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Good Riddance You Miserable Disgrace

Good to see you've lost none of your vim and vinegar in the quiet interim, Brian. Curious,
what change would you first make to either the roster or the organization on the whole?

I wouldn't do anything until I see what happens in the draft. Then I'd begin the process by cutting/releasing/trading the scrubs currently on the roster, and replacing them with players who belong in the NBA.

Understandable. Except when ya have a shipwreck on the rocks, the sooner the cleanup starts the better.

Yesterday was a good day. Much more debris about though, staff and roster.

As long as Harris and O'Neill are in the tower of power, I'm watching, not buying. Best case scenario: 'Shrimp' Harris, the $-wrestler, sells.

The Colangelos? Could be a lot worse. As the last 34 months proved to all but the hopeless believers.

hope everyone enjoys the "chase for the 8th seed" when they sign a bunch of overpriced vets and then trade the lakers pick for someone like jeff teague

why would they do that?

I think the theory is that no one else could possibly be as smart as Hinkie, so they're bound to make bad decisions when he would've made great decisions. It's all in there in his 13-page Unabomberg Manifesto. I'm so glad that got leaked, btw. The weasel should be exposed.

yeah, I just don't get it. what gave people confidence that Hinkie was the guy most likely to build a winning team

not saying they will or they won't, I don't know what they'll do. But why does any alternative to what Hinkie has done over the past three years automatically have to be so myopic?

They'll be starting this off-season under the same set of conditions and with the same assets that Hinkie would have started it with (but without the toxic reputation). so why were you optimistic yesterday, and anticipate an 08/09 Raptors-like outcome today?

they didnt push hinkie out to do to the same thing hinkie was doing

fair enough. at least I would hope not. But they can still continue the rebuild, albeit more conventionally, and maybe put a viable long term core on the floor as early as next season. They can work out and draft a guy like Simmons with far less fear that he stonewalls them during the pre-draft process and forces his way to the Lakers (like Porzingis). There's any number of things they can do. But it certainly doesn't mean that they'll be up to their eyeballs in luxury tax in 8 months with a bunch of guys on their 3rd contracts and a maxed out Jeff Teague leading them in minutes. Hinkie isn't the only GM who values draft picks and patience.

I'm taking a wait and see approach with the Colangelos. Can't say I'm thrilled with their blatant nepotism or certain parts of their résumé. I would've preferred waiting till off-season and having some interviews and stuff. something more professional than an overnight coup d'etat, but ultimately I just want a good team with an identity, and a cohesive plan that goes beyond: forfeit season, draft BPA; forfeit season, draft BPA; on and on.

Say what you will about the Colangelos and their Machiavellian hijacking of the team, and Bargnani and etc. but they do bring experience and connections. and there's empirical evidence of ability to build a fun contender with stars - the thing you guys wanted. Colangelo drafted a superstar in Stoudemire (at 9, in one of the weakest drafts I can think of), signed another in Nash, surrounded them with strong complimentary pieces in Marion and Johnson, and executed good trades (Johnson to Atlanta where he became Iso-Joe on a $70 mil deal; and later got Lowry for the Raptors). I know that's just his highlight reel and I'm omitting the fails, but it's something to point to, whereas with Hinkie I can't think of much at all except maybe the Kings trade and the MCW trade, but I only like those moves in the vacuum of a strategy I hated. Embiid's over/under is Oden, Okafor's potential is to become 120% of Al Jefferson, Noel is okay, Saric might be okay. So the best asset is, once again, their own pick this year cultivated by yet another intentionally folded season.

anyway, i wanted Ferry. and i'm still waiting for Harris to gtfo of Philly and preferably the country, but if Jerry and Bryan know what they're doing, more power to them. Wolves fans always complain about their country club style management, but that's only because the results have been bad. ours could be good

I hated Hinkie, but I am concerned about Bryan Colangelo. His record has a mediocre stench to it.

What kind of exhaustive search did the owners do for the new GM? Seems pretty nepotistic to me.

Colangelo doesn't have much to live up to. If we have a GM who would like to win games, that's a night-and-day improvement. And "chasing the 8th seed" is much preferable to chasing the record for worst record ever. I'll take any kind of momentum in the right direction.

Jerry looked at his kid and his grandkid. Went with experience.

Hinkie is a bigger namedropper than MSNBC's Brian Williams. Who knew? His 13-page magnum "oop-us" will live infamy.

Sam, would you like to have the last word?

^in (betwixt 'live' & 'infamy')

"Good Riddance You Miserable Disgrace"...a title that could be on the country charts soon.

When Bryan Colangelo became GM of the Raptors he inherited a 21 year old Chris Bosh and had the #1 pick in the draft. He chose Bargs (LMA went #2) and lost Bosh a few years later when he had failed to acquire quality talent around him.

Say what you will about Hinkie, at least his approach had a chance of landing the type of franchise players that lead to prolonged success. Now we have owners who bail on a rebuild 3 years in and hire a lousy GM based on the advice of his dad who is running the team via Skype.

LMA isn't the type of franchise player that leads to prolonged success, so I don't really know what that story has to do w/ B. Colangelo being a sure failure. Hinkie's plan for long term success sunk the team deeper and deeper into the abyss of irrelevance, and anyone who still had faith in this guy at this point was beyond delusional. Read the comments at Liberty Ballers, it's sickening "What about the process? Oh my God, who's going to continue the process?" A monkey throwing darts at a board could've done a better job of running this team for the past three years. Their accumulated assets basically come down to their own draft pick this season, the hope that the Lakers pick conveys (or the hope that it doesn't) and whatever draft pick they get next season.

Colangelo has a blank slate and some picks to work with...and he actually wants to win (I assume). The team is much, much better off today than it was yesterday. Perhaps the guys who will be available when the Sixers pick will actually agree to work out for the Sixers this summer. Maybe their agents will be willing to let their players come to Philly. Maybe free agents won't laugh at the prospect of signing here.

My hopes for the future are obviously still bleak considering ownership hasn't changed and it remains to be seen if Harris will allow the team to operate at anything less than the most profitable point when it comes to payroll, but I do think it's much more likely the current group in charge will at least make an attempt to assemble an NBA team, and they won't be hamstrung by a spreadsheet, a pipe dream of a seven-year plan and the stigma of being a laughingstock franchise led by a guy who was completely out of his depth in dealing with agents and other teams.

Hinkie's departure is, hopefully, an important turning point for this franchise. They're no less likely to land a superstar now than they would've been with him at the helm, in fact, they're probably more likely since there's a percentage of agents who would've stood in the way of their superstar client coming to this team with Hinkie in charge.

I expected a little more chutzpah from a ruthless finance guy like Harris - this is the third time he's been strong armed by his own employees. First Collins, then Silver (technically an employee), now Jerry.

It helps to know the sport in which one is involved. Harris, out of his element. You may be susceptible to strong-arming 💪 at a tupperware party. Harris has a nose 👃 for one thing, money 💰. Easy pickings for Collins, Silver/Colangelo.

It will be a pleasure to watch a playoff competitive basketball team again. I can't yet gauge the year in which it will arrive. Maybe '18-'19. Call me an optimist. 😎

Hinkie has set the bar so low that I would have more pleasure than I ever thought possible if I watched the team win 27 games next year.

The broadcasts became unwatchable. (Brown coached like a Fox Terrier chained to a clothesline.) "The Golden Girls" and "Reba" reruns were zestier viewing choices.

The one and only Sam Hinkie's "educated science project" produced a lab of odorific sulfurous gas. His 13 page 'swan song' tantrum was probably in the works since December when "Cuddles" Colangelo arrived to lend his "support". It's been rumored that Warren Buffett is seeking a retraction. Abraham Lincoln was also disturbed; may litigate. Sam raged, raged against the dying of his light. In typical, self-mythologizing, impotent fashion.

Can't wait for that great orator Joshua Harris to spin recent events at a scheduled pre-game press conference today. Possible theme: "Nepotism Gets A Bad Rap; Has Served Like A Saint Bernard Throughout Mankind's History".

I'm pretty sure Lincoln never even said that. even Hinkie's parting quotes were botched. besides, why would sharpening an ax and chopping down a tree take 6 hours? and why would building a 10W team take 3 years?

it's good to see you back in the comments though, Bill. I'm glad that Hinkie's pseudointellectual reign didn't drive you away completely

Hinkie really went to town with his leather-bound Bartlett's Quotations 📖. 'Argument by authority'...too bad he felt the need. Made an indelible 🐴 of himself. 13 pages !!!!!!!!!!!!! Greta Garbo's "I vant to be alone" would've said it in a nutshell.

Thanks for the sentiment, anomiemnemonical. I was dormant, but remain plugged in 🔌 to the best 10-71 team money can buy. Should be a colorful 🎨 off-season.

canaan done for the year(hes also 34 minutes away from getting a bigger qualifying offer)

I supported Hinkie's plan. I supported the picks he made (although Okafor has me most concerned). But most of all I supported the idea of piling up as many high picks as possible in order to increase the chances of landing that generational talent (the only proven way to win in the league). That being said, when Colangelo was brought on you knew Hinkie's days were numbered. And while I supported Hinkie, there was enough bad luck, poor media skills, and losses to justify his "firing".
But the way ownership and Colagelo went about this whole process was/is a very ominous sign. The last 4 months were a complete shit show. If you don't want the guy, just man up and fire him. Don't try and embarrass him, or feed him stories about how "he's still going to lead the organization." This is a terribly weak ownership team. And bringing in Colangelo's son, without any reasonable interview process, is absurd. What did they have to lose? Clearly nobody was hiring this guy as he's already been turned down from more than one opening. Fuck, even the Nets wanted no parts of him. I hate this aspect of the new regime the most. This whole thing stinks.
That being said, I am fan, and so I will see how this plays out and give it a chance. This is B. Colangelo's second chance around with a potential No.1 pick selection (guaranteed top 4), all of the teams own picks going forward(plus additional potential high picks from others), Embiid and Saric most likely starting the season, all the cap flexibility in the world, plus current assets to trade/develop. In short, he has been left with VERY good situation to start, so there should be no excuses if he messes this up. I'm not going to kill him for a mixed bag of draft choices, because the draft is so tough (hence why I backed the original plan so much). So we'll see. But if they start blowing money on B-Free Agents in a effort to simply be "respectable", I will not be happy.
Regardless of how this plays out, I am extremely disappointed in how ownership handled this whole situation. I never liked this ownership team, mostly because I don't care for greedy Wall St. types, but as long as they didn't meddle I talked myself into being OK with them(what other choice was there?). But not anymore. I hate this group now. Now I just have to hope for a healthy Embiid. He will serve as a giant eraser if he can somehow remain healthy. Amazing how much rests on this kids shoulders, or feet so to speak. I'll hope for the best.

Libertyballers are having a group cry, scream
and footstomp. Devotees of 47-196 basketball. Sam of Arc is being mourned deliriously.

I wonder which infants will be selected by the Sixers in the first round. They developed a knack under former Senator Sam Hinkie for selecting tall guys with short minds/fuses. Maybe Brutus Colangelo will bring about change. Still, the barrel of apples is the barrel of apples. Hey, Sixers, have you noticed that all good teams have a superior guard or two? Just a reminder.

if Brown gets fired, who would you want as head coach?

I'd settle for someone with a career winning percentage north of .191. I'd even settle for someone w/ no head coaching experience over the captain of the Titanic. Brown is so soaked in the stench of failure, he needs to go.

Jesus Christ, dude.

I remember when you said you didn't want the comment section to be like philly.com

You turned into a philly.com commenter

The irony

Yep, between his record and his mastery of late game situations, I'm pretty confident in saying he's a subpar coach. And every player on the roster is pretty much the same player they were coming into the league, so there's been no development either.

The Wolves just hired Thibodeau. He'd be the type of coach I'd want, if we had some good players.

Take heart, Sixers are just 12 tweaks away from a being championship contender:

Isaiah Canaan. Isaiah Thomas.
Ish Smith. Randy Smith.
Hollis Thompson. David Thompson.
Nik Stauskas. Nick Anderson.
Robert Covington. Robert Reid.
Jerami Grant. Grant Long.
Carl Laundry. Karl Malone.
Jahlil Okafor. Emeka Okafor.
Christian Wood. Christian Laetner.
Kendall Marshall. Donyell Marshall.
Joel Embiid. Joel Anthony.
Nerlens Noel. Nate Bowman.

Brown, from Maine, hotbed of basketball (distant third up there, after lobster and clams). 47-199. .191. Would you listen to him regarding the path to wins? Our withered San Antonio rose. Krikey, it's time to move on, mates. Don't want him tieing me kangaroo down.

A lot of unwarranted hate for Brett Brown. not sure why... regardless of what you think of Harris , Hinkie, our player personel, etc, Brown's job is to coach, and he was hired into the situation. Are you implying that another coach would have won a few more games with these misfits? maybe. would it make a difference? no. Do you really think he did a bad job? how can you even evaluate it ?

Who is talking to Saric? is he going to come over when everyone he has a relationship with is shown the door?

oh, and the word around the NBA is that the sixers are in a great situation, and Colangelo jr stepped in $hit. so you can't have it both ways hinkie haters... he must have done something right. enjoy your push for the 8th seed. maybe if the east stinks like it has since 2000, we can have another team scraping the top 10 and make the finals.

I want Brown out because I want an entirely new culture. He may be a victim of circumstance, but I really don't care. I didn't see a whole hell of a lot of personnel development over the past three years. I think you start from the ground up, and Saric is a sunk cost to me, not expecting anything from him and doubt he'll exceed those expectations.

The perception around the league is that a mildly competent front office can make something out of cap space and draft picks. It seems pretty clear that Hinkie would not, and could not and was hampering the team's ability to progress. I will enjoy improved basketball in Philly, if it comes. I love how the Hinkie sycophants have been brainwashed into thinking winning is settling for mediocrity and being the absolute worst is the gold standard. You people are sad.

There needs to be an organizational cleansing, from top to bottom. I don't see what Brown has done to warrant an exception.

All of the assets you keep talking about can be amassed by any GM who's given the green light to throw 3 consecutive seasons.

Stop the mourning and look to the future.

"Stop the mourning and look to the future"

And as I say this, LB is paying to put up a huge billboard of Hinkie off I-95.


i am looking to the future, and its bright....
anxiously awaiting may 17th to see where we draft and start discussing draft and trade possibilities.

there you go. I'm glad we finally agree on something. I'm looking forward to the draft too

Saric confirmed he is coming over this season,.... #Hinkie'sOrchard

What will you do when these guys blossom?

LB, mostly moist muttonheads. Their veneration of Hinkie is a mere symptom. I'm grateful they're not my neighbors.

I think Brown lost a lot of games in 3 seasons under the Q4 3 min mark, when coaching cream rises.

This quote is pretty indicative of the Hinkie culture, and it's why we need to get rid of every remnant of it:

“I think it’s everything,” Noel told CSN Philly. “If I’m able to just play center and just be at that spot primarily and grow from there, not jump around and mess with my tendencies on the defensive end or the offensive end -- I don’t think it’s benefiting me. So I think being at center primarily will help my game continue to grow.”

He said "I", "me" or "my" 7 times. He didn't say "team" or "we" a single time. You have one of your two supposed best players going to the media and complaining about having to play the 4 because the other best player is a 5. That's awesome.

I'd prefer if they ship out Okafor and Noel if they can get any kind of value in return and start from absolute zero this summer. These guys are all spoiled imo.

Likely bust.

Above, Re: Saric

Correction: #SamsAbandonedCrabappleFarm

I'm a huge fan of the "You guys are going to be so sorry when someone competent comes in and cleans up Sam's mess. That'll prove how smart Sam was!" logic.

not "you guys are going to be sorry" ... but , rather "you guys will have to give Hinkie credit." it will be fun to see the squirming and revisionist history. everyone is on record calling all of these draft picks busts.... and you will be judged.

You sure know how to double down on a loser. I imagine even those on this blog who supported Hinkie are cringing every time you post. Their stance was more of a measured, "the draft is a crap shoot so let's give this analytics-driven GM a chance to get us some picks and see where it takes us" position.

Yours is #HINKIEizGOD. 3 weeks after he lost his job in spectacular fashion.

lol not my position at all... for the record, i do not really care that Hinkie is out. I just think he is treated unfairly, mostly on this board. Look at the title of this thread for God's sake.
he wins every trade. and every pick he made was clearly solid if not the best pick at the time.... but somehow he is destroyed for making them. Embiid for example. ... pretty much consensus in the professional circles is he was a great pick both 1)at the time... and 2) Even now with hindsight... But yet Hinkie is attacked on a lowly, personally level ... its just not right. its beyond the argument of simply "Build through the draft and collect assets" vs not.... the macro argument is clearly polarized and i respect that. but some commentators can't separate their disagreement at the macro strategy level from the quality of individual decisions Hinkie made. And, as i've said, you will be judged, because its all here in permanent internet ink.
maybe we should go decision by decision and argue from there. the only 3 bad ones i see were Hawes/Turner too late, Prozingis/Okafor and then having to overpay for Ish Smith. but these are 4/5s on a scale of 1-10, hardly crippling bad decisions like signing Rudy Gay. everything else Hinkie did was a good move.

lol, i do not know who cringes other than the 4 of us that read these posts.

when i say "commentators" i am referring to anyone that makes a post.... not authors, bloggers, press, etc. so dont think this is directed at anyone.

I think you're glossing over a lot of Hinkie's accomplishments. You forgot his top-notch contract negotiations with second round picks. You forgot is silky-smooth interpersonal skills which led to agents having their clients boycott the team.

Even if you agree with building through the draft, Hinkie hasn't accomplished a bit of that and I don't think he was ever actually about building. He was about accumulating assets with potential value, rather than actual value. A conditional first-rounder tomorrow is worth more than a young player with the ceiling of being a contributor on a playoff team today (speaking in generalities here). A European years away from coming over is worth more than a young player we can start molding today, because you get two or three years of unknown potential to move the asset for another future asset with unknown potential. Everything Hinkie did was a shell game.

I hold great personal animosity toward him because he perpetrated this asinine thought experiment on the team I've loved watching since I was a little kid. I wish he would've confined it to paper as part of a grad school thesis instead of impact a bunch of people's lives, but that's water under the bridge. The fact of the matter is that Colangelo now has a bare cupboard and some picks to start putting pieces in place (A position Hinkie has been in the past two summers, by the way. A position that he used to do absolutely nothing to move the needle in the right direction). Colangelo also has another advantage that Hinkie never would've had if he were still in charge...he's not named Sam Hinkie. Other GM's will take him seriously. Agents will actually talk to him and let their clients entertain the thought of coming to Philly. Players won't scoff at the notion of playing in Philadellphia. With Hinkie still in charge, we wouldn't have any of those "advantages", or to be more accurate, with Colangelo in charge, we won't have the "Hinkie Handicap."

Had Hinkie been given free reign and endless rope I'm sure he could've maintained the team's position in terms of cap space and draft picks in perpetuity. In fact, he might have even gotten lucky in one of those drafts. The only problem is that if he had, the best case scenario is a repeat of Houston situation. A mishmash of talented individuals who don't work as a team. A group of employees who play a lifeless game, point fingers at each other and constantly put their game and their numbers above the success of the team. Look at Noel's comments I highlighted above, that's the "culture" of the Hinkie Sixers. It trickles down from the top.

those are great points. thank you for the thoughtful response. maybe there is a draft thread in our future?
the time value difference is actually something i have never considered. however, i am also more on board with the long-nature process so this would be less important to me. but nonetheless, its meaningful in a value framework.

perhaps i am missing some other bad moves .. i listed only 3 of the decisions made that i qualify as bad. maybe we can collectively list more specific ones for discussion purposes... i am sure there are others, although i am not sure i buy the idea that agents won't talk to Hinkie and players won't come because of him. And, 2nd round contract fupas are not good, but likely aren't franchise crippling.

all that said, i think at some point we will look back and acknowledge that some of these assets end up having a ton of value . we will see. at least we all have a vested interest there.

IMO, Hinkie's downfall was a function 2 things.
1) the tank was so far more successful than imagined. having no PG made the team beyond non-competitive. this brought unwanted criticism and way too much scrutiny, making Harris look incompetent while he floated his name for an NFL franchise. thats what likely lead to Coangelo being brought in and selling the house for Ish smith.

2) Hinkie's perosonaliy and communication faults. the guy just didnt come across well. no can really argue that.

Hinkie's resignation letter tells ya all ya need to know. I'm surprised he didn't make reference to Ted Kaczynski, the unabomber.

Great post. Your connection to Sixers shines through.

Think quick. Which Sixer do you look forward to watching play basketball again soon? Me neither.

I'm looking forward to them playing on other teams.

I view the front office changes as something that will likely provide "my fanship" with near term benefits (more wins) and more willingness to take big risks (similar to the Bynum deal). I do not come to argue over Hinkie. I generally supported his moves and would have been fine with him in place into next year. I think BC will bring different benefits to the table. So long as we avoid idiotic trades (i.e. trading for a Derek Rose or signing Rajon Rondo), I will be interested to see what he will do.

I was a big supporter of pursuing Danny Green last year. I think Nicolas Batum and Kent Bazemore fall into a similar camp for me this year.

I am VERY pleased to know we will have a respectable starting point guard next year. Whether we trade for Goran Dragic or Jeff Teague - or we draft someone like Kris Dunn - I will be happy to have someone respectable at that position.

I don't think we have a shot at Harry Barnes or Bradley Beal - but I would be okay pursuing them. Naturally Beal's injuries are a huge red flag so I understand the risk aversion with our history.

I put a 80% probability on us dealing either Noel or Okafor this summer. I would be stunned if both came back for Game 1. I personally prefer to deal Noel but I'd imagine I am still out of consensus on that one.

Jimmy Butler appears to be the most attainable "star" via trade. I would give up a fair share of players + picks on our side to make that happen. Noel/Okafor, Covington, Lakers pick, top 5 protected 1st rounder. I doubt Chicago does that but something along those lines.

why are the pacers letting frank vogel go?

i don't know, but we should hire him.

Brett Brown is staying.... at least thats what it appears from his representing the franchise on Tuesday... all the coaching changes are happening right now and the Sixers clearly aren't involved in any talks.
fine by me, the players love and respect him.

any chance we can get a thread after the lottery? something with free agency and draft prospects?

great article about Hinkie's GM of the year votes.... has a summary of all of the good and bad moves he has made....


I'm looking forward to the next few months. I'm hopeful the team doesn't get colossally fucked and pick outside the top two on Tuesday night. It really underscores the amount of luck involved in the NBA draft/rebuilding process. I was a Hinkie guy for sure, but never underestimated the amount of luck his plan needed to succeed. To be clear, the Sixers had zero luck in the past few drafts. That won't cut it going forward. Something has to give. Couple that with the other problems the team had, and it wasn't surprising to see the change in leadership . I'm hopeful that with the recent hirings,this team will be back on track soon. I still support the approach that the team made, and think the new leadership is in an exceptional position to move to the next level.
As for this site, I will hope for a new thread and new attitudes going forward. Let's please bury our disagreements about the Hinkie era so we don't have to constantly regurgitate them again and again. I don't have it in me to argue any longer about what was right or wrong about the past three years (feels like 10). Time will tell in the end. Let's talk draft and FA. After all, we have a lot to look forward to if we somehow get any semblance of luck this Tuesday.

Yep, agree with all of this.

A top 2 pick tonight is key, because I'm expecting the new front office to focus on trying to avoid having a high lottery pick next year. Finding a top level star is essential for the rebuild to succeed. They won't be signing one as a FA unless they already have a star in place, while a trade is likely a pipe dream.

So their best chance is either with a Simmons/Ingram pick or a miraculous Embiid recovery.

Lottery odds for tomorrow:

1st: 26.9%
2nd: 22.6%
3rd: 18.2%
4th: 32.3%

*extra ping pong balls from Sacto already factored in

42.23% chance of getting the Lakers pick:

31.87% chance of it being 4th; 12.36% of it being 5th.

Miami: 24th
OKC: 26th

Nothing in the 2nd round

oops sorry, I can't even add.

Lakers' pick has a 44.23% chance of conveying.

31.87% at 4
12.36% at 5

hmmn...odds of getting #1 and #4 = 8.573%. Maths aren't my speciality, so check that.

I suppose that's not exact, because if we get #1, the odds of the Lakers landing at #4 increase somewhat.

do we want that #4 pick to convey? it depends on your view of Buddy Hield / Kris Dunn /jamal Murray. Presumably those are the guys we would take with that pick. I can live with one of these picks as long as we also get Ingram or Simmons. if not, id rather it get pushed to next season.

If the pick does not convey, i would love to trade the 2017 laker pick + Okafor for Paul George. Sign Fournier and we are a PG away from contending.

PG: Ish Smith
SG: Fournier
SF: Paul George
PF: Saric
C: Embiid

with Noel and Simmons/Ingram.

Yes, we absolutely want it to convey. regardless of how anyone feels about this or next year's depth.

LA will have something like $60 million in cap space this off-season and a giant void left from Kobe's departure (in terms of both on-court and marketing opportunities). It's still a premier free agency destination and a Russell, Clarkson, Ingram/Simmons, + 1 or 2 max free agent core can very easily take that pick out of the top 10 in one year.

The better question is what should be done with that pick if we get it.

I am with you - we want it to convey. I am not a believer that LA will be able to improve that meaningfully next year, but I think there is value in some certainty THIS year. Even if we don't like Dunn/Murray/etc, someone else might.

BIG things tonight. Here we go.

1 + 4 would be 13.3%
1 + 5 would be 0.5%

Think I might prefer Ingram.

How you feel about Hield?

alright basketball gods, show us some love


OK, Silver held up his end of the bargain (Get rid of Hinkie and I'll ice the ping pong balls).

Leaning toward Ingram now, we'll see how I feel when the draft rolls around. Think they're both going to be really good.

i was praying we before they flipped #3, was happy, but then got greedy.... #1 it is... gotta get this pick right. Simmons feels like a can't miss to me. but i won't be disappointed if the guys that do this for a living take Ingram. Embiid is going to hit big time. get ready people.

We're back people. Now the fun part. I can't wait to study these two guys more. Early on I favor Simmons, but that has more to do with my dreams of him running the point at 6'10. If he can do that...tough to pass on him. No bad choice here. Finally a break.

we get the #1 pick and have 4 posts?? dollar bill where you at?

how about starting the season with Ingram, Okafor and Saric up front. Maybe those shooters can make Okafor better? ease in Embiid to see what he is? see what we've got before making rash tradeS?

I don't think Saric is really a shooter. I guess anyone qualifies if you compare them to Noel. I'm definitely in favor of Ingram right now. Draft him and get a legit PG and then maybe you don't suck in perpetuity.

i think people have moved elsewhere because of all the negativity. i respect everyone's opinion and am very grateful to Brian for letting me write here years ago when this team was fun to watch. i totally understand why he has lost faith, but i hope he understands why people choose to spend their time now following other sites that provide a little more optimism and fun in their daily lives. hopefully now that Hinkie's gone this will place will pick back up because i really used to love this site.

i dont think its the negativity --- because everyone likes to argue anyway lol... i think its the lack of content. Hopefully, Brian is preparing a meaty piece now about the various paths the team has now. i like posting here because the format is clean, it doesn't allow for a paragraph long avatar and stupid quotes. ... and people usual post more than 1 word with a lame picture.

It is the negativity. And the refusal to discuss anything besides being anti-Hinkie and ownership. It basically turned into the opposite extreme of Liberty Ballers.

I don't blame anyone for having any opinion. I've shifted some time over to Derek Bodner's pieces at Philly Mag. Page clicks and comments support a writer who spends time and effort on the team (and I appreciate that - totally fine if others don't care - and that is not a shot at Brian in any way possible).

To the extent that people re-emerge and Brian doesn't shut it down, I am sure there will be conversation. I expect it to be the same as attendance at the actual games....if they win, people will come.

Yeah, I'm not sure why anyone really comes here anymore. I basically muster up enough enthusiasm to write a post each fiscal quarter, if that frequently.

I had a lot of fun writing here back in the day, and we had some great discussions, but I'm afraid the thrill is gone. I hope they hit with this draft pick and put a respectable product on the floor sooner rather than later, not because I'll pick up the pace writing here, but because it's kind of hard to sell my son on rooting for the Sixers when they're a laughingstock.

word, i have a feeling your son is going to have a fun team soon. that's gonna be an awesome thing to be able to share with him

The Sixers land the #1 pick in a year in which there isn't a #1 player by standards of a bygone time. (Thanks a bunch, Sam. Your 3 yr product was such a joy. And, hey, that interminable rant of a Dear John letter was a real doozy.)

Simmons and Ingram may each have strong careers but are stretches as franchise players from what I've seen of them. Where is the talented prospect in the field with the Iverson, Rose, Westbrook fierce will and competitiveness? Maybe a trade of the top pick would better serve the team.

Brown has to go. Carries the Hinkie stench with him. Has some good attributes but he was in on the pitiful game of tanking, postponed trying.

As for the lack of posts regarding last night's lottery, I'm along the same lines as Dollar Bill, sort of. Time could well prove this wrong, but I don't see what I would hope we could secure by being rewarded with a #1 pick - a transcendent star, a true franchise talent.

Sure, both of these guys are still just pups but I just don't see that innate fire and competitive will to just go on the floor and lead and mop up and kick some ass. They both seem pretty passive, especially Simmons.

I mean, it felt really awkward and weird last night to just sit there as the lottery cards were revealed and not have even an ounce of expression. I didn't feel happy, I didn't feel sad; indifferent of sorts, severely apathetic I guess. Really numb to the whole night, the reveal, and the eventual outcome of acquiring #1. (Blame for this can squarely be placed on one miserable disgrace, pun intended)

I see us still just so damn far away from even getting back to that lower seed playoff fodder. It's similar to the Andrew Wiggins and Jabari Parker draft. Most assumed that Wiggins would be this next generational star and he doesn't appear to be headed to anything of the sort. He's just another decent to good player but not what I would consider a franchise talent. Minnesota is a good example for me to use in that they have all these high picks and what was once assumed as well above average talent when they entered the league yet they can only muster up the 5th worst record in the league. Basically, a couple of #1 picks in a two year period and they're still so damn far away from even achieving being in the conversation.

I think both these guys will be decent in time, but us getting either of them really doesn't do much to move the needle I think, because the cupboard is so necessitous. And beyond that barren state is redundancy and mismatched pieces. It's just in such a state of clusterfuck that the mountain is even steeper to climb and it's already an arduous trek when you aren't starting from ground zero.

I truly hope that one day my sizzling verve and unbridled enthusiasm that once pulsated daily for this team can somehow resurface. It would bring back a joy and passion that is sorely missed that consumed me for around 37 years. I said....I hope. This accumulation of teenager after teenager just doesn't do it for me; or the team it seems.

i just don't get the apathy. You are not excited about Embiid's 'fantastic' scan results? Simmons is pretty sexy #1 pick. sure its not Lebron, but you talk as if its Joe Smith. ok fine on Simmons, but but Embiid is the best prospect in 10 years... how can you not have a rager for him ?

You sound like every Trailblazers fan in 2009. Of course, Oden had actually played in an NBA game at that point, so they had more reason to be optimistic.

brian ,
lets forget about my view vs your view on where Embiid ends up , and focus on current market value. You know very well that right now Joel Embiid's value is higher than the #1 draft pick.. any team would drool to have embiid. That should be enough to get excited about.

since that character assassination piece with the shirley temples, there has been nothing but great news about him .

I think you're a little delusional about his value. Until he actually plays for an extended period of time, he's damaged goods. How many career-threatening injuries has the guy sustained in the 30+ competitive games he's played in his life?

I'm not as down on the quality of the players they have to choose from as most. Just more apathetic about the team as a whole until I see a definitive move in some direction. Canning Hinkie was a huge gain. Winning the lottery is awesome. They have a ton more work to do before I'll be on board with the actual building of a team. I'm not expecting a thing from Embiid. I think Okafor is a poor-man's Al Jefferson. Noel is a better version of Jerome Williams, but that's not exactly a cornerstone piece. Saric is pretty meh from what I've seen. Simmons/Ingram will step in and be the best player on the team w/out much competition, they need to put some legitimate young pieces in place around whoever they draft in short order if they don't want to be at the top of the lottery again next season...and the season after that...

All-Rookie teams came out


Towns (R.O.Y.)



Towns and Porzi were unanimous, each with 130 first team votes. Okafor received 71 1st team votes and 44 2nd team votes. McConnell got a couple votes too.

59 perceptive voters.

McDonnell is such a keeper I forgot his first name. Is it Butch or Buster?

Er, McConnell, protege of Suzie. Jumpshot: frog off a lilypad. Defense: July tarpaper vs. flathead nails.

Where is everyone (who is left here) leaning towards for 1? From what I've been reading, two things scouts worry about for Simmons are his motor and his need to be THE ball dominant guy on a team (i.e. you must build around him rather than a traditional PG). For team Sixers, that would obviously not be an issue, but for a team like the Lakers it might.

That being said, I'm still in his camp. Bit I love Ingram too. He would be a great fit, especially if he can be a SG.

i am for Simmons. but i wouldn't be too disappointed if they take Ingram. i have faith in our scouting.

here is where i am coming from:
1) Simmons has basically been touted as #1 since before the season and a lot of the knocks i hear on him I don't place a lot of value: didn't play hard enough, does not have heart, could not lead LSU to tourney, etc... i just don't buy into all that. You can say those things about Demarcus Cousins and Simmons is no way that apathetic. No idea why he went to LSU, but it it was a crappy situation.

2) I saw him play enough to know he has the talent to be a star or superstar. He was always the best player on the court and looks like a special player. has the wow factor. I did not see that in Ingram. Sure, hopefully he puts on 20pounds over the next 2 years, but right now i just did not see enough dominance. i hate the Durant comparisons for that reason.

Yea, I'm still leaning towards Simmons for now. He does too many things well to not be really good at the next level, assuming his head is screwed on straight (and I'm taking an agnostic stance with regards to his character for now). I do find it worrisome that his shot is so off that people are unsure whether he's using the correct hand or not, but I think he'll be able to flourish without much of a jumpshot anyway. If anything, him going 1 for 3 from deep all year is at least a sign of decent basketball IQ at a young age, realizing that he can't shoot and therefore refraining from it. After all, there are much older players like Josh Smith who can't shoot but do anyway.

Simmons has elite vision and plus-athleticism on top of very good rebounding, defensive instincts, and a rare handle for a big guy. He had a free throw rate of .77 despite defenders packing the paint against him and daring him to shoot pull ups all year. For reference, Harden's college FTr was .60 over a two year sample.

That being said, I haven't seen much of either Simmons or Ingram, so I'm just forming an early opinion based on looking up stats and watching a few videos, so I'm open to changing. And I think there's plenty to like about Ingram as well (age, length, scoring ability).

Like the eminent and voluble professor Charles Barkley noted, Ben Simmons didn't even dominate in the SEC in a relatively weak year. That raises a question or two.

Can't shoot. More than a small problem in a sport in which baskets are all -- and long baskets have become manna from Heaven.

Haven't the Millennial Sixers sufficiently demonstrated that preordainment of an individual talent (hero hope) doesn't work in their favor? Exhibits A through F: Iguodala, Brand, Bynum, Noel, Embiid, Okafor.

It's time to collect genuine, contributing ballplayers and one head coach whose primary skill is winning games, not chewing the fat.

My preliminary preference for the #1 draft choice: Brandon Ingram, the slinky in-and-outta-there Duke sharpshooter, presuming that trading the pick for riper talent is out of the question for the cagey Colangelos, who, in three short months in the ring, gave on-the-ropes Hinkie two cauliflower ears, a bloody nose, punch-drunkenness and a TKO.

fair enough DB, i am aware of Barkley's view. but i prefer the other ex-NBAer Magic Johnson view that Simmons is the best prospect since Lebron... so i guess you have to pick which one you prefer.

let simmons play PG and lets call it a day

I was favoring Ingram going into the lottery, but I have shifted towards Simmons. I would be very happy with either - but Simmons seems to really fit well in the modern NBA and have the attributes of top tier players. He filled up the stat sheet - shot very efficiently - generated blocks and steals - and rebounded well despite being viewed as a small ball 4.

Interestingly enough, I think Simmons would also allow for Sixers players to look much better on the offensive end. Isaah Canaan is one guy that comes to mind. I was hoping we would cut him at one point - but I actually think he would be an interesting pair with Simmons on the floor. Think back to Canaan's success with Harden in Houston.

Texas A&M 71 - LSU 38 (season finale)
As an inspirational leader, the next Bill Russell - not!

He didn't make Baton Rouge forget Jim Taylor or Billy Cannon, that's for sure.

Coming up short of a 2.0 GPA in first semester when one is a prize recruit at an athletic factory takes a special kind of sloth.

A low octane Danny Manning.

Ok Dollar Bill. now your nonsense has really hot rock bottom. did you just use GPA in your argument as to why not to pick Simmons?...lol. I think you would find a large % of professional athletes do not focus much on academics, so i am not sure why its relevant. But i did hear that Ingram excelled in pre-calculus, so maybe that can help him bench press 125 pounds...

"Sexy #1 pick", "rager" ... you've played your hand.

Time will tell whether my doubts about another hyped, immature baller carry merit.

Strong character is encompassing and effective in practical ways. I like what I've read about Ingram. I don't much care what he does with barbells. I do care that he's long-limbed, assertive and can shoot.

and you have played yours, Dollar Bill. the difference is, you are holding a three-seven off-suit. your denial of Embiid and Saric is written in permanent internet ink... and you will do so a 3rd time before the morning rooster crows. the question is when the ship turns, will you bow down and publicly acknowledge your errors or will you continue to push on a string?

When looking at potential FA options for the Sixers, Harrison Barnes and DeMar DeRozan come up often. Whether or not they would seriously consider the Sixers is is another discussion, but I would like to focus on who I would take.

If it was up to me, I would go hard after Barnes. I'm not sure his playoff performance (to date) has been good enough to qualify as "underwhelming", but there are four things I like about him:
1) He can shoot. Nuff said.
2) While I can't say I've studied him in great detail, he appears to be able to adequately defend his position, and he fills a position of need.
3) He has the type of potential that can easily get overlooked on a team like GS, where all the air is gulped down by more prominent players, and there isn't much space left to provide for an adequate growth opportunity for him. Put him on the Sixers and I think he would be a real nice fit, and it would be a great fit for him.
4) He been part of a very successful team, and he has a winning mentality that will only help the bunch here.

We'll see I guess.

After just listening to Bodner's interview of Colangelo, this sounds like the type of player they might go for. i will paraphrase the discussion, but Colangelo was able to get Steve Nash to Phoenix by paying over-market value but under their Phoenix-specific utilization value through providing an opportunity of better fit and more court opportunities that other teams could not. Perhaps this is the case with someone like Barnes... the sixers throw a ton of cash his way and really let him roam free. not saying i think this is right, but feels consistent with your points and Colangelo's philosophy.

I would personally vote for Beal over Barnes - but I understand any skepticism around the injuries. Barnes has had his opportunities to shine as a star - but seems best fit as a low usage shooter that is not required to make decisions with the ball in his hand. Given he is best suited as a small ball four (in my opinion), I don't see him as a great place to spend money.

Beal represents a potentially undervalued player given the injury past and lackluster coaching. He can shoot. He has shown glimpses of defense. And he would be a great addition to the empty backcourt. It sounds like the Wizards will max him out - but I would make a play here.

Overall, I expect us to be more suited for the next tier down. Guys like Bazemore or Alan Crabbe where there is more potential for us to overpay relative to peers. I would be okay with giving either player a contract to add some experience to the team.

Nah, Beal is a lock to stay with the Wizards. He has a ton of suitors and will get maxed out right away. Barnes is a fine player too, but to be honest, I wouldn't want to pay him $125 million over the next 5 years anyway. His ability to create offense will always be plagued by his poor handle, and his career arch is on track to resemble Marvin Williams' as a result. GS has been a fairly equal opportunity environment for growth since moving Monta Ellis, and the players who stepped up to carve out star roles for themselves have been Curry, Green, and Thompson. Maybe that's not the most thoughtful take, but I feel like if there was something there, he would have shown more by now. Barnes is good value only up to the moment he's locked into an albatross contract.

The one top tier RFA I would try to poach would be Evan Fournier. I like him as much as Beal. He started out somewhat under the radar but unfortunately that's not the case anymore and everyone will be throwing truckloads of money his way. He outperformed Beal on both sides of the balls this year, is only 8 months older, and has become more efficient as a full time starter. Another one is Allen Crabbe as you mentioned. I would put much more stock in Crabbe becoming better on a per-dollar basis than someone like Barnes, but even he might be an expensive gamble in this market.

The real trick is to identify players a year or two early, before they become everyone else's target. So dropping down to third and fourth tiers and kicking the tires on guys like Dwight Powell and Langston Galloway or taking on a reclamation project like Terrence Jones or Motiejunas. Powell would be someone to consider if we didn't already have 10 Centers, and I was about to call Mirza Teletovic an interesting UFA target but then saw he's nearly 31.


Is Barnes noble?

Can a Beal be found in any alley, Mac?

Will Bazemore just make fans' eyes glaze more?

Is Crabbe doomed to crawl on the bottom?

Does speculating on complementary players before arriving at a core group make any sense?

Brett Brown will tie his kangaroo down. Ben Simmons is a shoe-in for #1 pick.

Will it be another Brown-out ego mistake ala Larry Brown and his curious lottery selections, Larry Hughes and Darko Milic?

All are not sold on BS.

Colangelo said in an in interview that Joel Embiid might be the cornerstone franchise player they have been looking for but have yet to find. Did not mention any other current or future Sixer player in that category. What will you do DB, when the player you have panned for the last 2 years becomes the next Olajuwon? i assure you that you will be taken to task for all of your commentary.
did you pound the table on draft day to take Paul Pierce? if not, there can be no judgment.

Old Lefties who could shoot:

Lenny Wilkins
Dick "Fall Back, Baby" Barnett
Willis "Captain" Reed
Gail "Stumpy" Goodrich
Billy "Kangaroo Kid" Cunningham
Bullets Jack Marin, Mike Riordan, Kevin Grevey
Bob "Size 19" Lanier
Jack "Goose" Givens
Congressman Tom McMillen
Donnie "Dayton" May
Nate "Tiny" Archibald
Artis Gilmore
Dave "Taxi Driver" Cowens
Wayman "Guitarman" Tisdale
Sam "Pinetop" Perkins

the two bball writers I read both agree with you.


Brian said he'd take Ingram, and now Dean Demakis went as far as putting Simmons 3rd, behind Ingram and Bender. Not sure what the deal is, but I feel like people are overthinking this. I'm not saying that Simmons' red flags are overstated (he'll likely never be a good shooter and some of his mannerisms are questionable), but he was good for 20/12/5 with a .600TS%, .769FTr, on 26.4 usage - and that's without a shot or a "killer instinct". and being a diva isn't uncommon for stars. DX acts like he's Ricky Davis or something.

The other thing about this Simmons rejectionism that's under-discussed, is how Brandon Ingram isn't all that good in terms of #1 overall pick value. He has a solid foundation to become a very good two-way player by 2020, but he's not a dominant athlete or plus defender, and his ability to create offense on his own against a set defense isn't where it needs to be (95% of his 3s were assisted; 30% fg off the dribble; 48% fg in the paint in the half court). Also, why was he only 1% better than Simmons from the ft line? 68.2 FT% doesn't bode well for his odds to translate a 41% 3pt shooting clip to the pros.

Ingram's a good scorer but he was guardable. Play a physical wing on him and force him right was the basic formula against Duke:


Realistically he'll be more like Rashard Lewis than KD I think.

as for the aggressive play and alpha mentality and all that stuff you look for, does Ingram really have an edge over Simmons? I haven't seen many Duke games, but I'm pretty sure that one kid who looks like Ted Cruz was the #1 option on that team, not Ingram.

lol couldn't agree more ! shocking right ? no one seems to use the eye-test anymore... well, one area its 100% effective is with the question, 'does this guy dominate the current environment he is in?'. with Ingram, the answer is emphatically 'no'. the Durant comparison is nonsensical. Durant was an absolute monster at Texas, clearly above the competition. Ingram was not above the competition, and even looked pedestrian at times. Simmons is a no-brainer. and Simmons/Embiid gives us the best potential 1-2 superstar tandem in the NBA ... and certainly the best this city has ever seen. tell me where there is better upside? wiggins/towns?

Surprised you like Dean on Draft. He's been a big Hinkie guy.

As far as Ingram vs. Simmons vs. Bender...who knows about 1 and 2, but Bender above Simmons is a bit much.. I don't watch enough basketball to pick out the non-obvious holes in one's game, but I honestly don't think you can go wrong with either Ingram or Simmons. From everything I read, most seem to feel that Ingram is going to develop into a real nice player. Yes, he needs to put on weight, but he is only 18, he's got crazy length, and he will develop. But Simmons has a chance to be special. Hell, after all the losses we've endured, give me the guy who has a chance to be special.

Bender...who knows. Probably be a nice player too. The best thing to happen to him was Porzingis. If the celtics pass on Bender at 3, and the sixers have a chance to trade for that PHX pick, I'd take Bender there. But based on the little that is available on this guy, and the fact that both Ingram and Simmons are great fits for today's NBA, I don't know how anyone would rank Bender above those guys.

He's a good writer. although he writes even less than Brian nowadays. I like his bold independent takes, but they can be really wrong sometimes. Like calling Hinkie the GOAT or concluding that Exum will be amazeballs in the NBA based on a FIBA game.

Bender over Simmons looks like another puzzling one. Though I suppose it makes sense if Simmons shows enough warning signs of becoming Michael Beasley.

bold independent takes are good. but these guys need to be taken to task when wrong. for example, where is the guy who wrote that scathing Embiid shirley temple piece back in October.... has anyone heard or seen anything over the last 6 months indicates it had a grain of truth ? actually quite the opposite. other than the fact the guy drinks shirley temples? it made him seem like a problem child and time has shown its pretty far from reality


Wouldn't mind this happening, not so much for Teague but it wouldn't be much of a bother if Noel departs.

on a value for value basis, this is a terrible trade. The sixers have not lost a trade in while because Hinkie treats other GMs like he is Said from Oz. But with Colangelo at the helm, he'll get treated like Tobias beecher. trading a young, athletic, shot blocker like Noel should fetch more than an aging PG with a year left on his contract. in 3 years when the Sixers are ready for a ring, we want a 31 year old PG? that does not make sense. plus , next years draft is a PG haven and we likely have 2 top-10 picks. Further, why not trade Okafor to Boston for Kris Dunn (3 pick) and more? this Teague route seems like the worst option available for getting a PG.

My bigger question is what does this mean for the direction of the team... they are 100% on Embiid's health? and want to run guns with Embiid, Okafor , and Saric up front? or Simmons with Saric off the bench?

First, how can we say what this new GM will get treated like when a trade isn't even official yet? I've seen or heard nothing concrete on that front, just anonymously sourced speculation.

Noel's value is being over inflated. He's still treading in Stromile Swift waters.

Second, let me make sure I'm reading this clear - according to you, we're going to go from having a top 10 lottery pick in summer of '17...to in two more short years ('19) we're going to have a shot at a ring?

Optimistic or unrealistic, no?

"...Hinkie treats other GMs like he is Said from Oz."

how come he's still unemployed?

here we go...
ok, yes, assuming he pulls the trigger on this terrible deal.

no it isn't. he is not treading in stromile swift territory. he is a rich mans bismarck biyombo who is about get 15-20mm by all accounts.

yes, remember what vince and mcgrady did? mcgrady was drafted in 97. in the 3rd season (99-00) they were contenders on the cusp.... technically the 4th season but here is what mcgrady said about 00-01... i believe him.
"In a 2011 interview with Michael Landsberg of TSN's "Off The Record," McGrady—who was a guest on the show with Carter and former teammate Charles Oakley—said that if he was still a member of the Raptors during their 2001 series with the 76ers, that team would have undoubtedly been successful and presumably gone on to the NBA Finals that year."

We have Simmons and Embiid which is the best 1-2 superstar potential tandem in the league... 3 seasons to add other pieces and yes, we will be a contending team, .

I wouldn't have a problem w/ them trading one of these wasted picks for a legit player. Noel has the most value, I'm sure, but I think you can make him into a workable rotation player much easier than Okafor, so I'd rather they move Okafor but I don't really care if either goes. It'd be great if they could unload Embiid or Saric for something before their value hits rock bottom, but that's a pipe dream. I like Teague.

i assume you think Saric is not coming over this season ?

I assume Saric is going to be an underwhelming "stretch 4" who isn't athletic enough to make an impact on the league whenever he comes over. I further assume that everyone knows that's what he's going to be, hence no trade value.

if that is your view, then it would obviously make sense to get rid of him via trade ...
The team seems to be pretty high on Saric though, who has done nothing but improve his game across the board the last 2 seasons. I don't know, i guess i think of things in terms of market value - if in 2014 he was a consensus top 5 prospect (had he not been under contract in Turkey), he would seem to only have more value now. And for me, I think it says a lot about his character if he comes over this season, as its obviously not the best economic decision.

Meh. I think less of anyone who can come to the NBA and chooses not to. You should be killing yourself to play against the best competition.

I'll believe Saric coming over when I see it. Even if he's on record multiple times about joining the Sixers next season, talk is cheap, & the decision to come over now would not be.

Finishing out the last year of his Efes contract would be worth an additional ~$2.5 mil next season (considering cost of the buyout and the weak €-$ exchange rate) and would also free him from the rookie pay scale, which is a $10-$15 mil difference in earnings over his first two NBA seasons.

Even if he's that stupid about his money, I would expect his agent or parents or whoever is in his ear to set him straight when the time comes. He'd be leaving more $ on the table than the sum of his entire career earnings up to this point probly.

i am skeptical that he comes over myself based on the economics you quote (which i assume are from Bodner's 2015 estimates). but there are a lot of assumptions in those numbers that may cause them to be overstated. ... that is a possible explanation for why Saric keeps saying he is coming.

1) is Saric's current pay. no idea if 2mm EUR is a fact
2) tax benefit. it is typically just assumed that teams pay all the taxes and expenses, but this is not necessarily 100% fact. it is part of compensation and varies by team, player, country etc. assuming a 40% benefit might be overstating.
3) Saric's market value in the NBA post rookie scale. $6mm is as good as estimate as any, but it really comes to down to how this compares to what Europe will pay him . perhaps this is $4mm and not $6mm.

i can't imagine if the give-up is $10-15mm that Saric would be out there saying he is coming. its possible we are missing something and the reality is a much smaller difference than we think.

I think salary cap writers often underestimate the security blanket in these long term contracts. There was a similar dynamic last year where it would have made sense for players to sign 1-2 year deals and target 2017 free agency. Not many followed through (LMA, Love, Butler, Gasol, Dragic) besides the never injured cyborg Lebron. Also consider the agents influencing their clients - waiting 1 more year means 1 more year of risk that they might lose the client and a meaningful signing bonus.

The math is plain and simple but the psychological aspect is more difficult to evaluate.

With all of that said - I will only believe Saric is coming over when I see him in uniform.

thanks for the reply Rusty.
I guess I disagree that the math is plain and simple. it just does not seem conceivable to give up $10-15mm vs simply waiting another year. IMO, we are missing something in the money equation. of course, Dario could simply just be talking without any care, with no intention of actually coming. but i just dont believe that.

Does he speak English fluently? Or is Josh on the hook for a translator? I hear he shoots with English when contested.

Too bad about Rooks' sudden passing. Many share good words on him this morning. Sounds like he was hooking up with Knicks. As a big man coach, it had to be very stressful watching Noel shoot, Okafor defend and Grant drive.

Ingram proponents will look like Ryan Leaf supporters when all is said and done.

From Chad Ford....
"Simmons has remained very quiet since he played his last game at LSU three months ago.
Shortly after his season ended, he packed up, signed with agent Rich Paul and moved to Cleveland to prepare for the draft. He didn't show up at the combine and even declined an invitation to attend the lottery selection.
Some have read Simmons' reluctance to interact with teams and the media as antisocial or even arrogant. But after watching him in Cleveland last week, I don't think that assessment is fair. Instead, Simmons appears to be incredibly focused on his NBA career.
His routine is the same every day. He gets up in the morning and heads to the gym, where he's spending time putting up shots, doing ball-handling drills, working on his transition game and change of pace -- the whole works.
The workout I saw in Cleveland looked like the drills most teams put guards through. That Simmons looked comfortable in that setting explains his appeal as the No. 1 pick in the draft. Guys who are 6-foot-10, 240 pounds, move as effortlessly as he does on the court and are as comfortable as he is with the ball just don't come along ... really, ever.
Simmons' jump shot has been the major source of concern about his game. But the indications are, while he's no Kevin Durant, his jumper is not broken.
He shot just three 3s all season at LSU. I saw him get up roughly 100 NBA 3s in the workout. His outside shot is getting better -- or maybe it was solid all along, and he just seldom used it.
In college, he could get to the rim almost at will. He knows that in the NBA he's going to have to force defenses to guard him on the perimeter. It's an area he needs to continue to work on, but it was hard -- in this setting, at least -- to be overly concerned about it, especially given all the other skills he brings to the table.
"The one thing that almost always gets better from college to the pros is a guy's jumper," one NBA GM told me Tuesday. "It's a fixable problem, and frankly, I'm not sure how much of a problem it really is. LeBron [James] couldn't shoot when he came out. Lots of guys couldn't. They get better." "

How does that make Ingram, Ryan Leaf?

i give you credit for frequently catching me overreaching. to answer your question, it does not.

when i see a lot of positive news come out about polarizing topics such as Embiid, Sarcic, Simmons/Ingram, i make sure to post it out there and usually follow with a backhanded, condescending comment. lol. i will try to temper myself in the future. but chad ford just single handily destroyed the knocks on Simmons that underlie a narrative that was frankly nonsensical to begin with -immature, diva , bad grades, etc lol... so when Dollar Bill and other posters who base their opinion on TMZ style musings all of a sudden go silent in the face of newsworthy press, i guess i take too much joy in it.

Catching you overreaching - - it hardly requires Sherlock Holmes.

maybe , DB,
although it is still a bit harder than catching you on the wrong side of reason.

Shhhhhh ... quiet down, you'll wake the neighborhood.

A picture of your hero, quitting Sam Hinkie: 👻

DB do the new facts change your view ?
it would be a shame to let them get in the way of your narrative.

internet posts are permanent ink.

First you rode Hinkie into a dry gulch like the greenhorn that you are. Now you're hitched up in a fever to the Simmons' posse, chasin' rainbows and rumors. Happy trails to you until you meet defeat again.

yep, exactly.
me, the basketball experts and scouts and 90% of Sixer nation who don't believe GPA is a factor in being successful at basketball. we are all Don Quixote while you my friend are the one in the 'know'. all you need is a 20 second sound byte from Charles Barkley to support your already biased opinion rooted in your 3-year withdrawal from the 43 wins you pine for.

but keep giving us the nonsensical prose and player nicknames, i enjoy those. the opinion is welcome also but maybe if you root it in fact you will get more serious comments.


Teague deal would have been an incredible start for Colangelo. Let's hope we hired new doctors post Bynum.

I still hope we can end up with a point guard of his caliber (more likely a tier below) via free agency or a deal not involving Noel.

Looks like Simmons is all but a lock to go #1 for us. I would expect us to trade our Okafor or Noel + 24/26 before or on draft day.

Brandon Roy said: "They (Sixers) have good players. I was surprised by their record. I don’t even look at them, like, I don’t approach this game looking at their record, I approach it as, ‘Look, this team is good and they have talented players.'"

This morning at shootaround I asked Eddie Jordan if he agreed with Roy -- it seemed like a pretty innocent question -- that the Sixers are more talented than their record. Jordan said, "That's his opinion." And said nothing more.

It's a lapdog fanboy question, an attempt to lead the witness.

I give Jordan an A in this instance for diplomacy.

interesting take...quite possibly correct.
I always assumed EJ was just arrogantly throwing his team under the bus. perhaps i should give him more credit.

I wish i could have seen and heard this exchange instead of reading it in print. nonetheless , it always gives me a good laugh. EJs tenor was a classic time in Sixer history

anyone can put on an act, but Simmons is very well spoken and sounds like a pretty humble guy. quick 5 minute interview with an Aussie radio show.


in this article there is a link to Bodner's tweets saying all his sources say Saric is coming.

ill also take the believe it when it happens approach, but gotta love a guy leaving 10mm+ on the table to play for the sixers... not sure how that can be spun negatively. if you hate Saric, at least we get him on a rookie scale. if you like Saric, well it shows enormous desire and confidence to play on the big stage.

Forget my suggestion to sign Harrison Barnes. God he's been bad.


Didn't know he hadn't met with Sixers. Interesting, similar to the Okafors reportedly not wanting Jahlil to be selected by the team last year.

this is the first time I have heard this being interpreted as Simmons trying to force his way to the Lakers. pure conjecture and not newsworthy.

He is not working out for anyone. if he wanted to force his way to the Lakers, he would work out for other teams.

or he would have told JC not to pick him...if the latter were true, it would have leaked out of the organization in some way. it has not.

he had publicly said he wants to be the #1pick. see my link above to his Australia interview. he has also publicly denied being interesting in LA over Philly.

if you want to try to 'force your way to the lakers' and save face by not being not being direct, there is no way you would publicly make those statements..... because you would not be saving face by doing so.

that said, i think its extremely bad form and unprofessional to take the path he is taking. i don't understand why someone would not work out. the only thing i can think of that there is not really much upside to working out when you are projected to be 1, thats probably why he agent is doing this. while this happens in the NFL, i am not aware of an NBA player that has refused to workout.

however, to say he is forcing his way to the Lakers simply has no basis in facts.

He forked over the medical info though. So that's a good sign

good sign if you like Simmons as the pick.
bad sign if you hope the Sixers would get frustrated and pushed to take Ingram..

I'm not anti-Ingram, I just prefer Simmons

nor am i ... just saying if someone wants to take Ingram, this is bad news for them.

the Sixers draft position at 24 and 26 could not be worse. the few guards that might be there all have injury flags and then its essentially PF/C all the way to 40.

23- Denzel Valentine- Brando Roy -like knees
24- malik Beasley - rod in his leg.
26- Dejounte Murray - 'jamal crawford with a worse shot'
34- Tyler Ulis - hip issues.

so i guess i hope we can trade out of these spots somehow.

Its unfortunate because Thon Maker is sitting there and i would be happy to take him in the 20s if we didnt have a logjam at center. its crazy, the guy had been projected #1 overall not too long ago. if Thon Maker went to college , he could not possibly have had a worse season than Skal, who is still projected at #11. does not make sense. someone will get a steal with Maker.

cmon Brian, its 3 days before the draft and we are commenting on a thread thats 2 months old.

this site is still up and running , so some effort goes into making sure that happens.... how about a smidgeon more effort. we are about to get a 6'10 260 pound PG savant.

Heh, there really is no effort involved in keeping the site up and running, and it looks like it won't be running for much longer, but that's beside the point.

I'm on board with Simmons. I really like the idea of having him run the point from day 1 and I think he could be a dynamic player who forces other teams to change how they play against you. If they start with a PG with that size who can handle and distribute, they *could* build a squad that forces tremendous mismatches, and they can play an inside-out game where Simmons punishes teams for guarding him with a smaller player, especially in early offense. I'm really liking the pick, and Ingram's lack of bulk is troublesome.

do you think any of the players rumored to be available at 24/26 are worth taking ? Bembry, beasley, ulis, et all... or would you try to trade these?

what do you think about the rumors of Oak for the Celts 3 pick to take Dunn? or the rumors of getting Bledsoe.

blast from the past, volume 1:
when i ran sixer draft scenarios last year, assuming the sixers got the laker pick, i dreamed of Simmons/Dunn. it looks like this might happen, albeit on a different path:

On Dec 17,2015 in response to "Rusty", i posted the following:

I liked Murray at first also, but his glaring weaknesses have been exposed and likely won't have much chance at being a complete NBA player. his stock has dropped swiftly...

"Point guards who steadily improve in college give me some caution" lol. what does this even mean ? to be honest , i didnt think Kris Dunn was that sexy at first, but now i realize he is the real deal. the guy is the clear best player on the court every time he steps on it. he has nothing around him and yet Povidence is still a top competitive team . Did you see him take over and beat Arizona? and he was awesome against Mich St... the reason i spoke out against Deangelo Russell and Evan Turner was because i never saw them dominate anything....[yes this includes ETs buzzer beater to win the Big 10].. if you can't dominate in NCAA you have zero chance of being a star in the NBA [the converse is not necessarily true].

Keith Pompey ✔ @PompeyOnSixers
Ben Simmons worked out for the #Sixers this morning according to sources
9:33 AM - 21 Jun 2016

Chris Haynes ✔ @ChrisBHaynes
This morning Philadelphia 76ers informed camp of Ben Simmons he would be taken No. 1 in NBA Draft, league sources tell @clevelanddotcom.

WOJ: Atlanta is sending guard Jeff Teague to Indiana as part of a three-way deal, league sources

Three-way deal with Atlanta, Indiana and Utah, with George Hill going to the Jazz

@WojVerticalNBA Sources: Utah is sending the No. 12 pick in Thursday's Draft to Atlanta as part of deal that sends George Hill to Utah, Teague to Indy.

The Bulls are sending Derrick Rose, Justin Holiday and a 2017 2nd-round pick for Robin Lopez, Jerian Grant and Jose Calderon, per source

If this site is in its last days, let me be the first to say how much I enjoyed talking Sixers with everyone here- especially a few years ago when the site was more active.

This place has never been an echo chamber for one prevailing opinion versus another. And in that regard, it is fairly unique amongst blogs and message boards. I also have appreciated the bit of crustiness/saltines that had always added flavor to DepressedFan. I think most of us have been able to laugh a bit at the absurdity of our extreme loyalty to following this team, and I think that has helped maintain an environment where people can disagree and still remain reasonably civil. Or maybe it's just because we are for the most part a bunch of old fossils when compared to poster at other sites.

Well said tk. I'll miss the site as well. Great banter back-and-forth, and for the most part, always civil. I enjoy reading LB for the content, but I don't care to participate in the comments. Thanks Brian, for keeping this up as long as you did, and for spending a large amount of time over the years providing content. Too bad this has to end, as we'll have so much to talk about in the coming months.

Any other suggestions for sites?

I don't know any Sixer centric sites other than this one, Sixers reddit, and LB, but why is everyone talking like this site is about to close? Did I miss something. I was hoping that maybe a more compelling team will revive people's interest and Brian will start writing more and things'll pick back up.

Brian mentioned above that the site might be in its last days.

yeah but why?

I've kept it running because I could just piggyback it on a server that was used for something else. The server is going away, so I'm probably not going to have anywhere to host. We'll see, not 100% sure yet.

Adrian Wojnarowski ✔ @WojVerticalNBA
Sources: Charlotte's offering No. 22 - if team will take contract of Spencer Hawes or Jeremy Lamb. Hornets need space to re-sign free agents
7:55 AM - 23 Jun 2016

Sixers need to be all over this one

you know who fits next to simmons, jamal murray
you know who doesnt, kris dunn

i wouldnt trade noel for either of them by the way

You must only be focusing on offense.

@WojVerticalNBA Brooklyn has traded forward Thad Young to the Indiana Pacers for the 20th pick and a future 2nd rounder, league sources tell @TheVertical.

Man, it would be so awesome if they could pull off snatching Kris Dunn. Rumblings that we're ramping up our efforts to get the #3 pick from the Celtics, which may include Okafor and Noel, not or.

Think Buddy Hield is gonna be nasty once he gets acclimated to the league. He's being undersold just because of age.

Report: Kings trade Marco Belinelli to Hornets for No. 22 pick

ESPN sources say Philadelphia is offering Nerlens Noel, No. 24 and No. 26 in tonight's draft and Robert Covington for Boston's No. 3 pick

Welcome young man! Now get this 3-year shit-show on the road to respectability.

Please don't let us have to play against Kris Dunn in Celtics Green for the next few years. Please no.

Wonder why Ainge wouldn't be interested in the Bender kid? They're full of perimeter guys.

Whew!!!! Thank goodness, no Dunn on the C's. Yes

Philadelphia is seriously engaged on a trade for the fifth pick, league sources say.

With Kris Dunn slipping to No. 5, Minnesota is now positioned to get Philadelphia and Chicago in a bidding war, sources say.

Oklahoma City has traded Serge Ibaka to the Orlando Magic

Orlando will send Victor Oladipo, Ersan Ilyasova and rights to Sabonis to the Thunder, sources said.

Ugh, I would have liked to have gotten Beasley. They have Gary Harris, Jamal Murray, and now Malik Beasley?

You'd have to think some of these picks aren't going to stay and be announced later, no?

Seems like we will take Demetrius Jackson with one of these next picks, if they are going to take a PG.

Ugh, I liked Bembry too. Hawks got him. And they got Taurean Prince earlier, think he'll be nice too.

Grab Ben Bentil, Colangelo! Please don't let him go to the Celts though.

Don't know squat about these last two picks. Did like Demetrius Jackson and Malcolm Brogdon and Bentil though.

Announcers are talking about draft and stash with these guys, if that's the case seems like something else has to be in the works if we are to believe the talk coming from the Colangelos since Bryan was named GM. If not, seems like we'll definitely be in the high lottery again next year. Thought we'd be in the mid lottery for sure but they have to move this logjam of bigs at some point to avoid sucking total ass again.

i dont know much about these guys except they were both projected top 15 picks. i thought they would take Jackson, but i guess they feel they do not need a PG with Simmons now- effectively he is the PG... or figure they will take one in next years stocked PG draft.
Kormaz plays on Sarics team Efos. he is very young and unlikely to come now as under contract . but from what i understand Luwawu is coming now.,,. ,i am shocked he was available.

how about my call btw on Thon Maker going before Labassieri? i was getting hazed on multiple draft boards talking up Maker. one of the 4 or 5 huge calls i have made against the grain and have been proven right. Ive followed the NBA / Sixers with a microscope for 2 months and have pretty much put to shame most of the press calling out their nonsense and having my opinions being spot on. . wish i got started professionally

You are not shy about tooting your own horn, that is for sure.

well, i am pretty much talking to myself here so it helps me keep a road map back to timestamps of when i have said things. i think everyone should be held accountable for better or for worse. for example the guy who wrote the shirley temple piece should have zero credibility, but unfortunately thats not the case in today's internet world. scary because its exactly the same with more serious issues such as economics and politics.

I don't recall anything proven to be incorrect from the Shirley Temple article. What were they, out of curiosity?

it was a character assassination piece that essentially accused the organization of mishandling the situation like bumbling idiots and that Embiid was a low character individual with no work ethic. not a piece of intelligence after oct 15, 2015 has come out to support the conclusions in that piece. quite the contrary, its basically been a 180.

The only thing I remember the Sixers being upset about was the timing of the article, which I believe was one year from Embiid's brother's death. Everything else was not challenged. If there was something that was irresponsibly reported, the Sixers would have denied it. It came out that Embiid was fined for tardiness and lack of cooperation with the Sixers staff which backs up the statements in this article. He also was sent home from that road trip, also consistent with the article's reporting.

I agree that there has been an apparent turnaround in Embiid's attitude, but it has mostly been after this article was published.

Here's the closing summary quote from the article:

"The Sixers’ mantra under Hinkie has been 'trust the process,' but with the process having led to a still ill-fitting roster, a ton of losses, and a growing sense of distrust within the organization, it’s fair to wonder just how much longer this can all stay together before some very real changes are made."

Well, turns out some very real changes were made. Hinkie is gone. Sounds like decent reporting to me.

the Sixers dismissed it as 'noise'.
the piece got the response from the organization that it warranted. And there has not been a smidgeon of news since that supports the intent of the piece and the conclusion i stated above.

i dont doubt that some of things actually happened, but its the spin and the conclusion that are irresponsible. i am sure Embiid likes shirley temples and does not eat healthy but in the hands of someone that does not support 'the process' you get the dishonest conclusion of that piece. Everything is spun as failure simply because it fits the narrative of the anti-hinkie crowd... you name it - Saric, Embiid, Simmons, whatever....when actual facts come out there is no retraction, no admission of wrong, nothing... just silence. look at Simmons- every anti-hinkie person recited the same BS about bad attitude, won't play for the sixers, diva, yada yada. and then when it becomes obvious this is not the case , you hear nothing. That info came from thin-air, but was key supporting ammo for those not wanting to admit the Sixers had the #1 pick in a 1 player draft.

I didn't hear anyone saying negative things about Simmons, at least not no here. I started out liking Ingram more, but really came around when I started reading more about Simmons, and got really excited when I heard they plan on playing him as a PG.

As for Hinkie, I think that horse has been beaten enough. He's unemployed, I'm happy about that. I hope Simmons + whatever other moves they make this summer will make for a watchable team next season and more beyond that.

The article never said or implied low character other than perhaps some immature insubordination, but it did rightfully criticize his work ethic. There is a lot of evidence (or "smidgeons" as you would call them) supporting this, including getting fined for tardiness and getting sent home for being immature. Those nuggets are undisputed. I hope that Embiid has matured since then, and I think he has.

Also, the organization hiring the Colangelos is a smidgeon that supports the other premise of the article regarding the lack of confidence in the management and direction of the organization.

Regarding Simmons, I don't think there's as much of a correlation between anti-Hinkie and Simmons criticism as you claim. I didn't like Hinkie, but I love that we have Simmons. I have spoken to very, very few people who think he'll be a bust or think that Ingram is the better pick--Hinkie fans or not.

I the Sixers win a championship with Simmons, say in five years. The Hinkie-ites will say that he is getting too little credit, and the Hinkie haters will think he's getting too much.

If we play in a conference finals in then next 5 years, I'll thank them both (Hinkie and Colangelo).

Watch Golden State end up with Bentil's shooting self.

I really liked the draft outcome. Luwawu and Korkimiz are ideal role guys to me. Really hoping at least one works out.

I was also on board with the Beverly and Ariza for Noel trade. I think that would be a great outcome.

Yes, I saw that. Good news. My friend and I made a bet the day of the draft that Saric will have more career games played with the Sixers than Embiid. Feeling good about it.

it would be unfortunate after all this time and anticipation if he does not turn out to be a good NBA player. i can tell you for me personally, I have always assumed he would be pretty good, and have spent a lot of mental energy in that place of hope. if he is jan vessely i will be really disappointed.

i won't comment on Embiid again , lol, other than saying his upside is Olajuwon and by any measure he was the best pick both at the time and in 20/20 hindsight, his injury has zero similarity to Greg Oden's knee, Yao Ming had an arch reconstructed and moved (embiid did not) and you can scour the internet and never find a doctor quote about an athlete as bold as "supporting a full recovery' as Dr O'malley quoted after the fact. Dr O' malley is not the team doctor and not affiliated with sixers.

i wish you good luck in your bet, but you have a much larger chance of losing than you probably think.

Don't wanna start another flame war over Hinkie, so I won't comment on how much I disagree with this general narrative for the millionth time, but it's still a post-worthy article:


This is what stood out to me when I read this yesterday, because Silver never should have stepped in. Sets a bad precedent:

"Now consider this: The Lakers won 17 games this season, and their prized rookie, D'Angelo Russell, secretly filmed a conversation in which he asked teammate Nick Young about being with women other than his then-fiancée, Iggy Azalea. Yet no one blamed that incident on the organization's culture the way Okafor's troubles were linked to The Process.

Consider too: The Kings haven't finished with a .500 record since 2005-06 and just hired their sixth coach in five years. In neither case did the NBA force a regime change.

By stepping in and facilitating the Jerry Colangelo move in Philadelphia, then, Silver sent a message: Gross incompetence is acceptable; strategic gaming of a flawed system is not."

i thought this article was useless and disappointing. didnt learn anything new.

curious, why should Silver not have stepped in ?

i am a staunch Hinkie supporter but a team going 1-30 is harmful to the league, like i have always said, he over tanked, did not make it look good, hurt Harris' rep for an NFL franchise and the writing was on the wall.

but thanks to Sam, we also have the most exciting team in the NBA and the best shot we have ever had at greatness. he will have a float in the Broad Street parade.

I guess my point would be, what exactly did Silver accomplish by forcing his agenda? Hinkie exposed a flawed system. So Silver came in and replaced Hinkie. The system is still flawed. And I'm not sure what Colangelo did that would have landed this team in any position other than where they sit today. I mean...he brought in Ish Smith, who was good for three weeks before he remembered who he was. Elton Brand? The moves were largely window-dressing. And Hinkie would be looking to build around Embiid/Simmons(or Ingram), this year as well. So we still have the same bad system, the Sixers still finished with the worst record, and the team would still be primed to take the next step in it's evolution regardless of who was GM.

I would agree that there is a legitimate argument that Hinkie pissed off some agents and other GMs, but it's not like that could not have been repaired.

Either way...he's gone now, and we turn the page. I just hate the idea of the commissioner interceding. Do your job and fix the system.

He tried, lottery reform didn't pass.

If the commish had that sort of unilateral authority, he could have simply taken the Sixers' pick. That would have put an end to this now and killed any future ideas others may be having.

yeah, the draft system is terrible. i kind of like the idea of the worst non-playoff team getting the highest lottery chance, but then you might have bubble teams trying to tank games near the end of the season to fall out of the 8 seed. this can be done easily and covertly. i think changing the system is like trying to play whack a mole.

its bad , but doest need to be changed. Remember, hinkie did not act alone. He was fully supported by ownership who then pulled the cord when it hurt their overall broader business interests. its not likely that any other franchise would attempt to do what the Sixers did.

maybe some additional rules around trading and stockpiling draft picks is the way to go.

if vlade and billy king are not allowed to mortgage their teams' futures , then guys like Hinkie would not be able to do this.

i think billy king did a lot more damage to the nets and the nba personally. he is an embarrassment

Yes, going 1-30 is harmful for the league. He went too far for too long so he had to go. I guess one could call the Sixers exciting right now but that's because of the possibilities presented by 1) the #1 draft choice, 2) a few holdovers, 3) a couple of high draft picks remaining, and 4) the enormous cap space rather than anything happening on the court. Finally, Hinkie set the bar of performance so low that a 27 win season will seem almost fabulous.

The Celtics didn't get Ben Simmons but they've stockpiled draft assets while entertaining their fans with playoff seasons the past two years and they have a fine coach and a pretty competitive base going forward. On the whole, I'd have to say that Ainge did far more for Celtics fans than Hinkie did for Sixers fans.

"On the whole, I'd have to say that Ainge did far more for Celtics fans than Hinkie did for Sixers fans."

I will assume you are only referring to the current rebuild and not their championship run (i.e. the time Hinkie was here). On that premise, I have to disagree. I have paid close attention to the C's rebuild because it was "the other" approach that the Sixers could have taken. Also, I believe it was an equally sound approach. And yes, they have won games. Thanks to a weak East, they managed to squeak into the playoffs for the last two seasons before being promptly dispatched. So now their fans are puffing out their chests.

But back to the rebuild: I think we can agree that the ultimate goal of both rebuilds is/was to obtain a "star"(or multiple stars). By that measure, it isn't even close that Hinkie has done more. He has given this team Embiid, Simmons, and two additional high lottery selections in next years draft. Injuries or not, those two players alone have at least have a chance of becoming stars. Not one, but two players.

What has Ainge done? Swung and missed.

These "assets" Ainge has stockpiled clearly look better on paper than in reality. Last year he begged teams to take his collection of garbage mid-late first rd picks. Everyone said no. This year....well much of the same. He had the 3rd pick in a two player draft, and once again he was left at the altar. His singular goal going into this draft was to leverage his "assets" into a star. Everyone knew it. He whiffed yet again. Nobody wanted his awful collection of mid-late first rd picks (stop me if you've heard this before), and there is not a single player on the entire roster with legitimate star potential. Now they'll probably be able to sign Al Horford. Congrats. He's 30. He's also not a rim protector, which they've desperately needed. But they still have those Brooklyn picks, right? Well, they've already cashed in 1/3 of those this year. Next year? Brooklyn will be bad, but how bad? And the lottery requires luck. Also, Brooklyn has cap room again, so they should improve based on FA signings going forward.

So the Sixers have two potential stars, a fist-full of future lottery selections, all the cap room necessary to build around those potential stars. And regardless of whether Embiid proves he can be healthy, the team still has solid back up talent at the 5. So I really don't see how Ainge has done more for Boston fans. I like their coach. That's it.

Your conclusions are entirely based upon what MIGHT happen in the future. I'm sorry but possible future events aren't facts. Boston has a very competitive team now (48 wins isn't squeaking into the playoffs - the Sixers haven't had that many wins since the Larry Brown era). Ainge has already given his fans two consecutive playoff teams ahead of schedule. Hinkie gave Sixers fans the three worst consecutive years in franchise history (and possibly in any franchise history). Those are facts, not dreams. If Ainge can make one or two significant improvements, Boston could be much better.

None of us know to what degree the Sixers' potential will be realized. Maybe Simmons will be a big star but maybe he'll just be a very good player who makes a few all star teams but never comes close to a title with the team that drafted him. Maybe Saric will be very good but maybe his ceiling will be Toni Kukoc. Maybe Okafor (if he remains here) won't be as good as Al Jefferson over his career. Hope is a good thing, but my training does not allow me to conclude that Hinkie has outperformed Ainge based on hopeful visions of the future.

"Your conclusions are entirely based upon what MIGHT happen in the future. I'm sorry but possible future events aren't facts."

OK...but then you say this:

"If Ainge can make one or two significant improvements, Boston could be much better."

Yes....I guess they could. Or maybe not. I could also say that if Simmons and Embiid both pay well, the Sixers could be much better. We are both projecting what the teams can/will look like based on the different paths they are taking to get star players. You just place a higher value on the Celtics plan to be more competitive over the last two seasons, as opposed to the Sixers plan which obviously wasn't. But honestly, if the goal of the Sixers rebuild was to be the 8th seed in a horrid Eastern conference, that would not have been a tough task. You place value on that. I don't.

In the end I still think both paths will succeed.

@APkrawczynski AP Source: 76ers agree to terms with Jerryd Bayless on 3 year, $27M deal

Might as well sign Skip Bayless.

are you kidding?
filling a slot we need on a reasonable deal and not mortgaging our future? this was a great signing. hopefully we get Crabbe also. i thought you guys wanted to sign guys to fill out the roster. bayless is a good player and a great fit. 40+% from 3, runs a pick and roll to perfection.

could you imagine signing Evan Turner for $18mm? lol now thats a terrible move.

What handle did you post under when Turner was here, if any? You weren't posting here then as Aaron were you??... avid long-time reader, but fuzzy on this one..

Go 6ers! I definitely want them to sign guys to fill out the roster. This is a decent start, however minimal to some.

(..normally don't agree with outlooks you share, but i actually agree with you somewhat here... i like the signing, but as is typical you strettccchhh it, to label it 'great'...if one has to be labeled great at this point it would be Augustin getting signed at 2 mil less per year...Why give Bayless 9 per? Even though he's signed to one less year than DJ. DJ signed for 7 per. Petty argument, but the finer details reign supreme for some heads even when though ultimately don't matter..) iow,.. who in the heck could they have been bidding against.. for him?.. I liked him years ago, despite his penchant for erraticism. Curious to see what dynamics, as you mention, he will bring beside Simmons. hmmnnnnnn

If they could snag Crabbe, wow, and then you'd have... him, Bayless, Cov/Simmons, or Noel/Simmons and Okafor. That's quite a tad bit better than last year I'd say, and that's being facetious.

And I purposely left out your anointed king for emphasis. So if he steps foot? Just think of the possibilities. I'm excited again, obviously...

Rodney -
i have always posted under this handle. if you look way back, you will find me destroying Turner prior to the draft. but not sure thats relevant now. i mentioned ET only in reference to the awful Portland signing. all the best to them.

i used the word 'great' because its exactly what we need and its not a 'bad ' contract. i would argue that looking across the league at any guard/wing FA signing so far, i think dollar for dollar its the best in the NBA. perhaps DJ is better by that measure, maybe not. I prefer Bayless personally. also 'great' because we did not make a move like signing Turner to $18mm or barnes at 20/80 (which still can happen). Maybe those are the 'market' but they can also come back to hamstring us in the future and i do not believe we want those types of contracts for questionable players. Crabbe at $18 if we can get him, i think would be good value and fit, personally.

everyone is entitled to their opinion, Rodney, but if you are honest with yourself, you will see i have been spot on for most of the year while standing in a very small minority on some issues. I came out very vocal on questioning the recent press' spin and irresponsible reporting on Saric, and i have been spot on. Also, with Embiid, Simmons, etc. These guys just take quotes and spin them into their preexisting narrative. i do my own research and listen to no one.

So i suggest you stop hating and just hit the like button on my posts, because you know you want to.

lol you're starting to get obnoxious.

your self-aggrandizing posts started off somewhat amusing, in a trollish sort of way, but lately you're just spamming every comment thread with repetetive bullshit. either about how epic Embiid is, or how you "called" something, or how we'll all be "judged" when Hinkie returns to rapture Liberty Ballers or whatever.. topics like that are non-starters on here.

thank you for wasting my time and forcing me to pick these apart 1 by 1. at least you had the courtesy to time stamp one of them. . do not worry, i will have the time stamps of you calling Embiid a bad pick, claiming Saric not coming, and Simmons not being #1 because of his bad character and bad grades.

but its funny because these are actually all pretty great calls... not as good as my call on Saric coming over in the face of all the press saying otherwise, but still great.

yes on 10/29/2015, it was a 2 player draft between labissier and Simmons. whats your point? Labissierie hadn't played a college game yet. by december, i was emailing Draft Express asking them how on Earth they still had Skal as a top pick and what is their methodology for the big board.. it took them 3 weeks , yes 3 weeks before they moved him down. so i would say i was spot on, early to the party calling the guy a bust. And i also called Thon maker over Skal in the draft, the day before the draft. why did you not find that quote? i was the only person on the planet with that call.

none of the others are time stamped, but those quotes are in the context of the Sixers hypothetically getting the #1 and the Lakers #4, i.e. a best case draft scenario. yes i was calling for Simmons and Murray/Dunn/Hield in that scenario. and your point? interesting that 5 months later, the Sixers actually tried to trade for a pick to do just that.. remember ? to trade into 3 -8? essentially to pick one of those 3- so a pretty damn good call if you ask me. why don't you share the time stamp for it ? i called it what, 4 or 5 months before it happened? pretty good i would say.

the Ingram quote is out of context- you are being dishonest by including that. it was a part of a scenario where we did not have the top pick and was considering what would happen if we would get Ingram. Doesn't change the fact that i always wanted Simmons.

yes, i have put to shame the press, sorry if that hits too close to home.

But yes, after like a 90-second scan of just the last two threads, here are a few of your latest gems:

AaronMcKie4MVP reply on Nov 23 at 9:34 Reply
"i dont understand why year after year I am able to call boom/bust players with essentially 100% accuracy, but the so called 'experts' continuously miss the mark."


AaronMcKie4MVP reply on Oct 29 at 8:41
"this years draft is a 2 player draft... Simmons and Labissiere ..."


"Jamal Murray is also the real deal... i have an eye for prospects. "


"i want Simmons and/or Murray. Labissiere and ingram NO !! !... Ingram is the next darius miles"


"right now Joel Embiid's value is higher than the #1 draft pick.."


"depends on your view of Buddy Hield / Kris Dunn /jamal Murray. Presumably those are the guys we would take with that pick. I can live with one of these picks as long as we also get Ingram or Simmons."


"how about starting the season with Ingram, Okafor and Saric up front"


AaronMcKie4MVP on Jun 23 at 22:45 Reply
"huge calls i have made against the grain and have been proven right. Ive followed the NBA / Sixers with a microscope for 2 months and have pretty much put to shame most of the press calling out their nonsense and having my opinions being spot on. . wish i got started professionally"

*cue audience laugh track*

I looked at Jerryd's stats after my post, and was shocked that his three point percentage was so high. My Skip Bayless comment was based on seeing him play live and on TV about 15 times (for 5 different teams) and never thinking that he was anything but a bum. However, if he can shoot the 3, it may be a great fit with the kid. Looks like I might have to admit I'm wrong here. Hate when that happens. lol.

@WojVerticalNBA Free agent forward Evan Turner has reached agreement on a four-year, $75M deal with Portland, agent Kevin Bradbury tells @TheVertical.

‏@WojVerticalNBA To clarify on Turner to Blazers deal: Turner has agreed to a four-year, $70M free agent dea

Given what Biyombo and Al Harrington have signed, I'm surprised Noel and Okafor don't have more interest around them. Those are at least comps for both of our guys. It seems like once Durant signs it will open up the floodgates for the final free agent chips to fall... Which I assume opens up the trade market immediately after.

If you had to put money down - who is our starting point guard next year? I'm saying Bayless but with Ricky Rubio a close 2nd (cop out given one is already on the team).

Ben Simmons. unless we're labeling positions by the "you are whom you guard" school of thought. in that case, probably Bayless.

KD to the warriors

@WojVerticalNBA Free agent Gerald Henderson has agreed to a two-year, $18M deal with the 76ers, league source tells @TheVertical.

I'm no fan of Henderson, but he's a better player than Evan Turner, and the Sixers just got him for 1/4 of the price, for half as many years. Portland should feel really dumb right now, they grossly overpaid to downgrade the position. Henderson is at least an NBA player, which is a huge upgrade over the slop the Sixers have been sending out there.

Bayless, Covington, Simmons, Noel, Okafor??? Ugh. This still isn't a team, but at least the filler is starting to belong in the league, that's a step in the right direction imo.

sorry, half the price, not a quarter.

That starting lineup is a losing lineup, but I believe it will be very watchable. I'm in a season ticket group, and I actually feel myself looking forward to October a little for the first time in years.

Id expect something more like:
Noel (eventually Embid if healthy)

With a second group of
Stauskus (eventually Luwawu who starts in D league)

I actually think it's a nice group that BC had added in free agency. I think guys like Henderson provide glue and allow for guys like Simmons, Noel, Embid, etc to be properly evaluated.

Yeah, I'm not impressed w/ Sergio at all. The guy was well below replacement level when he was in the NBA (and in his prime), I don't see why we'd expect him to be more than that now that he's older. He's filler, I'd probably prefer Bayless at the point (he doesn't strike me as a PG who needs the ball to be in his hands to be effective, which would allow Simmons to dominate the ball, which I think is the ultimate path the team needs to take).

He could totally flop again but point guard is a position where I find players can peak or grow much later. Guys like Dragic and Nash have shown what playing "smart" can do for a career - and based on the statistics and discussion on Rodriguez - I get the sense he was misused during his NBA tenure and can at least fill a spot up shooter + distributor role (while being a negative on defense). Basically I'm hoping for Jose Cauldron and not he Kendall Marshall disaster.

I'd agree on Bayless being a nice complimentary point guard to Simmons primary ball handling. My guess is that Brown will want to ease Simmons into that role at first.

I do think Brown will have ample talent to create some interesting lineups.

At the very least I'm happy the quality of basketball will be a significant step up from years past.

Tell you what...Ben Simmons looks good. Clearly he is tentative with shooting the ball, and this will be a process for him to be more selfish on the offensive end. He is going to have to build confidence in his shot. Now that he has a couple of games under his belt, I would like to see the coaching staff make him shoot the ball more. Who cares if it goes in. This is summer league. Get loose.

But that passing...oh my. Kid is a savant. And his defense looks promising. Can't wait to see what he can do with some shooters. Gotta keep the site up Brian. Can't give up now.

Agreed with everything you've said. His defensive ability is what I'm most pleased with - he has a chance to be a real two way player and I think there's a chance he can guard both 3s and 4s.

Damn, what happened to this place??? The Sixers subreddit has over 1000 comments about last night's game. Liberty Ballers had nearly that many in the game thread and has like 3 more threads post-game.

A little excitement for this team seems reasonable, but here??? Crickets...

I for one feel terrible that we've disappointed Steve.

Lol this is perfect. Enjoy the black hole of despair this site has become.

Let's hope this place gets active again once Simmons goes full beastmode. As said above, don't give up now Brian!

I'm excited. Simmons is a lot of fun to watch and he has the potential to be crazy good at this level.

For the love of God, enough Christian Wood already.


I like Brett Brown I guess, but c'mon man! He needs to do his job and figure out a way for Simmons and Saric to play together. It's not like it's a sudden shock that Saric is coming over.

He's starting to sound whiny with how often he references how the team is not positionally balanced, "abundance of bigs," etc. (All true, I know.) It just sounds to me like he's trying to have built in excuses before the season even starts.

yeah, I'm not a fan of Brown. this has been old for a while now - he needs to stop complaining through the media. First it was about having nothing to work with, now it's having too much to work with apparently.

he should be on the hot seat to start the year. anything worse than a 10-20 start or so, and they should can him. He strikes me as a little dense when it comes to offensive schemes and rotations, and integrating players like Simmons, Saric, Luwawu, and Embiid calls for a bit of a visionary on that end of the court (D'Antoni would have fit the bill better).

My main concern is that Brown will come up with something stupid for an offense. Like Sergio walking the ball up and dumping it in to Okafor 30 times/game with Saric, Simmons, and Henderson standing around the 3 point line. He finally has a roster with some talent and versatility that can rebound, run, pass, and create major mismatches, but all I've seen from his game plan over the past 3 seasons has been a fast but painfully simplistic offense better suited for AAU competition.

Brown's proven to be adept at the motivation aspect of the job - getting a 10-72 science project of a team to play hard every night - but has shown absolutely nothing else, except for taking a big losing hand and losing big with it.

they do need to fix the C/PF logjam though.

Yes, we need to fix logjam. Article in Philly.com today about how B. Colangelo is doing himself no favors by constantly telling everyone what the team's needs are.

Regarding Brown, I think he already is on the hot seat, even though he has that extension. Brown was not BC's pick, so that creates an automatic "show me" situation.

Finally, your dump-to-Okafor-30-times scenario is a nightmare. I developed an eye twitch when I read it.

Season about a month away.
Noel disgruntled (I don't blame him)
Simmons is a big boy - up to 250lbs.
Embid might actually play a game.

Any guesses on win total?

I could not be more excited for this effing TEAM!! I actually think this team is capable of 30-35 wins.

I look at:
1) the significant upgrade at the PG position they'll get this year with Rodriguez/Bayless/Simons.
2)Embiid/Simmons are an absurd amount of talent to add to any team, and although they'll take some time to gel (especially Embiid) they will be tremendous.
3) ROCO will get easier shots
4) The defense will be upgraded on the perimeter with Henderson, and interior with Embiid.
5) The shooting was upgraded all around (Rodriguez, Bayless, and Henderson are all capable 3pt shooters).
6) Saric off the bench will be fun and effective.
7) The Noel/Okafor situation will work itself out as the byproduct of an intensely competitive atmosphere.
8) Better mix of young players and veterans.
9) This team will have fun out there on the floor
10) EMBIID!!!

The Grant trade is better than any trade Hinkie made in his time here. Hands down.

So are you watching the games or no? If yes, how about some thoughts on Embiid and a new thread?

dang, Hendo got robbed at the end there. If that were Bron or Kyrie on the final play, at home, it's a foul 10 times out of 10.

That being said, time to fire Brett Brown. The man is incapable of winning.

This was briefly debated last year. I thought it was very concerning that he repeatedly came up short in putting his team in position to win close games. I hope he improves but there is zero evidence that he has.

I was at the game yesterday. Really disappointed in Brett Brown. The Cavs repeatedly forced a switch so that LeBron was on our point guard—McConnell or Sergio. I counted that it happened seven times in the last 6 minutes of the 4th quarter. How could BB just sit and watch that happen so many times? I know the Sixers are outgunned against LeBron, but at least coach it up so we do not have our point guard against him. Run a double sooner? Fight trough the picks instead of switching? Anything but what they did!

This place used to have some pretty good discussion.
So what happened? The vehement anti-process sentiment, coupled with what's happening with the team now?
I'm guessing Brian moved on, and doesn't even watch Sixers anymore.
I mean, we know he's depressed. I just thought he was a fan, too.

Can't say I know of even a few people that are actual fans of continual shit-shows.
I mean, how many ways can you discuss how rank a turd smells and looks?

So...you really don't know ANY Sixers fans anymore?
A lot of people are still fans, and there are a TON of silver linings beginning to show this year. Can't believe you haven't seen them.

The site owner is a whiner who doesn't really add anything to the discussion. People are put off by it, they leave, and all you have left is the ramblings of some retired high school English teacher.

The site owner is a whiner who doesn't really add anything to the discussion. People are put off by it, they leave, and all you have left is the ramblings of some retired high school English teacher.

Exactly on point, Stan.
This site is a dinosaur - all the fans that wanted to re-sign Bynum, and think of Iguodala as The Glory Years.
Good luck to the bitter ones.
Everyone else has moved on.

^Can't tell for sure, but please tell me you were being sarcastic or funny?

sarcastic about what? Do you still watch games, or not?

people were on the wrong side of Hinkie because they never properly understood the risk/return of Embiid, how smart the pick was, and also didn't research the injury, just took the soundbytes... Embiid is really all that ever mattered. the guy is the best pick in decades.

i never waiver on my valuation of Embiid, i told i would come back here......

October 22nd, 2015
Saric is a really valuable chip to have. I dont think the posters here realize how good this guy is. 2016 is going to be very promising when Olajuwon is healthy, saric is here, and Ben simmons is a Sixer.. Simmons is a can't miss prospect. then we will see how all these current non-factors affect how free agents feel about coming to philly"

On October 29, 2015
"thanks TK , those are helpful insights.

i still believe Embiid has a legitimate chance at reaching a super high ceiling,..... lets remember , when Wiggins was valued as the next 'chosen one' , pre-injury Embiid was likely getting picked ahead of him.... the next Olajuwon is still out there - i will keep using this comparison so i can link these posts in a year and claim my prize..."

November 17, 2015
i agree that is a plausible scenario along with 47 wins. and if that plays out, we are in the same place we started with the Iguodala teams. you realize that you describe a pretty negative outcome across the board and still come to a place of 47 wins?
the difference with this team is that there is a lot of upside. on your player outlooks, as Eddie Jordan said, thats your opinion...

i see Embiid as coming back 100% and becoming meeting his star player Olajuown-like expectations. ............"

December 10, 2015:
"Embiid wasn't a f-up. here is why. try to find fault in this logic.

1) Wiggins is exactly as expected.
2) pre-injury, Embiid would have been picked ahead of Wiggins, i.e. he was projected to be at least as good as Wiggins is now. which is franchise cornerstone material
3) what are the chance Embiid comes back 100% like the doctors who do this for a living suggest? even if that number is only 20%, a 20% chance today for a franchise cornerstone is better than any pick in that draft and still has significant value right now.. .20% is conservative . btw, i see it as 60% or so .
4) on draft day, there was far less uncertainty than there is now. it was a no - brainer "

Jan 20, 2016....
so maybe you can answer the question posed in this article?
start thinking about how you cover your tracks when Olajuwon joins the team

http://www.phillymag.com/news/2016/01/20/sixers-mailbag-11/ "

Jan 26, 2016
"joel embiid will the best pick in the last 20 years" [funny, i saw an article this week, actually saying this"

April 27, 2016":
"not "you guys are going to be sorry" ... but , rather "you guys will have to give Hinkie credit." it will be fun to see the squirming and revisionist history. everyone is on record calling all of these draft picks busts.... and you will be judged."

May 17, 2016
"i was praying we before they flipped #3, was happy, but then got greedy.... #1 it is... gotta get this pick right. Simmons feels like a can't miss to me. but i won't be disappointed if the guys that do this for a living take Ingram. Embiid is going to hit big time. get ready people."

June 29th, 2016:
it would be unfortunate after all this time and anticipation if he [Saric] does not turn out to be a good NBA player. i can tell you for me personally, I have always assumed he would be pretty good, and have spent a lot of mental energy in that place of hope. if he is jan vessely i will be really disappointed.

i won't comment on Embiid again , lol, other than saying his upside is Olajuwon and by any measure he was the best pick both at the time and in 20/20 hindsight, his injury has zero similarity to Greg Oden's knee, Yao Ming had an arch reconstructed and moved (embiid did not) and you can scour the internet and never find a doctor quote about an athlete as bold as "supporting a full recovery' as Dr O'malley quoted after the fact. Dr O' malley is not the team doctor and not affiliated with sixers.

i wish you good luck in your bet, but you have a much larger chance of losing than you probably think. "

Beyond just basketball, it's rare for anyone to admit they were wrong in some public sort of way. More common for people to just move on and maybe adjust their thinking moving forward.

kings only have a 1/2 game better record than the sixers

solid chance pick swaps happen

AaronMcKie4MVP: would like to hear your take on the latest injuries for the "greatest pick in the last 20 years."

Quick response to the Noel trade:

This is what happens when you spend 4 high lottery picks on duplicate pieces. Each of them loses value the longer you hold onto him. Everyone knew the Sixers had to move one or more of these guys. Noel is now/probably will wind up being better than Okafor, so he's the one that leaves. The return is meh, but whatever. This seems better than being forced to match a max offer sheet someone signs him to in the summer.

As for not trading him over the summer, that's revisionist history. At that point, we had no idea he'd miss 2/3 of the season w/ an injury and Embiid hadn't played a single minute of NBA basketball. This move is a direct result of Hinkie's perpetual tank, and it won't be the last questionable move to clean up the mess he left.

Now trading Ilyasova was much more of a disappointment to me, but that's another story. I liked what he brought to the team and hoped he'd be around for a long time (would've liked to have seen Saric on the way out, instead).

Ha! - team Hinkie

The undisputed success of The Process killed this site.
Is it now meant to be an archive for those of us that are still fans, to mock and laugh at?
Asking for a friend-

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