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Everything Is Under Control!

Today's article from beat writer Bob Cooney:


"Having a hold on their players seems to be a problem the organization has dealt with the past few seasons. Both Nerlens Noel and Embiid have been fined thousands of dollars for tardiness through the years and Brown said one of the priorities of training camp was to instill the importance of players being on time and learning how to be adults."

I didn't know that Noel has been late often to practices. Was this general knowledge? This just gets better.

Great summation, Brian. Made my day. Your straight, trenchant commentary has been missed. Who do you like at the point, Canaan, Sampson or McConnell? ;)

I almost fell out my chair when i saw this banner, and it was way too tempting to not come back and comment.

I don't necessarily believe every word of the Embiid article, but the diet and Shirley Temples i do believe, and that just screams bad news to me. believe it or not, I was still holding on to hope that in 2016 Embiid would come back 100% as the next Olajuwon and Saric would come over as a high-level contributor. Low probability perhaps, but these are things that NEEDED to happen for the plan to be successful. this Shirley Temple news, to me, drastically reduces that probability from what may have admittedly been higher in my mind than in reality..

that said, I am not disappointed with this path, its more comedy than upsetting or angering to me. I can care less about winning 44 games. i know that others may feel different. Embiid was the right pick.. so was Okafor. While i love okafor's attitude and dedication, the lack of post presence is as disturbing now as it was when i called it out in his 1st summer league game. the guy might be one of these 48% shooting PFs along with 50% from the line. hopefully his work ethic will pay off with conditioning and better FTs.

if a guy can't eat healthy food prepared for him and sits around getting drunk, he probably doesn't have the intangibles to be great. although I've heard other players eating tons of candy and still playing at a high level, and in the 70s the players smoked in the locker room, so who really knows.

look forward to continuing this conversation

You do realize Shirley Temples are non-alcoholic, right? They're certainly not a protein-infused green-drink but they're not getting anyone drunk.

thanks for the clarification ! I assumed it was alcohol. not sure why its newsworthy to report someone guzzling kool-aid .. buts its funny nonetheless.. maybe i was too harsh on Embiid.. he is a freak athlete so maybe he doesn't need to drink wheatgrass. what exactly is a shirley temple anyway ?

A Shirley Temple is just Ginger Ale with a splash of grenadine (grenadine is a sweet, red, non-alcoholic syrup).

Again, it's not the pillar of a healthy diet, but certainly not even close to something that people should be grousing about w/regard to Embiid.

What if he gets a sugar rush and reinjures his foot jumping around the hotel room?

Sarsasparilla, the granddaddy of all root beers, is for gamechangers. Saloon-style sugary drink for greenhorns who dream of being rootin' tootin' cowboys. Fetch yourself one, pardners. And then lend this Embiid feller a clue.

With less "incentive" to lose, I am optimistic going into the season. So long as the Kings are bad, I don't expect many steps backward. The toughest part will be the lack of chemistry early on, but I expect the 76ers to be competitive in the last 2/3s of the season.

The streaky shooting will keep the 76ers in games. The defense will struggle, but Noel's emergence as an anchor will be more and more apparent. Okafor will do it differently every night, he will have obvious holes in his game but show flashes of offensive brilliance which result in an improved half court offense.

The negative tone will switch to "well aren't we just back where we started?" when the 76ers look competitive to sneak into the 8th seed.

Optimist ;)

i am optimistic as well. that we get the next Olajuwon in 2016, Saric, and 4 first rounders. this season , i put the over/under at 20 wins. this team is terrible. I think Okafor may actually be net-negative at this point. if you are going to be a 50% FT shooter you better shoot 70% FGs ala Deandre Jordan or else the inefficiency kills the team softly.

"With less "incentive" to lose, I am optimistic going into the season. So long as the Kings are bad, I don't expect many steps backward."

Taking steps backward would be a fairly impressive feat. If last year's team won 18 games then that appears to be close to their natural floor.

There may not be more incentive to lose but I don't perceive any sudden incentive to win either. If Hinkie wanted to upgrade the probability of winning significantly, he probably had the ability to offer Denver a more attractive package for Ty Lawson than Houston did.

Even after two rock bottom years, increasing wins in the present just doesn't appear to be much of a priority for management. The SI article is probably right. Harris is OK with Hinkie because their focus is on stacking intangible assets for the next owner. On the other hand, the executive responsible for marketing and promotion probably feels like he has the most thankless job in professional sports.

4 1st rounders aren't what they used to be. Embiid's a huge question mark. Saric: cultural acclimation time + confrontation with NBA realities + dad influence + contractual obligations/rights = another question mark.

thanks, DB.
no doubt we find ourselves in a high-risk position for having any sort of future....but also high reward.... have you seen Saric play ? the guy is salivating. and we all know Embiid was the best college player in years. so ill keep my positive view for now, until i hear Embiid is dumping Everclear into his Shirley Temples.

I haven't seen Saric play? But I recall his Superman tee on draft night. Such a tease.

?, a careless turnover.

I've seen Saric play. Imagine a more turnover prone Boris Diaw playing for the Sixers.

With Saric as Diaw, Okafor as Duncan, Wroten as Ginobili, and Brown pacing the sidelines, we can be the off-brand Spurs.

Especially when you kick two or three of those picks down the road which I expect Hinkie to do.

Anyone know when we have to finalize the roster? i see 20 players on the Sixers roster, and i have not followed close enough to know what the likely final product looks like. can someone post our likely final depth chart?

Rosters must be pared down by 10/26. My guesstimated opening night roster and depth chart:
5 - Jalil, Furkan
4 - Nerlens, Carl Landry, Christian Wood
3 - Covington, Jakarr Sampson, Jeremy Grant
2 - Sauskas, Hollis Thompson
1 - Canaan, Pierre Jackson; Wilbekin

Injured - Wroten injured until December, Kendall Marshall injured until mid-November

On bench tweeting while drinking Shirley Temples - Joel

no, seriously, all jokes aside, can someone please share the Sixers projected roster?

I wish I was that funny.

That's a solid squad except for 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5.

Jackson over McConnell to make the roster? McConnell's had a good preseason while Jackson hasn't at all.

I'd also guess that Holmes would make it over Wood.

You're probably right about Jakarr but I wish you weren't. I'd rather see them give Tokoto the opportunity.

I read today that P. Jackson's lateral movement is lacking--this from the coach--so it appears likely you will be right. O'Connell over Jackson.

The little I've seen of Wood makes me want to see more. I think he and Holmes both make it. Hell I'd rather see Holmes and Wood both make it over Aldemir.

No opinion yet on Tokoto except that I can see his potential on D.

This is the worst crop of "PG"s I have ever seen. It is painful watching them play. All of them are bad (although at least McConnel has the knowledge to play the position, just not enough talent). Honestly, none of them should make an NBA roster. Overall I've been patient with most of what Hinkie has done, but there is no excuse to not have a single NBA caliber point guard available to start the season. It reminds me a little bit of the PG play through the first part of the '97 season before we traded a second round pick for Eric Snow. I hope there is an "Eric Snow" that we can get before the start of the season.

Good stuff, both.

Remember the lottery guy who shoots near the Alamo!

For what it's worth, Saric was just voted by NBA GM's as the best International player NOT currently in the NBA.

Saric is a really valuable chip to have. I dont think the posters here realize how good this guy is. 2016 is going to be very promising when Olajuwon is healthy, saric is here, and Ben simmons is a Sixer.. Simmons is a can't miss prospect. then we will see how all these current non-factors affect how free agents feel about coming to philly

i always thought i had a great name to blog with, but i am clearly outshined here by a guy who simply calls himself 'Sharone Wright'. on that note, i remember not being able to contain my excitement when the Sixers drafted Wright and BJ Tyler, unfortunately never working out as the next Stockton/Malone.

I was pretty exited about Turner. I knew he wasn't going to be an elite player, but I thought he was at least going to be decent scorer. It was also kind of interesting to have a lineup where the SF, SG, and PG could be the primary ball handlers. I thought with Turner the team would be able to get to the conference finals. Maybe even be in position to acquire a big name free agent after Dalembert and Kapono's contracts were off the books the following year.

Then I got excited about Bynum and then later with Embiid. And now I say fuck it. I'll refuse to be excited until after they win a title.

i never gave Turner an ounce of prospective NBA value. in fact, somewhere on this board, i am quoted saying that we should take Cole Aldrich instead of ET, and i wasn't joking. obviously that would not have been good, but scary how it would not be much worse.

In the Hinkie era, i have no 20/20 hindsight to offer on the Sixers picks and have been on the same page with every pick they make. thats why i get out of bed for the Sixers everyday. much brighter than the days of passing on paul pierce.

we should consider ourselves lucky the lakeshow took deangelo russell , another non-translating, overrated big-10 guard.

I've noticed this regime tends to make its fans say "fuck it" a lot.

... like the cynical vet in "Deer Hunter" at the wedding bar when prompted by the yet-to- knows (soon-to-be-deployed steel town neighborhood buddies).

Thanks. Sharone Wright was my first experience with disappointing Sixers first round draft picks--thus the screen name.

Robert Covington was carried out of last night's game with a sprained knee. No word on severity.

Was thinking last night while watching that pathetic display of slop, most teams' fans are watching their favorite squads and seeing how their staffs are sorting out rotations and different player combinations to end the preseason. Whereas Sixers fans are fervently discussing and attempting to pare down who the hell is going to be the 14th or 15th man on this putrid excuse of a roster. A player who likely has no business even being fortunate enough to play on this level.

"THAT", is what the hell our fanbase and rooting interests has been reduced to. What a joke!

Like, our once feverish fandom, no matter what side of the fence you're on, has reached the depths of literally discussing mostly garbage players like Christian Wood, Richaun Holmes, TJ McConnell, and Pierre fucking Jackson. And please don't critique my post and think that I left out the otherwordly talents of Furkan Aldemir and JP Tokoto.

And this is in year 3 of what was once being sold as a "rebuild". Does sense of urgency even exist anymore? Or maybe I never realized that patience existed so infinitely.

This shit sucks! As someone said above, Fuck it!
Fuck it!
Fuck it!

thats definitely one perspective.. was just on the phone with another sixer fan talking about how its oct 2015, on the cusp of a 20 -win season, but giddy like we are punch-drunk on shirley temples , talking about how good Noel is (quick mans ben wallace and best defender in the NBA) , Sarics arrival , and the prospects Embiid being one of the NBA greats.

How is it possible to have the words "NBA greats" and Embiid in the same sentence? From brains, to attitude, to fragility, there is nothing that even hints to him playing, let alone NBA greatness.

"the prospects of..... NBA greats.." just like Wiggins was (and still may be ) the next Durant.,,., Embiid, who would have been picked ahead of Wiggins, is the next Olajuwon

"the prospects of..... NBA greats.." just like Wiggins was (and still may be ) the next Durant.,,., Embiid, who would have been picked ahead of Wiggins, is the next Olajuwon

This made me laugh really hard because it is absolutely true. I admit it 100%.

We basically have a team full of "this guy might have some upside so we should keep him on the end of the bench". I remember thinking Jumaine Jones, Arnett Moultrie, Mo Speights, (I am forgetting tons of others).

Despite all of that, I am looking forward to the season actually starting. I am hoping to see some type of steady rotation that can compete.

Really hoping Covington is okay.

@ShamsCharania Philadelphia's Robert Covington has been diagnosed with sprained right MCL and bone bruise in knee, source tells Yahoo. Expected out 2 weeks

Meaning he will be out 3-4 weeks under our med team, BUT that is a huge relief.

For sad optimistics like myself, I now will inevitably feel as though we are waiting to see our true lineup of Marshall Stauskus Covington Noel Okafor for at least a month,

Meaning he will be out 3-4 weeks under our med team, BUT that is a huge relief.

For sad optimistics like myself, I now will inevitably feel as though we are waiting to see our true lineup of Marshall Stauskus Covington Noel Okafor for at least a month,

I think we need a little community Win/Loss prediction chain. I am waiting until Tuesday AM - you know that decision over Landry or Aldemir is the difference of...

8. Jahlil Okafor (Final Big: 4th, Drafted: 3rd)

Okafor was awful in both summer league and pre-season. His value is largely entirely tied into his ability to finish at the rim with his excellent length and touch, but in the pre-season he struggled to create attempts and has instead settled for mid-range shots. Consequently he shot 38.6 FG% (22/57) and drew a mere 9 FTA. He also had a terrible 4 assists vs 18 turnovers, as he did not display passing ability to offset his plummet in scoring efficiency.

Some blame can be placed on Philly’s poor guard play and spacing, and he still can become an efficient offensive weapon if he finds a way to get a higher volume shots at the rim. But thus far he has been a black hole of extreme inefficiency, and efficient scoring was his only real strength entering the draft. This is especially scary considering his poor shooting and lackluster defense, as his offense needs to translate to the NBA exceptionally well for him to have any compelling upside scenario.

I felt I gave Okafor the benefit of the doubt by ranking him 4th in the class, and now that all of his translation flags are glaring it is hard to feel optimistic. How excited would you be if your favorite team drafted a one trick pony who may not be able to translate his one trick to the NBA level?


lots of cuts coming.

They need to put in a waiver claim for Ish Smith before the Pelicans or someone else can nab him. they'll also be major idiots to keep Landry or Furk at the expense of Wood.

G: Marshall, Wroten, Smith
G: Thompson, Stauskas, Canaan
F: Covington, Grant, Sampson*
F: Noel, Holmes, Wood
C: Okafor, Aldemir*, Embiid

is what I hope to see. If Sampson and Aldemir can be cut in favor of someone from another team, I'm all for that.

we'll find out shortly.

I forgot McConnell. He had a very solid preseason and they'll be really thin at PG to start the year, so I'd keep him over Jakarr.

@ShamsCharania The 76ers are waiving guard Scottie Wilbekin and have informed rookie forward Christian Wood he has made team, league source talks Yahoo

Philadlephia has released forward Furkan Aldemir, league sources tell Yahoo Sports. Aldemir had a contract guarantee of nearly $3 million.

Pierre Jackson waived, per Philly.com.

Philly.com also says that J.P. Tokoto will be waived. If these reports true, that means just one more cut to get down to 15. I'm thinking Jordan McRae will be gone.

yea spears says its mcrae

So the roster, per sources, is:

G: Marshall, Wroten, McConnell
G: Thompson, Stauskas, Canaan
F: Covington, Grant, Sampson
F: Noel, Holmes, Wood, Landry
C: Okafor, Embiid

6 of these guys are hurt and won't be ready for Wednesday. They can't even run 5 on 5.

would expect alot of early struggles on offense but once marshall, covington and stauskas they shouldnt be as bad

come back*

Even with everyone healthy, those PG's are pretty marginal and could really hurt player development (I won't even talk about W/L, as that is hardly relevant to this type of roster.)

As much as I generally support the radical rebuild, I am critical that this is 2 years in a row that they lack clearly serviceable options at key positions in a way that could harm player development and evaluation.

I'm all for avoiding mediocre vets if they play at the expense of a promising young player. But this team currently lacks any promising young PG's. Given the depth of quality NBA PG's, and how a good PG helps your bigs and shooters develop, I see no excuse for Hinkie entering this season without one.

The only guy who conceivably can fit this description is Marshall. But he is super-slow to start with and is not even fully recovered from an ACL repair.

This very much reminds me of the start of last year, where they entered the season with no NBA caliber shooters or PG. The first 15+ games was a throw away (look how bad Nerlens looked to start) and they were lucky Covington proved to be NBA ready once acquired. Similarly, Ish performed reasonably well after MCW was traded... but I doubt they get that from Canaan and McConnell, and Marshall is an open question.

"Given the depth of quality NBA PG's, and how a good PG helps your bigs and shooters develop, I see no excuse for Hinkie entering this season without one."

I see a likely excuse. That veteran PG will cost money and probably carries a multi-year contract. He could have acquired Ty Lawson for a couple of future picks this summer but obviously Hinkie's idea of "building for the future" does not include spending any money or reducing future cap space to improve the play on the court currently.

What have you seen in the last two years of Hinkie's reign that makes you surprised that he's entering this season with the roster he has? If you just look at what Hinkie has done so far, you should be resigned to the fact that he doesn't care much about winning more now and stop complaining that he's not doing the things that a normal GM with normal expectations would do.

If the young players with elite potential are less developed in a couple of years than they might have been with a veteran quality point guard, so be it. That probably will be the new owner and GM's problem.

that's intentional though. they want to start out in a hole so that if Noel and Okafor get better as the year goes on (which I would assume is the goal), any wins that come about because of their improvement don't jeopardize their shot of a top 3 pick. seems they've done a pretty good job of that. i'd be shocked if they get to 5 wins before New Year's

"that's intentional though. they want to start out in a hole so that if Noel and Okafor get better as the year goes on (which I would assume is the goal), any wins that come about because of their improvement don't jeopardize their shot of a top 3 pick."

At this point, I don't think they're all that worried about the ranking on their highest pick. Given the quality of the team, it would have to be pretty high anyway.

I think the primary strategy is saving cap space and goodies for a future owner. Right now they have no significant veteran contracts that cut flexibility and Noel is the only rookie contract coming due within the next few years. Add the stockpiling of future picks (at least two of the four that may come this year will likely be kicked down the road) and this team has lots of attractive features for an ownership group that would actually be serious about building a team. Harris & company will expect to be paid for those features.

here is your draft picks to track for the year

Pick(s) Owed: 2nd round pick to BOS

Possible Incoming Pick(s):
LAL( top 3 protected)

MIA( top 10 protected)

OKC(top 15 protected)

The right to swap the sixers first round pick with the Kings(but only if its in the top 10, if not it goes to CHI)

Also have the right to swap the MIA pick or OKC pick with GS

And they have Denver's 2nd round pick

pretty sure i didnt miss anything

thank you Sixerfan..

it looks we get all those picks,.. i can't see the Lake being top 3... odds are Sixer get their own 1-3 and the Lakers maybe a late lottery, hopefully top 10 .. ill be watching a lot of LSU this year, Ben Simmons is the guy i want.

Seems like there is a fairly good chance they get all of those picks. I'd expect he tries to package some of them in a deal of some sort.

Opener. Boston Celtics. All players on roster but Landry 24 and under. 0-0 unmarred record. "Star" and head coach from region; Xtra adrenaline performances, which could be good or bad. Okafor's 1st; have oxygen tank handy. Canaan could go off for 43, Hollis 32. Televised. All I got.

Reminder: league pass is free for the week

didnt know that ! now I can watch the game .. . i am certain it would not have been the NBATV showcase game

Stauskas is playing tonight with a minutes restriction

will be watching but wont be in the thread tonight

Noel and Okafor worth the price of admission this season.. Lakers must be kicking themselves... okafor looked great scoring, a lot of bad turnovers , it looks like he fixed his FT%... good times ahead.

Loved what I saw out of Okafor and Noel. But good lord the point guard play...embarrassing does not accurately describe it. I think we got our first assist by a guard halfway through the 3rd Q. Inexcusable.

oh dear lord, the guard play was horrific. I've never seen so many wasted possessions in an NBA game.

back to the ongoing argument of Sixers vs Celtics..... I would much rather be a Sixers fan than a celtics fan. the celtics team represents everything i do not want in a rebuild.... they are going nowhere. Smart will end up being a good player, but other than that they have a bunch of middling NBA misfits that on a good day win 44 games. is the idea they are supposed to get a superstar free agent?

Billy King gave them the Nets next 3 first round picks (two are pick swaps.)

yea Celts are set up pretty damn well right now. they're going to get a top 5 pick this year from Brooklyn, who might be the worst team in the league

lol really ? everyone one on here complains when the sixers only have a 'top 5' ... now its a great thing ? okafor and noel are each better than any 'asset' the celts have... and frankly so are Saric and Embiid... this years draft is a 2 player draft... Simmons and Labissiere ...

oh jeez...this sounds like some LB content.

Saric is an absentee tweener who is below average athletically, defensively, shooting-wise, and jumps off the screen as much for his turnovers as for his slick passing. Embiid combines the durability of Oden with the character of Bynum.

The Celtics are a young playoff team with a solid roster framework, probably the best young coach in the game, and every good player is under 26 except Amir Johnson, who is 28. They're infinitely more likely to lure key free agents than Philly and will have as many as 8 picks in the upcoming draft (4 in the first round, headlined by the BK crown jewel as stated above by mpads).


Now I agree that Okafor looked very good in his pro debut but he came at the price of sucking for two years and the best picks the Sixers have coming up are their own (+ the LA pick), similarly bought for the price of being unwatchable for 3+ years. They could even do this for the next 10 years if you like and get some more guys like Noel and Okafor! I don't know if that's your thing, but I'm not really into it.

"this years draft is a 2 player draft"

I'm not sure how you can say that when the NCAA season hasn't even started yet and the draft class is shaping up to be a very solid one by most accounts (Simmons, Ingram, Murray, Bender, Labissiere, Brown, etc.), but if that's true, it hurts Philly more than Boston because the Sixers need to hit on multiple picks to make up lost ground.

I've had this Sixers plan vs. Celtics plan discussion in the past with The Six, and it really comes down to a value debate. The amount of future assets are comparable between the two teams, but the Celtics are competetive now and will continue to be in the near future, which is something I value. I'm 24 and I'll be an old man before the Sixers are competitive at the rate Hinkie is going.

Buke said it best a while ago - there are fans who enjoy watching games and there are fans who enjoy fantasizing about draft picks. Put me down for the former, put a large segment of Sixer fans down for the latter, and put Celtics fans down as having the luxury of doing both.

Thanks for the reference!

Agree with your assessment of the Celtics vs. the Sixers. Okafor may have more star quality than any single player they have on their roster, but they have a roster full of players who contribute and I would say that's more fun to watch than two potential young stars surrounded by an indifferently designed roster.

The Sixers may well be a better team in four years, but that will take either a complete reversal of goals by current management or the sale of the team to an ownership that cares about pleasing the fans by making this team relevant (in a good way) again.

Actually, what it would take is some good luck.

Here is a good luck scenario for 2 years from now...

1. Embiid fully recovers the way that big Z did after his bone graft as is an impact 20-25 min game center.

2.Okafor and Noel develop to reach the reasonable ceilings at age 23 and 21.

3. After a few years of bad luck in terms of lottery and pick, the Sixers get fairly lucky this year- getting top 2 with their own pick and top 5 with LA. After 2 years, both of those players are heading to be very good pros (say one in the Noel/Jah range and the other a bit better.) One is a PG, the other a wing.

4. Covington is 27 and entering the last year of his 1M contract.

So that means completely ignoring the cap space, pick swaps, current other players, Saric, Miami, OKC and 2017 Sixer first round picks... In 2 years you still have:

PG: Top 5 pick entering second season
SG: Top 2 pick entering second season
SF: Covington age 26 a 1M/year
F: Noel entering 4th season (age 23)
C: Okafor entering 3rd season (age 21)

Bench: Embiid entering 2nd season (age 23)

I'd say that is a very watchable and compelling roster- especially given all of the other potential pieces you put around that with cap space and their other picks/players depending on how people develop.


first off, thanks for the tank link ! it will be great to follow for the season...

never posted on LB, but i am certainly in the camp of not caring about 48 wins in the East.

on Saric, ill go with what I've seen in his play, and the fact that NBA GMs believe he is the best non-NBA professional player in the world. that says a lot considering how significant world competition has become in the last 10 years. so would i trade him for Smart or the C's #1 pick this year? no way. nor would I do so with embiid. therefore IMO, the sixers have 4 assets better than anything boston has.

i agree the C's are a deep team with a great coach. and its easy to say a team isn't good enough to be a championship team until they win one, ala Detroit..... that said, i think what the Sixers have is too heavily discounted here. I don't often hear doctors say a player should "have a full recovery"... that never happened with the comps of Oden and Big Z... thats the case here.. and big Z had zero athleticism and more awkward body... so i am not going to say Emiids 'good luck' case is 25 mins a game [referring to a another post]....its just not factual.

its a 2player draft (yes its early) because there are 2 athletic 7 footers that run the floor & handle the ball and one plays 5 positions. but yes, my fingers are cross that sixers finally get #1...

one of the knocks on okafor was he would be 55% FT shooter. well, he clearly isn't that. he worked hard enough to somehow become at least a serviceable FT shooter , and that says a lot. i think the TOs will come down as he gains experience and awareness. this guys might be very special...

frankly, with a serviceable PG, the Sixers could have won last night. with all the depth of Boston, they didnt look so great. Noel and Okafor are inefficient because they are the only options and never get set up in good position.

Just to clarify the medical situation for Embiid and his possible outcomes:

1. I was fairly critical of the Sixers drafting Embiid based on the fact that he is a 7 footer who had 2 different stress fractures in 6 months before the draft. I was concerned he may just be susceptible and lack durability.

2. But in regards specifically to the navicular fracture- even after 2 procedures there is no reason to think that he will be hobbled or sapped of his athleticism. The bone will either heal or it won't. Then it will either stay intact or re-fracture (which is why I talked of "luck.")

Guys who play for months on a fractured foot (like Andrew Toney or Big Z before his surgery) are permanently damaged. But guys who get the fracture fixed promptly (like Michael Jordan at age 22) do not suffer a loss of athleticism any more than any other broken bone. This is not like a guy with an arthritic condition like Oden or Bynum.

3. Embiid will lose at least 2.5 years of key development time, which likely affects his ceiling. And if he heals, I expect minute limits the first 2 years and lots of serial MRI exams to ensure the bone continues to mineralize (which takes several years after this type of repair.)

So that is the medical reasoning behind my Embiid "luck" statement. They will be lucky if he heals and gets to play (and does not re-fracture.) But if he heals, then there is no reason to expect he will be some hobled shell of his former self. No more than MJ at 24 was a worse athlete then before his navicular fracture. And after 2 years healthy, I'd expect he would be reasonably out of the woods in terms of minute restrictions.

In terms of putting a percentage chance on "getting good luck with Embiid"- that is challenging. My spitball educated guess is he has about a 67% chance of "healing" to where he plays again. Then maybe a 50% chance he does not re-fracture in those first few years. After that, he's probably as risky as any 7 footer. So that would be a cumulative 33% chance of a good outcome, and maybe drop that to 25% given other injuries can happen even if the foot heals. So a 1 in 4 chance of getting a favorable "lucky" outcome with Embiid.

And FWIW, at the time of the draft that number was closer to 70% given that most initial Navicular repairs on clean breaks are successful (85% initial success and then risk of reinjury.) That was a calculated risk I would be wary of- and I was at the time, but not a crazy risk given the potential reward in relation to the other guys on the board at #3.

NB- this info is to the best of my knowledge. I'm sure someone with greater expertise in the field could provide better estimates. My main point is that there is a chance that Embiid plays and retains his athleticism... but after the first failed repair the chance is now significantly less than 50%... thus requiring luck on the Sixers part.

thanks TK , those are helpful insights.

i still believe Embiid has a legitimate chance at reaching a super high ceiling,..... lets remember , when Wiggins was valued as the next 'chosen one' , pre-injury Embiid was likely getting picked ahead of him.... the next Olajuwon is still out there - i will keep using this comparison so i can link these posts in a year and claim my prize...


I'm more or less with Brian here. I don't believe these guys (Hinkie and Harris that is) want 1) to use all of the first rounders they have or 2) wish to accelerate significant winning improvements in this team. I'm taking an investment pricing perspective here where investments are valued more on future benefits than current results. The more draft picks they use and any valuable free agents they may sign, reduce the draft picks and cap space for a future owner and accelerate the time when bills come due. I expect them to boot at least two of these first rounders into the future if they end up getting four.

If the two young big men continue to develop as expected, they don't really need Embiid. I fully expect to see them try to trade Embiid for some mid-level or lower level first rounder if he recovers and demonstrates that he is serviceable.

I think the ideal situation for selling this team in two years would be if the team had four or five good young players in place, was approaching 40 wins, had two or three extra future first rounders coming, and still had plenty of cap space. That would lead a prospective buyer to believe that the best is yet to come.

There is no way to argue the owners motivations- as it is unknowable. People sad the same things about Lurie when he bought the Eagles. Ultimately, I'm not sure it matters. If Harris sells the team in a few years and it is more valuable because it has marketable young stars, now bad contracts and lots of future picks... then that is not exactly a bad thing.

Basically, we used to have corporate owners who wanted cheap programming for CSN and were afraid to ever rebuild because it would hurt ratings and gate receipts for 2-3 years and a corporate owner won't take that hit. Sure they wanted a star, but the AI trade proved they were unwilling to face the pain of rebuilding to get a good chance at one.

Now they have owers that are willing to get killed at the gate and in ratings for multiple years for the chance to greatly increase the value of the team... which translates into having a marketable star as opposed to a mediocre 40 win team. Whether they want this in order to build a winner or build market value for a sale- either way it is good long term.

"Now they have owers that are willing to get killed at the gate and in ratings for multiple years for the chance to greatly increase the value of the team... which translates into having a marketable star as opposed to a mediocre 40 win team. Whether they want this in order to build a winner or build market value for a sale- either way it is good long term."

I agree that in the long term it doesn't matter whether this ownership or some other ownership has a winning team. My only point is that accelerating the chance of winning may diminish the sale value of this team because it may reduce the potential of future benefits to a new owner. Buyers don't get the benefits of past results. They get the benefits or detriments of the future. That is why I don't expect current ownership to win very much before they sell this team.

If one bought the Detroit Pistons at the end of the 2005 season, they would be buying the best team in the eastern conference but it was a team on the verge of decline and almost all those benefits were already realized by the selling owners. A young 40 win team on the rise with lots of cap space, no constraining contracts, and entitled to multiple future picks is a much better investment.

"...i am certainly in the camp of not caring about 48 wins in the East."

A bifurcation like that always ends up in a false binary. There are other choices besides 'Hinkie Process' and 'Perennial 8th seed'. This regime has taken the Build through the Draft mantra to its logical extreme, which I don't really have a problem with, but they've made enough errors to set the timeline back much further than what should be acceptable in my opinion.

"on Saric, ill go with what I've seen in his play, and the fact that NBA GMs believe he is the best non-NBA professional player in the world."

He was also recently ranked the 41st best player in Euroleague.


I don't think he's a better or more accomplished player than Mirotic was at that age for example, and I think he'll be more flashy but less useful in the NBA than Mirotic and even Bjelica, but we'll see.

"one of the knocks on okafor was he would be 55% FT shooter. well, he clearly isn't that. he worked hard enough to somehow become at least a serviceable FT shooter"

6 FTA sample size...but I hope you're right.

"its a 2player draft (yes its early) because there are 2 athletic 7 footers that run the floor & handle the ball"

lol so you want to draft another C/PF?

Jah has hit 14 of 15 FT if you include preseason- so very promising.

As for the rebuild- no doubt there are lots of ways to rebuild. But you also have to look at your starting point. For whatever reason, BK was willing to give up 3 years worth of unrestricted Nets #1 draft picks for a 37 year old KG, and other teams gave up assets for Pierce and Doc Rivers. The Celtics also entered the rebuild with their future #1 picks in place. While the Sixers started out with Jrue, Thad, ET and Hawes as their assets and were 2 #1 picks in the hole after the Bynum and Moultrie trades.

So I don't think the Sixers were in the position to stay competitive and acquire quality future assets. The Celtics basically have a 3 year pass to be as good as they can be and still get lottery picks from BK (the Nets.) The Sixers might end up in the similar situation if the Kings self destruct to where the Sixers get multiple lottery picks from the Kings over the next 4 years.

Isn't Saric only 21 years old? To be in the top 50 in Euroleague at age 21 seems a nice feat to me, no?

Another good season there and I'm sure his "rankings" will rise for whatever that's worth.

I think Mirotic was 22 when he made the All Euroleague 2nd team for the first time. Saric could easily do that this year, I'd imagine.

From what I understand these rankings are a projection for the upcoming season, so beating his projected rank by 30 spots is possible but not very likely. He could just as easily slide.

i hear you on the 48 wins, it was kind of a flippant comment. but thats how i view most of these East teams with no star. like i said, i was wrong on the pistons - they won it all...

thank you for another great link i have never seen !
i took a closer look, keep in mind its a euroleague fanboy ranking that takes into account 'team worth' as one of the inputs. jan vesley is #5 and rudy fernandez #6 (is he 40 ? )... ill go with the GMs who run NBA teams.... its not exactly DraftExpress type analysis.


on Okafors FTs,,, yes , small sample, but apparently he was 14-15 in last preseason games (dont have the exact data but seems like something a 55% shooter would never be able to do)

i want to draft ben simmons, a can't miss NBA star. he plays 5 positions but will make a nice 3.

DX is essentially "fanboy" rankings too. Most "professional" college & HS scouting is (unless you're employed by a pro team). It's a website that may get a lot of hits but their scouts are just some dudes who watch a lot of basketball and nerd out to standing reach measurements. It's not like there's some formal training or license or certification in "basketball scouting".

Saric being drastically outranked by a bunch of NBA flameouts like Vesely and Rudy Fernandez doesn't bode well under any circumstances in my opinion, even with age being accounted for (like Steve mentions, Niko Mirotic was top 10 roughly at the same age at which Saric is projected to be 41st, and of course Mirotic was also a late pick by a team who could afford to stash and didn't need that pick on the floor pronto).

But my point was more in response to your claim that he's the best non-NBA player in the world, not that you should drop him from 1 to 41. I think both rankings are extremely subjective and hold little predictive value, since they're all over the place. I guess if you want a more objective, quant-based take, Pelton did a regression for per-minute stats translating from Euroleague to the NBA for currently stashed players and Saric ranked 22nd, behind guys like Petteri Koponen and Kazemi even.


But he didn't control for age or much else really so there are problems with his rankings too.

**DX is essentially "fanboy" rankings too. Most "professional" college & HS scouting is (unless you're employed by a pro team). It's a website that may get a lot of hits but their scouts are just some dudes who watch a lot of basketball and nerd out to standing reach measurements. It's not like there's some formal training or license or certification in "basketball scouting".**

This is what I don't get. You knock DraftXpress and call them fanboys, rendering their analysis meaningless, yet when a poll of NBA GENERAL MANAGERS rank Saric as the best player not currently in the NBA, you still don't accept it??? Why is that?

Don't NBA GM's fit your criteria of having "formal training or license or certification in basketball scouting"???

Again, I have no idea if Saric is going to be an awesome NBA player or not. Maybe he will, maybe he won't. We both are using the info that's out there to fit our arguments. I'm choosing to take the word of NBA GM's in this case.

FWIW, I don't dispute the 41st best Euroleague ranking at all. Those rankings aren't based on his NBA future as far as I can tell. Euro leagues are notorious for not valuing young players as much as they do "crafty" vets. Playing time reflects that. If you look at the Euroleague first and second teams last year, every single player is a "crafty vet". Everyone on the first and second team is over 26 years old (other than Devin Smith)


thanks for chiming in. draft express is widely considered the best source of data and scouting for the NBA draft. i certainly don't consider them fanboys, but rather legitimate scouts.. spend 5 minutes on the site, the analysis and data is impressive- these guys have access to all the players (interviews etc), put together their own scout videos, etc. to compare them to that Eurosite, at least from what i see isn't apples to apples.

More importantly, as you noted, the criteria used on the Eurosite has nothing to do with NBA viability . and the criteria they use to rank, i.e. 'team worth', 'players role' are not really relevant IMO . i highlighted top 10s fernandez and vesley to discount their ranking system, whereas anomiemnemonical sees that ranking as justification for discounting Saric...

as we have all said, all this is subjective, but ill go with the actual stakehholders- NBA GMs.

Is Boston really doing anything special?

Right now their future hinges on what draft pick Brooklyn gives them. In the last 3 drafts they've taken Terry Rozier, Marcus Smart, James Young, RJ Hunter, and Kelly Olynyk.

They only made the playoffs last year because they were in a weak conference in which both Miami and Indiana were going through injury issues. Put them in a playoff series against Utah, Phoenix, or Toronto and they'd be lucky to win 2 games.

I just don't understand the praise they're getting. Last year they had the 16th pick in the draft and they couldn't do anything to move up 6 spots to draft Justice Winslow. No notable free agent is going to sign there either.

There is nothing special about them. It's a team loaded full of sixth men and little more. The Brooklyn picks are nice, but not better than what the Sixers have draft-wise.

In reality, Boston is taking a different path than the Sixers. Only time will tell who will be more successful. But there is no reason to conclude that because Boston can accumulate more short-term wins, that their "plan" is any better, or that they are "building something". We all know it will come down to obtaining a star player (through draft, FA, or trade). Boston swung and missed with their garbage mid-round picks on draft day last year. Nobody wanted any part of them. Even throwing in a Brooklyn pick got them nowhere. Then they swung and missed with Kevin Love. So their path is just as unclear at this point.

Hypothetical: If you are Indiana, and you realize that you need to trade Paul George. Whose assets would you covet more, Boston's or Philly's? For me, it's the Sixers, which is why I like this plan better. Although it is admittedly very painful to go through as a fan.

Very good point. If a team is forced to trade away a star (like Minny and Kevin Love last year), then I'd expect any smart GM would take a selection of the Sixers assets over what Boston has to offer.

Would you take Noel + this year's Sixer #1 + Lakers #1

or would you take Smart + 2 Nets picks? How interested would you be as an opposing GM to acquire Sullinger or Olynk or Isiah?

I guess a GM like BK takes the middling 24-27 year olds to avoid bottoming out as when BK chose to get Miller, Smith and lesser picks in the AI trade. But I would think most GM's would prefer higher upside assets over a collection of nice role players.

I hate the Celtics and Danny Ainge, so I begrudgingly give them this: the Celtics somehow are putting out a competitive team AND getting good draft picks, as opposed to tanking for three or four years.

Right now I agree with you that I would not switch with them, but I am trying to wash out the residual taste in my mouth from watching so many bad games.

My take on last night's game:

Let's start with Okafor. If you watched him play last night and didn't get excited thinking about his future then you're dead inside. He's 19-years old. Think on that for a minute. 3-years from now after having a few years of NBA experience and the requisite size/strength increases, he's gonna be a monstrosity. The footwork, hands and smarts were readily visible in the game, and his 6-6 from the line was a huge plus. Even picturing him a few months down the line is exciting as he adjusts to the nightly grind.

He's clearly not ready, fitness-wise, for the NBA. That's not a knock on him either. No 19-year old big man is ever ready for the speed and constant motion necessary. That said, he played 35+ mins last night and although he looked a bit sluggish in the middle quarters, really played well in the first/fourth.

Nerlens was really good too. He's such a menace on the floor defensively and now is looking so much more comfortable on the offensive end. Even Heinsohn was impressed with him last night, lol.

The guards, however, were a disaster. Canaan hit a few threes but no one could set up the offense, often dumping the ball into the post with

Sixers continue to get no respect from the refs (they don't really deserve it, haha) as Jah, Nerlens and co. got mugged repeatedly by the C's w/o any whistles. It's to be expected on the road on opening night.

My take on last night's game:

Let's start with Okafor. If you watched him play last night and didn't get excited thinking about his future then you're dead inside. He's 19-years old. Think on that for a minute. 3-years from now after having a few years of NBA experience and the requisite size/strength increases, he's gonna be a monstrosity. The footwork, hands and smarts were readily visible in the game, and his 6-6 from the line was a huge plus. Even picturing him a few months down the line is exciting as he adjusts to the nightly grind.

He's clearly not ready, fitness-wise, for the NBA. That's not a knock on him either. No 19-year old big man is ever ready for the speed and constant motion necessary. That said, he played 35+ mins last night and although he looked a bit sluggish in the middle quarters, really played well in the first/fourth.

Nerlens was really good too. He's such a menace on the floor defensively and now is looking so much more comfortable on the offensive end. Even Heinsohn was impressed with him last night, lol.

The guards, however, were a disaster. Canaan hit a few threes but no one could set up the offense, often dumping the ball into the post with less than 10 secs on the shot clock. I don't know much about Kendall Marshall other than he's a pretty old-school PG, and that type of player will be a welcome addition come late November when he's back on the floor. Will also be nice to see Covington and Stauskas mixed into the rotation and see what their shooting does to this thing.

Sixers continue to get no respect from the refs (they don't really deserve it, haha) as Jah, Nerlens and co. got mugged repeatedly by the C's w/o any whistles. It's to be expected on the road on opening night.


Agree with your assessment. I think Okafor's conditioning would be fair enough for this point of the season if the Sixers had any bench at all and a decent enough back up center (I actually wish they had kept Aldemir as a backup for defense and pick setting). Right now, the team seems to need both Okafor and Noel on the court to be effective and at least one of them on the court at all times to prevent total collapse.

Agree that Canaan is not a point guard but I thought he was a decent contributor last night. He's a better shooter than MCW anyway. McConnell looked really overmatched for much of the game but seemed to improve as the game went on. He might develop into an adequate backup if Marshall can take the starting job.

Obviously Hinkie reserves a certain portion of the roster each year to second rounder and undrafted free agent tryouts. Hasn't Hollis' tryout lasted long enough?

12 assists, 22 turnovers. Excellent, fundamental basketball. God do I wish they'd gotten Brett Stevens instead of Brown. Should've listened to me in 2010 :( http://www.depressedfan.com/basketball/sixers/mark-jackson-is-on-the-radar.php

Except Stevens probably would not have taken the job then even if offered. He signed something like a 12 year deal in April of that year. He had a lot of offers, but he didn't leave Butler until three years later.

okafor vs gobert should be really fun tonight

though favors might guard okafor and then gobert can roam off noel

I expect this to be an ugly one for Okafor. Obviously hoping he proves me wrong, but Gobert is the type that can magnify Okafor's limited athleticism.

yeah . i probably should have waited 2 games before i anointed oakafor, lol. this may be a 4-17 type night

yes, should be a good test for Okafor. Gobert and Favors might be the best defensive C PF combo in the league, so it'll be interesting to see how he responds. and if he'll get a little more help from the guards tonight.

I thought the first game was very encouraging. I can see how a combination and Okafor and Noel would work with a mix of shooters around them. Canaan was massively better working off the ball. If that is his role, you wonder the overlap between him and Stauskus.

I am really looking forward to watching Okafor and Noel develop chemistry. There is a lot of intelligence and passing ability between the two of them - and its a different element of the game versus the shooting rush around the league

noel block leads to a shot clock violation

lazy entry pass leads to a fast break and hood heads to the line

makes both

favors on okafor that possession

canaan step back 3

heyward stunts at noel in the post and he hits a cutting sampson

jakarr to the line

split them

noel almost puts gobert on a poster

Canaan fouled shooting a 3

made 1 of 3

okafor jumper

favors with a nice move over noel

time for the twice of year alec burks destroying the sixers to happen

im not against stauskas being the backup pg when he can play a full load of minutes

stauskas to the line

split them

grant drive and dunk

booker airball

noel misses a hook shot

noel to the line

made both

down 28-19 end of the first

someone should tell TJ trey burke isnt good and you dont need to go over screens when guarding him

noel has made some nice moves in the post but hasnt been able to finish

noel o-board

okafor finishes through gobert

grant to the line

made both

gobert is huge

long not huge

Jakarr horrible dumb foul. Burks 4 pointer

grant jumper goes in ends a 13-0 run

grant to okafor

offense is a mess

great move and pass by okafor to hollis

more of that

canaan fouled shooting a 3

made 2 of 3

hollis to the line

made both

down 50-33 at the half

nice d by okafor on favors

and then a bad job there

i think gobert is in canaan's head

grant 3

noel to the line

made both

grant to the line

split them

canaan to the line

made both

holli 3

down 74-53 end of the 3rd

if they showed up the first 6 minutes they might of been able to dig into the lead

staus fouled shooting a 3

made all 3

like okafor going at gobert even though it hasnt worked a ton

he goes to the line

split them

gets the o-board and gets fouled again and goes to the line

split them

really hope the jazz make the playoffs so people realize how good favors is

hollis 3

canaan to the line

made both

lost 99-71

VS CLE on Monday

Loved how Okafor handled a real tough defensive matchup tonight. Those two guys are a couple of beasts. Anyone could see that Okafor could/would have some trouble with their length and athleticism, but he adjusted his game and found ways to score. I was most impressed by that series when he went after Gobert on two straight possessions. After watching D'Angelo Russell completely wilt in a match-up with Rubio the other night, it was good to see Okafor not be intimidated. Very impressive for a 19 yr old.

And of course....the PG play. The most embarrassing PG play in Sixers history continues. I seriously can't believe this team is rolling these guys out there. That takes balls.

I've seen some people here suggest the Lakers pick will be in the 10-15 range. Can you explain your reasoning. To me they seem like a sure fire bottom 5 team given they play in the West.

"Can you explain your reasoning"

they dont want to give the sixers credit for anything

My god...I have watched the first two LAL games. Watched SACTO drop 74 pts by halftime. I had previously thought the Sixers were guaranteed to see that pick convey this year, but not anymore. Now, Russell should improve even though he looks lost out there now. But their defense, especially on the perimeter is abysmal. This is a top 5 lotto team if there ever was one. I believe the pick is unprotected next year, so it's not a tragedy if it does not convey this year, but this Laker team stinks.

correction: LAL pick protected 1-3 in 2016 and 2017. Unprotected in 2018.

My reasoning was that they could've added somebody in free agency. If you look back in the "He'd be a starter if" thread though, nobody really had a problem with the MCW trade in and of itself, the only complaint was that this is taking too long.

Lakers 10-15 ??? who said anything like that ? this laker team is rancid. I would say there is a great chance they are top 3, may even push the sixers for the worst record. Speaking of this , who are the teams that can possibly be bottom 3 ... to me, its the Sixers, Nets, and Lakers with the Sixers having a 5 game cushion... who else is even a possibility ? Indiana? Charlotte?

3 years 21 million for lamb!!!!!!!!!

I think this "the cap is rising so let's be careless" thing will come back to haunt some of these teams.

just cause you have money doesnt mean you need to spend it

Covington and Stauskas starting

would expect covington to be on a minutes limit

dont have my hopes up for noel on love but we'll see

these red jerseys are nice

couple of good looks early havent fallen

lebron and 1

made the ft

nice drive by stauskas

nice d by okafor in the post there

canaan to the line

made both

okafor from the post

rc steal, misses a 3

okafor putback

hollis fouled shooting a 3

made all 3

nice finish by noel

nice probing by tj leads to a noel dunk

noel jumper

spacing looks a ton better tonight

CLE turnover

nice pass by noel leads to a stauskas 3

9-0 run, sixers up 20-15

time out CLE

noel dunk

tj spin and layup

steals it then dribbles it out of bounds

okafor dunk

cle turnover

noel putback

holmes to the line

split them

canaan 3 at the buzzer

UP 32-18 end of the 1st

stauskas looks great off the dribble tonight by the way

covington to the line

made both

grant to the line

split them

nice d by grant on love in the post

tj missed jumper

covington in transition

love and 1

made the ft

hollis 3

cant love get that deep in the post

13-5 CLE run

timeout sixers

okafor from the post

noel dunk

credit where its due, tj is all over the pace


okafor backs down love

mo for 3

okafor jumper

okafor to the line

made both

stauskas to the line

made both

offense sputtering at the end of the half here

up 54-49 at the half

offense died at the end there

hell of a first half, I miss games like this.

Lebron held to 10 points on 11 shots but his ball distribution is driving the Cavs, 8 assists to 2 turnovers.

Noel and Okafor combining for 26.

McConnell doing his Delly impression better than Delly himself tonight.

The Grant/Sampson/Holmes/Wood 2nd/3rd unit Forward rotation is going to weigh them down all year because of how raw they are.

Keep it going, it'd be nice to get this W over a legit contender.

Agreed. I am hoping we get more of this throughout the season. I know it will sputter but there are real players out there.

Seems like shrinking the rotation would help - but I understand that is unlikely to happen with young guys and stamina.

Hoping we pull this out but not getting my hopes up.

Very pleased with Stauskus thus far.

4 fouls on okafor

and the lead is gone

okafor and 1

missed the ft

nice finish by grant

time out cle

down 64-58

meek mill interview!!!!!!!!

nice move noel

thank you for pulling Covington. he was building a house out there

i know hes missing and taking some bad shots but him being out there is helping the spacing

nice entry by tj to okafor

stauskas 3

just throw it to okafor in the post every play

down 82-72 end of the 3rd

stauskas for 3

noel to the line

missed both

okafor in the post

hollis has missed like 3 or 4 wide open 3's

lebron throws one down

okafor has pretty much dominated mozgov tonight

even his misses are good looks

lost 107- 100

@ MIL on WED( jabari parker is suppose to play)

welp, good 1st quarter anyway. And good late effort by the bench unit to pull it within single digits.

Nice work by Okafor - 24/3/0, got swatted a few times but Mozgov and Tristan Thompson are no slouches defensively.

McConnell - 6/7/12 assists 0 To, +12.

Bron 1 rebound off a triple double and great defense. Tough to win when he's playing like that.

it worries me a little that Okafor looks like he can't jump. but he can score in so many different ways that it might not matter.

seems like him & Noel could end up being perfect complements to one another. what one does not do well, the other does. vice versa too though... hopefully Okafor learns positioning and how to use his body to rebound the ball and defend better... and hopefully Noel learns how to control his movements and dribble the basketball.

No Mayo, MCW, or Henson for Milwaukee tonight; no Covington for Philly.

Cooney reporting the Sixers will add Phil Pressey with their roster exemption, which is probably why they kept Landry over Aldemir - to qualify for a 16th roster spot.

91-87 L

Okafor continues to score efficiently and McConnell with another strong game 7/9/12 1to, but Canaan is just...idk

Brown had more faith in Pressey late in the 4th, whom they signed literally a few hours ago

I thought Thompson could develop into a solid NBA role player. Now I wouldn't be upset if he got cut. I think he's worse than James Anderson.

Pressey is a good pickup. Unfortunately, he can't shoot either. As impressive as McConnell has been for an undrafted rookie point guard, he does need to start taking (and making) some outside shots just to force opponents to guard him.

I usually loathe the classic "scrappy" point guard type players like McConnell, but damn I really like his game so far. I watched him at AZ a fair bit over the past few seasons with the other NBA prospects they had (Aaron Gordon, Hollis-Jefferson, Stanley Johnson) and he definitely can "run" a team. I'm thrilled to see that he can do so on the NBA level.

It was really nice seeing him knock down a 3 last night, and I was pleasantly surprised to see him take it to the rack a few times.

Defensively is where the issues are. He's just not big enough to defend some of the PG's in the league. He had to guard Middleton a few times last night and it was ugly just based on size alone.

It's crazy how bad this team misses Covington when he's out. Hell, they didn't win last year until after they signed him right? His size and floor-spacing are tough to replace, especially with Jah and Nerlens in the middle.

Yup. Without Covington the Sixers probably comes close to having the worst record in NBA history.

lakers vs nets tonight

someone has to win!

Boston is the big winner- seeing as they will have each of the next 3 years Nets first round picks.

How is BK still an NBA GM?

So the Nets traded away their 2014, 2016 and 2018 1st's as well as the right for Boston to take the Nets 2017 1st in a pick swap.

The oe put the team in line to make a 90M lux tax payment, and the team went on to lose 5 more games than the prior year (44) and then only 38 games the next year.

KG eventually netted them Thad. Pierce was lost 1 year late in FA.


Quotes from BK:

"Honestly, did I think we could pull something like this off? No"

From the article:

"Garnett is 37 years old, while Pierce is 35. Critics wonder if both players will be able to stay healthy and productive throughout the course of a long season at their advanced ages."

"I hope people keep questioning KG and Paul Pierce's age, because I know that the type of warriors they are," King said. "The workload will not be as much as it's been in the past because of their teammates but I enjoy the fact that people keep questioning Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce. i know that they'll come out and prove them wrong, so I'm not concerned about that at all."

TJ was really fun to watch against the Bucks. I can't imagine he has a future as a piece given it has been two games, but he does not delay the development of Noel or Okafor. In fact, his particular style is great, in my opinion, for their games.

It sounds like Canaan will be only playing the two guard from now on.

I think if we shrink our rotation, get Stauskus and Covington playing well, then we have a competitive (not good, but competitive) team.

I am actually feeling good about what we could see this year.

tj jumper

bad job okafor lets moz get the o-reb and fouls him for and 1

moz misses the ft and love get the o-board

grant block out of bounds

mo williams bucket

tj 3, needs to keep hitting those

moz flops on okafor(no call), williams fouls okafor and 1

missed the ft

noel o-board

grant to the line

made both

timeout sixers

cle up 17-9

nice pass from holmes to okafor

mozgov dunk

sampson bailout jumper

hollis 3

charge taken by noel

hollis missed 3

thats a bullshit late call

cle turnover

timeout, down 24-18

grant to the line

missed both

hollis putback

lol McConnell continuing whatever this mystery is....wow what a finish to that quarter

tj to noel alley oop

tj steals thee in-bounds pass and hits a 3 at the buzzer

down 28-25 end of the 1st

7-0 run to end the quarter

canaan floater

grant takes a charge

nice drive by staukas

by the way okafor's defensive effort has been garbage tonight

noel jump hook off the glass

The Grant/Noel/Okafor lineup can be frustrating but very fun. "Menaces at the rim"

Agree on Okafor defense....brutal effort.

Stauskus having a tough time getting involved in my opinion.

noel over love

the cavs should really put okafor in a pick and roll every play with love on the other side

okafor misses a bunny

nice move by okafor there

horrible stauskas pass somehow ends up in a grant dunk

noel deflection

pressey missed 3

noel board

stauskas drive

I would like Stauskus to handle the ball a bit more. It is very extreme right now. When McConnell is off the floor, have him create.

noel block and pass to holmes for a dunk

timeout CLE

down 49-48

tj to noel, out of the timeout

up 50-49 at the half

13-2 run to end the half

When McConnell is in, I feel as though we get good shots on ~80% of offensive possessions.

When he is off the floor, that moves to 50% at best.

Enjoyable half.

okafor's defense on the last p/r by cle to end the half was hilarious

left the guy with the ball to box out before he shot it

noel misses 2 bunnies early in the half

7-0 run by CLE to start the half

timeout sixers

noel over love

stop passing up of open shots

nice move noel

stauskas 3

lebrons got 18 in the 3rd so far

noel jumper

stauskas 3

canaan to the line

made both

canaan to okafor

jefferson bucket

canaan 3 at the buzzer

down 81-73 end of the 3rd

Canaan had his best 90 seconds of the season right there. 8 point game.

okafor bucket

hollis 3

stauskas drive

Our "shooters" can't hit shit when it matters. Canaan, Stauskus, Thompson are brutal when we could build momentum.

okafor to the line

made both

lol canaan just chucked the ball at dellavedova

okafor jumper

lost 108-102

vs ORL tomorrow

I continue to be impressed by Okafor. He's making significant improvement on a game by game basis. Post game, face-up game, FT shooting...he is getting better at everything. The defense took a step back last game, but he has given no reason to think that he won't make the same jumps in progress on that end that he's been making on offense. I could not be happier with him, and he's only 19!

McConnell. I jumped the gun panning McConnell after a sub-par preseason and first game or so in season. Sometimes it's nice to be wrong. He has not only shown a real feel for the position (which I knew he had), but a level of talent to compete at the NBA level. He's managed to stabilize the PG position for this team.

no vuce tonight

the magic guards are really good at pinching down and getting deflections

grant and 1, made the ft

nice post move by okafor

holmes putback

stauskas loves to ball watch and let his guy cut away from him

stauskas 3 in transition

stasuskas block

canaan deep 3

12-0 sixers run

holmes putback

some good minutes from holmes right now

down 51-44 at the half

stauskas has passed up some open 3's

stauskas 3

stauskas to holmes

jason smith and noel get into it

noel gets ejected

down 81-73 end of the 3rd

grant bailout 3

okafor to the line

missed both

This is quite frustrating. Watching these here Sixers.

canaan 3

his 6th

I used to kind of like Dedmon. He not-really-but-kind-of reminded me of Sammy.

Canaan on fire!

stauskas to the line

split them

dipo bucket

bad canaan shot misses

okafor defense!

stauskas 3

okafor to the line

made both

okafor is going to get called for 10 seconds on a ft this year

Dedmon pokes Jerami in his eye.

Heh, blogging again could be so much fun. I sure as hell miss it more than anything about this blog. That rush every night, that my boys were gonna play. Can't wait to get home and watch the game. Notations noted. Every. single. night. Good times indeed.

This ragtag bunch they currently trot out in year 3 of this so-called resurgence is really tough to get behind so passionately; cause half or probably more of them won't be here in 3 years if and when it does even start to matter again. I strongly emphasize 'if' in the previous sentence. That's rather ruthless and renegade-like (to be where we actually are in year 3 of this mess) of the head honchos for a fan as old as I am.

I want to feel like I did in '83. Euphoric.

Not this mundane, painstakingly and often excruciating display. Seriously.

Speed this shit up, whatever it is that you're ultimately doing. Here's to looking at you Sam.

6 pt game w/ 2 to go.

This wouldn't happen if he'd wear goggles like his uncle.

this is why I should be General Manager of the team...I have all these ideas

stauskas to the line

made both

Jahlil doesn't need to go to the dribble there. Just go up with it off the pass.

And he proceeds to brick two free throws.

Tobias block on Jah. Packed Okafor's methodical attempt.

Jah drive and spin and foul.

okafor to the line

missed both

holmes o-board

nice block by harris goes out of bounds

okafor back to the line

split them

down 99-94, 48 seconds left

duly noted hah

nice trap forces a steal but sampson gives it right back

they changed the charge to a blocking so hes goes to the line

split them

wood saves it but they are reviewing it

lost 105-97

bulls on monday

Just for good measure.

Fuck it. As someone so eloquently said.

justise winslow is really good

Is he re-think your stance on taking him at #3 good?

the pistons outscored Portland 41-11 in the 4th quarter tonight

@DerekBodnerNBA Nerlens Noel is out tonight. Sore wrist. Richaun Holmes starting in his place. #sixers.

really hope he didnt hurt it when he punched a wall after being ejected the other night

game is on NBATV for the out of towners

noah starting over Mirotic

nvm looks like they switched it up

okafor bites on pau and fouls him

made both

pau jumper

grant fouled

made both

okafor putback

butler 3

nice finish by grant

mirotic miss

okafor miss

pau miss, bull o-board and mis

great cut by stauskas

pau doing a good job on okafor early

a passed up open 3 is worse than a bad shot taken

noah out with a knee injury

19-2 run by the bulls have them up 31-16

wood to the line

split them

canaan bailout 3


down 31-22 end of the first

no surprise when the bench came in the offense died

hollis 3

holmes to the line

split them

holmes to the line

split them

better move by okafor misses but wood putback

okafor got away with pau getting him deep

stauskas 3 and the sixers are up 1

timeout CHI

tj to wood

he keeps his dribble alive really well

wood jumper

okafor misses a bunny

grant to the line

split them

down 52-43 at the half

okafor not playing as bad as his line might say

bulls made a good bit of long 2's in the first half

see if it lasts

okafor to the line

split them

nice move by okafor

okafor bank shot

pretty much the same lineup that killed the offense in the first quarter is doing it again now

okafor and 1 on a jumper

made the ft

okafor over mirotic

okafor putback

gibson is too good to flop

down 76-62 end of the 3rd

okafor doing alot better job fighting for boards

he heads to the line

split them

okafor over gasol

okafor to the line

missed both

lost 111-88

tor on wed

come back soon noel and rc3

i didnt see the game but looks like Okafor 15 boards on poor shooting.. any color? are his FTs regressing ?

Shouldn't be too hard to figure out. He was playing without Noel and against good big men who forced him further outside and away from his comfort zone. I was impressed that he racked up all those rebounds at least. He hadn't been much of a rebounder to date but this game shows he can actively go after the boards when he has to.