to the team. My expectations are low - Green was a dream (well after realizing Leonard and Middleton were a pipe dream)

I'm excited about Okafor but I'm really worried about ever having a real team.

Not to mention - we have cap space this year which everyone will have next year. Asset that is wasted in my opinion.

the magic offered paul millsap the max( 4 years 80 million)

amir johnson to boston( 2 years 24 million)

tyson chandler to the suns( 4 years 52 million)

kyle singler to OKC( 5 years 25 million)

@Mike_Bresnahan More LMA: He and Kobe didn't quite gel. It's a little vague, but Aldridge apparently didn't quite get answers from Kobe he was seeking

Not a good day for the Lakers. Two straight years now that they have plenty of money to spend, yet can't attract marquee free agents.

I thought there was some truth to the early rumors that the pick of Russell at #2 would indicate that a FA big has committed to LA. Does not appear to be the case.

Morey bout to use us as a salary dumpster again.

*Your 2015 Sixers Off-season*

Per Woj, Sixers trading "overseas assets" for Stauskas, Carl Landry and Jason Thompson. Sixers wanted Stauskas, agreed to take on contracts of Thompson and Landry

ill-timed comment on my part above I guess haha glad there's some signs of life finally

Yes, I will give credit to Hinkie for what are likely the most creative uses of cap space in NBA history.

One could look at this as getting something for nothing OR simply underwriting another teams' free agent signings. Instead of trying to compete in a seller's free agent market where they don't seem to be well regarded, the Sixers are simply purchasing other teams' past free agents. So, Hinkie is getting a desirable young prospect and two competent veterans at yesterday's prices.

I'm guessing either Mitrovic or Micic are outgoing since the Serb connection with Divac.

Also, Lowe tweeted that there's a pick incoming as part of the deal.

Zach Lowe @ZachLowe_NBA
Sixers will receive a protected 1st-round pick from the Kings, and swap rights w/ Sacto in the 1st round of two other drafts, sources say.

Or is it Saric?

Stauskus !!!! Victory!!!

Finally some positive news.

Zach Lowe says he's hearing the deal could include a Sacto draft pick as well. Wonder who the overseas assets are?

Nice haul for Hinkie. I wanted Stauskas in that draft. Can he still play summer league next week?

he was going to play for the kings summer league team so i dont see why he wont for the sixers

but he will probably just do the vegas and not the utah one

cooney says he wont so i stand corrected but he could be wrong

"In return, the Sixers will send the Kings the rights to "overseas players" and a future second-round pick, per Wojnarowski.

Per Lowe, the overseas player is not Dario Saric, the Sixers' first-round pick in 2014."


That 1st should be in like 2019, cause of the Stepien rule

The acquisition of Stauskus is something I really like (as I ranted about above). The pick swaps seem great but I am not even focused on anything in that realm.

I know this is not the huge needle moving trade or signing that results in big wins - but it's a step in the right direction for real roster construction. I can get excited to watch Stauskus Covington and Okafor on the same floor.

Definitely a pick-me-up that was much needed.

I like the pick swaps as much as Stauskas. That's a team that might be winning the lottery if Vivek keeps this up, especially if Cousins forces his way out. They just cleared 2 years of cap space to overpay Rondo. Not sure who exactly they're bidding against.

derek does a good job here explaining everything with the trade


I had originally been high on Stauskus next to MCW. I thought their strengths offset their respective deficiencies in the backcourt.

I know this is an absolute long shot but also what player development is here for - in a way, Sampsons ceiling is ideal next Stauskus. If I know Jakarr can be one thing, it's a good permiter defender (potentially 1-3). He can share ball handling responsibility with Nik but also save his defensive energy for offense.

Again - long shot - but at least enjoyable to think about.

Probably the first solid move of the Hinkie administration...or at least the first move that might actually make the team better in the short term. I liked Stauskus and think he might be a guy who could flourish if given unrestricted, low-pressure minutes in an open system. Might be a guy who, even if he doesn't turn into a great player, could look like a very good player. The type that you could trade for more than he's worth.

Anyway, this move should soften the blow of the news that Embiid is going to miss the entire season which I'm sure the Sixers will announce over the holiday weekend, hoping people will be too busy partying to react to.

Who are the Kings clearing the cap space for? DeAndre Jordan would be a great fit next to Cousins. Might elevate them out of the bottom 10.

the rumored targets are wes matthews, rondo and monta ellis

Sixersfan mentioned the alleged targets. Don't forget that the Kings drafted Willie Cauley-Stein and probably expect him to play significant minutes.

As for the others, Rondo might still have something left despite coming off his worst season. I'm not sure why they would want both Monta Ellis and Rudy Gay. Matthews makes more sense.

word is Rondo is only looking for a one year deal to "fix" his rep/game after a that Dallas debacle. Then he would leave (in theory) if he has any kind of a year.

I just don't get why they agree to the pick swaps. I mean, they just gave the sixers higher chances for a #1 pk.

I guess the Kings are determined to not be competing for that top pick and figure that the Sixers' pick will be always before theirs. This whole transaction is a big bet by the Kings, but after 9 straight seasons of missing the playoffs I guess they figured it was time for bold ambition.

@WojYahooNBA Free agent Greg Monroe will sign a maximum contract with the Milwaukee Bucks, league source tells Yahoo Sports

@WojYahooNBA Monroe will sign a three year deal, with a player option on the third year, league sources tell Yahoo Sports.

That's a REAL nice get for MIL! Very happy for them in the sense that a small market team beat out both the Lakers and Knicks. Good for the league and that fan base.

Eh, Monroe doesn't really do it for me. Glad they beat out the Knicks and the Lakers, and pretty much no contract this summer is going to wind up being a terrible contract once the cap explodes, so good for them. I just don't think he elevates them all that much.

I don't like hm that much myself (especially for the Sixers), but I think it's a win for MIL and their fans. In the past they weren't landing this type of FA. He'll be a decent fit there.

Yea - I at least like the roster they constructed. Betting on Greak Freak or Jabari being a top 10 guy. Certainly a chance they top out and become the Hawks of the 00s - but it's worth the shot this early.



I feel like the roster compliments itself. I think Monroes offense is overlooked and Henson can potentially offset his defensive woes.

really hope this is real

Gotta love the Lakers striking out so far in terms of the pick for us. Also liked seeing Monta choose Indy over Sac

ed davis to POR

3 years 20 million

Fairly low considering some of the contracts offered over the last two days. I don't know what it is about this guy (other than his mediocre free throw shooting). He just can't seem to get much respect.

@WojYahooNBA Phoenix has traded Marcus Morris, Reggie Bullock and Danny Granger to Detroit for future picks, league sources tell Yahoo Sports

The Pistons will send the Suns a 2020 second-round draft pick. So yes, the Suns are clearing salary cap space.

They didn't trade the other Morris? I thought they were conjoined.

The silver lining here is potentially less opportunity cost for being mediocre. If the Kings struggle as it appears they will, we can care a bit less about our own wins.

I am hoping that will be the approach.

Patrick Beverley is an interesting free agent. I never considered him a good fit, but the way things are shaping up, he could slide in nicely. I imagine Hinkie would wait for Aldridge to shake out because that will determine the Rockets next move (and likelihood to match Beverley and/or trade Terrence Jones).

Jerami Grant put on 10lbs of muscle this summer. Something tells me we would hear if Noel had done the same.

they are both restricted but i wouldn't mind corey jospeh or Beverley

"The silver lining here is potentially less opportunity cost for being mediocre."

That's exactly how I look at it. 2016 & 17 rights to swap picks with Sacto essentially frees up Philly to finally start building in a tangible, on-court way without worrying about losing out on high draft picks as much (provided the Kings are bad). I'll be rooting for Sacramento to implode this season and for my favorite team to win games.

Stauskas is just a bonus.

unless im reading this wrong the sacto pick the sixers are getting in 2018 will become unprotected if its not conveyed in 2018 or 2019


wade back to MIA on a 1 year 20 million deal

$20MM...LOL. He is so not worth it.

I was hoping he would leave so that pick would have a better chance of not translating next year, but he prob won't be the difference. He's missed over 20 games each of the last two seasons.

still feel like bosh and dragic get them in the playoffs

Lowe has mentioned Miami needed to pay Wade so their image remains intact when pursuing future free agents (ie Durant). He took a pay cut to win 2 titles with Lebron with the understanding theyd reward him down the line. They'd look bad if they didn't take care of their most important player of all time

Yeah I know the background. It's a joke. Tim Duncan takes a "pay cut" every year. Wade is so overrated it makes me laugh.

He may be overrated but Duncan is 39 and Wade is 33 and Duncan wasn't taking "pay cuts" at 33.

I don't think you can really compare their ages, as Wade has broken down a lot from age 28-32 while Duncan seems like he has continued to get stronger through his mid to late 30's. But both have had a lot of success playing next to other great players. But the Heat really struggled without Lebron last year- even when they had Wade. While I don't expect Duncan will ever be asked to shoulder that type of load.

My only point in that post is that nobody should expect Wade to take less money than he can get at this point in his career. Despite taking below market money over the last few years, Duncan has managed to earn almost $100 million more in NBA compensation over his career than Wade has through 2015. This is very likely Wade's last big contract.

DeAndre Jordan to Dallas. Big blow for the clip. Boston can't be happy either.

sorry...that wasn't addressed to you on purpose. But consider yourself informed!

Has offensive game of Shaq, Charles "Shaqkleford" that is. Brawny rebounder, legit defender though. Shoots fouls like Red Foxx. Or Moms Mabley.

from ages 28-32: duncan played in 54 more reg season games than wade. both players bagged 2 rings in same span.

Always liked Dwyane's competitive fire. In prime, a wicked streak of lightning. Deserves deferred money. Think of all the bums and frauds gettin' theirs in NBA thanks to shrewd agency and serendipitous timing. Wade is bonafide. With longer summer and Heat adjustments, a resurgence isn't out of the question.

@WojYahooNBA Patrick Beverley has agreed to a four-year, $25M deal to return to Houston, agent Kevin Bradbury tells Yahoo Sports.

@sam_amick Pat Beverley's deal with Houston, I'm told: $ 18 million over 3 with a 5 million non guaranteed year in year 4.

@SpearsNBAYahoo Rajon Rondo to sign one-year, $10 million deal with Kings, source told Yahoo

its ridiculous i even have to think about this but cause the kings are the kings they have to go through with the trade with sixers so they have the space for rondo and belinelli

I was scared to death that a couple FA signings wouldn't come through for them and they would back out of the deal. Anything is possible with that team. I still can't believe they made that deal. Sixers now have four chances at the lottery over the next two years assuming SAC doesn't make the playoffs. Although I could see the Sixers making the playoffs after next season and having a better record that SAC over the next two seasons. What a trade.

Or assuming the picks are top 10 I should say.

Using Brown parlance, is it a needle mover or just the continuing of a parade of gypsies?

Trade breakdown: 2 salary dumps (fatty pork chops), 1 rookie chump (burnt toast) and a contingent 1st round pick (sirloin to spam). Cost: the rights to 2 European dreamers, 2 Eurailpasses.

Widely praised, but I think it's partly due to Okafor grab and resultant happy party.

Hinkie, aiming for win 38.

This acquisition does seem to indicate a partial departure from the "parade of gypsies" strategy. He acquired two bona fide NBA rotation players and a soph with significant potential. At least he is giving Brown something more to work with this season. He'll still need a couple of potential gypsies in order to have available spaces for next year's anticipated draft picks.

Hinkie is being widely praised because he has managed to reset a significant portion of the fans' expectations to historically low levels. After being completely indifferent to improving this team over the last two years, he has finally made a move to upgrade the quality of the roster. Apparently it's not registering for some that Sacramento was the logical party to initiate this deal and Hinkie, having buku cap space and holes all over the roster, was in the best position to accommodate them. It was a good move for sure, but calling him a "genius" for this is a little like calling an unemployed guy a genius because he was available for work when a good job offer came through.

I don't think anyone is calling him a "genius" for this move. But let's be fair and give him proper credit. In truth we don't know how these negotiations work, but I doubt that SAC just volunteered those pick swaps. Fact is that Hinkie got this deal done. He was also smart enough to do this deal early in the FA process while other teams with significant cap space were still chasing FAs that they had no shot at. At the end of the day, this is a similar haul to what Ainge got from Brooklyn (minus a pick, but adding Stauskas), although Hinkie gave up nothing. Nobody would dream of not giving Ainge credit for that deal. I think Hinkie deserves the same.

Praise to you Buke for at least acknowledging that adding Stauskas was a positive move. Giving credit where credit is due.

I also have take a break from my negative attitude to give credit. This trade was a beat down! Those first round swaps can be huge because it gives the Sixers two more chances to win the draft lottery. I think it would have been a very good trade even without the swaps. We gave up nothing except taking on some salary.

Can anyone bring me up to speed on Stauskas? He couldn't get off the bench for a crappy team (15 mpg). Potential floor spacer?

on Stauskas, feel like peoples opinion on him is how you view his last year

i view last year as never getting consistent minutes playing for 3 different coaches on most dysfunctional team in the league

so for me hes still the same guy he was coming out of college

he showed flashes in college of being able to run the p/r so i wonder if they try that with him from time to time

but yea he should be a knockdown shooter

Thanks. If Stauskas is a nice piece of the puzzle, then that makes this trade a total win.

He couldn't hit a thing last season unless he was uncovered.


10.8% on catch and shoot 3s with a defender on him. Plus he won't ever be able to finish at the rim at a decent clip considering how weak and unexplosive he is, at least in my estimation. Minus defender as well.

^ that chart shows his shooting splits by defender distance.

I like the trade, nonetheless, but mostly for the pick swaps.

I didn't watch the Kings much last season, but everything I read indicates that his second half was a real positive. So maybe the numbers don't quite reflect how his numbers should look next season with a single coach and actual steady minutes. Let's hope at least. Not sure what there is to say about his defense(or lack of) except that he is athletic, so perhaps some changes in technique will help him improve over time.

Athletic by NBA standards?

Athletic enough...sure. Why not? His scouting reports, at least to my recollection, state he has good athleticism. Not elite by any means but better than average. That should work with some good coaching.

LMA to the spurs

looks hibbert will be traded to the lakers

@WojYahooNBA Sources: Free agent Kyle O’Quinn has agreed to a four-year, $16M deal with New York. Knicks acquire him in sign-and-trade with Orlando.

for reasons im not even sure of, i think he can play and has stretch 4 potential. just wasnt used right in ORL

@KBergCBS The Magic get a future second-round pick in a sign-and-trade for restricted free agent Kyle O'Quinn, who goes to the Knicks.

@DerekBodnerNBA McConnell, McRae, Jerami Grant, Aldemir, and Okafor the starters for the #sixers in Utah.

@WojYahooNBA Free agent Lou Williams has agreed to a 3-year, $21 million deal with Lakers, league sources tell Yahoo

he signed with the raptors for 4 years 30 million

@WojYahooNBA Restricted free agent guard Reggie Jackson has agreed to a five-year, $80M extension with the Detroit Pistons, league sources tell Yahoo.

that is uhhhhhhhh something

Yea, I wonder who they were bidding against.

Pretty decent trade for LA. 28 year old center on the last year of his deal for a 2nd round pick. In surpised that another team like Boston or Atlanta wasn't able to get him on a better offer.

I still think LA doesn't come close to making the playoffs.

And they're off...to a 5-12 deficit that is. Like the San Antonio regular team, the SA summer team has some shooters. Like the Philly regular team, the summer team doesn't.

Okafor finally makes one. Some of these fouls he's drawing could easily be called travels.

Well one half in, and he's at least passed the Evan Turner test. He's shown some nice moves despite shooting a low percentage. Too bad nobody can shoot on this team or he's have a few assists to go with 6pts 4rb 2blks.

Big man is beginning to dominate now...nice low-post moves!

Nice game by Okafor. Holmes will be interesting to watch as well. McRae wasn't the least bit impressive. For a guy who spent the last year playing professionally, it didn't show. And he is absolutely not a PG. Okafor missed all four of his FTs.

McRea didn't have the greatest game but I'm not going to draw any conclusions from that yet. He was a little overeager. He did manage to hit three of their four threes. Stauskas will have to be the second coming of Steve Kerr for this team to score much from three point range.

Nice start for Okafor although he did force a few.

I didn't watch the Sixers much last year so I couldn't appreciate what Aldemir does as what he does doesn't completely show in the box score.

Except for missing the outside shooters early in the game the defense was pretty solid.

Don't know anything about Holmes but was def impressed with him tonight. Didn't know he had that range. I watched McConnell a bit at AZ and thought he was very good tonight running the team. Gotta hit open threes if he's gonna stick tho.

There is ZERO space in the paint in SL games. That said, Okafor is really good at finding his way to the hoop. He def looked tired at times and like he didn't have his legs under him but Brown's fitness regimen will take care of that in a hurry. A few months of not playing organized ball will do that to you.

For a 40+ like me, it's a lot of fun to watch a true low-post player do his thing on the block. Having Covington and Stauskas out there to spread the floor will do wonders for Okafor as well.

Def looking forward to rest of the games in Utah and then seeing the progress in Vegas.

Agree with Okafor as I also thought his motor wasn't quite what it needed to be. Nevertheless, pretty good start for him.

I'm interested to see Holmes' share of minutes over the summer league. In some ways I'd rather have him playing more minutes than Jerami based on what I saw tonight. I'd like to see him on the roster but maybe they will do the same thing with him they did with McRea last year.

I think motor = cardio for Okafor in this case. 260+ lbs is a lot to haul at altitude in your first game in months. He was slow to get back defensively a few times after thinking he got hacked on the offensive end. Typical rookie stuff tho, nothing egregious.

If his level of comfort in the post is this high in his first summer league game, I'm really excited about what's to come.

Sixers coach Lange commented that the altitude in Utah makes it tough on players as well. So that no doubt affected his wind, but I would agree that in general he needs to improve on conditioning and he will improve on it. He's going to be fun to watch.

‏@ESPNSteinLine ESPN sources say that the Boston Celtics have agreed to trade for David Lee

@ESPNSteinLine ESPN sources say that the Celtics have agreed to send Gerald Wallace to the Warriors for David Lee

I keep hearing that Ricky Rubio is available? Anyone else hear this? I would absolutely make that deal.

What would you give up?

I'm not sure what the price would be, but I would ask. He has been injured a bit.

Would you trust his health? In four seasons, he's played one full one. And his career True Shooting Percentage is about the same as Evan Turner's.

Agree on the health, but that injury last year was just unfortunate. I was watching that game and it was just one of those plays where he rolled in ankle because he stepped on someone's foot. But you are right, injured is injured.
I don't mind the bad shooting so much because he looked like he had improved a bit before he went down last year. And I love everything else he brings. Unlike MCW or ET, Rubio is a dynamic PG who really understands the position. He's also good defender. If the price wasn't crazy, I'd take a shot.

Speaking of veteran Spanish point guards, there is another one rumored to be interested in returning to the NBA: Sergio Rodriguez.

i think im all in on holmes

Did they get him with the KJ pick?

looks like deandre jordan might be changing his mind about going to dallas

im not even making this up but the clippers are at jordan's house keeping out anyone so he can sign a contract ASAP. the 30 for 30 on this is going to be great

@WojYahooNBA Sources: DeAndre Jordan still has everyone closed out, including Cuban. Clippers are two hours away from signing him, they believe.

Chris Broussard – Verified account ‏@Chris_Broussard

Sources: Cuban is beside himself. Driving around downtown Dallas begging (thru texts) Jordan's family for address to DeAndre's home
7:17 PM - 8 Jul 2015

this is stupid.

please put the first LAC/DAL game on national tv

I wonder how competitive Dallas will be this year. Apparently Hibbert was supposed to be traded to Dallas but the offer was turned down once DeAndre committed to signing with them.

Boston has their pick(top 7 protected)

From what I have seen of Okafor, it is generally in-line with what I expected. At age 19, he looks like he will be an elite post-scorer. His weaknesses have been as expected: defense, some athleticism getting shots off, and getting winded. But I am not too concerned. I don't feel ridiculous in saying he looks like a potential 2nd best player on a contender.

Holmes looks as intriguing as anyone can after 2 summer league games. As much as Okafor is NOT a fit in the new NBA, Holmes seems like the perfect fit. Nothing to get too excited about, but compelling at the least.

The PG position is concerning to me. I would give Wroten a shot for the first couple of months, but that is the best of shitty options in my opinion. Everyone has given up on Canaan despite him joining midseason, so perhaps there is some upside there. Pierre Jackson may be hurt again. I am hoping that the consensus negative is overdone and someone surprises to the upside...I won't hold my breath.

This whole DeAndre Jordan fiasco is a disgrace. Is he a grown man or a 13 yr old girl? I have no problem with him changing his mind. It's a tough decision, and the moratorium is what it is, so nothing is truly official until the actual signature. Plus this isn't the first time similar scenarios have occurred.

My main issue is with the lack of integrity in how he handled this process. I mean, who raised this kid? If you make a mistake and change your mind, go meet with Cuban in person, like a man, like a professional, and tell him that you made a mistake. Or at least pick up the phone (even though that's still a coward's way). What a joke.

13 year old girl in a grown man's body. Either he's so impressionable that he and his team thought that the last ones who talk to him will be the ones who sign him, or he just asked them all to stick around so he has a lame excuse for not being able to say 'No' to Cuban's face.

POR signed kanter to a 4 year 70 million offer sheet, OKC has 3 days to decide to match or let him go

and cause jordan changed his mind wes matthews is now getting 4 years 70 million coming off a torn Achilles

please sign a guard that can throw and anticipate an entry pass

and because his hands are so big he doesnt even need to have a great angle

Holmes fractured his elbow, 2 months.

So any thoughts on who may make the roster from this summer league squad? I didn't watch very much.

From what I gather, the only true positives have been Holmes and Aldemir. McRae seems like a black hole who only has his wingspan and ability to get to the stripe going for him. Grant is still as raw as ever. Tokoto isn't an NBA player. Ditto for McConnell. And Okafor has his work cut out for him if he wants to hit his Al Jefferson/Greg Monroe ceiling.

Honestly Holmes was the biggest upside surprise for me. It's a shame with this injury but I'd expect him to be with the big boys