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What do the Yankees have coming up in their farm system?

I haven't heard much said about their minor league talent.

Here is the Baseball America's list of the Yanks' top ten prospects:

1. Philip Hughes, rhp
2. Jose Tabata, of
3. Dellin Betances, rhp
4. Joba Chamberlain, rhp
5. Ian Kennedy, rhp
6. Chris Garcia, rhp
7. Tyler Clippard, rhp
8. J. Brent Cox, rhp
9. Mark Melancon, rhp
10. Brett Gardner, of

It's no coincidence that 8 of them are pitchers. This list was from before the Sheffield and Randy Johnson trades, so I think Gardner has probably dropped off since then.

Tabata is the only hitter you ever hear about, here are his numbers so far this year in High A-ball in Tampa:

.297 BA, .373 OBP, .387 SLG, 1 HR, 15 RBI, 6 SB.

He's a smallish corner outfielder right now with good speed and excellent plate discipline especially for an 18 year-old. Scouts project him to develop power, but it's been a slow progression so far. He's still a couple of years away.

Honestly, Cashman and the Yankees have focused on rebuilding their pitching in the minors over the past two years, they're going to have to start looking for hitting prospects now.

Honestly, I think building up the pitching first is the smartest move. There's never enough strong pitching to satisfy the market! And you can always buy some mercenary to hit for you or trade for him...Case in point, getting Bobby Abreu from my Phils for little more than the cost of a Happy Meal.

The only thing that disappoints me is the lack of blue chip Left handed pitching prospects with the Yankees.....

FYI, there's an article on AOL ripping the Clemens signing by Sean Jensen.

Wanted to know if what you thought of this...He sounds like another Yankee hater calling for the sky to fall in and has a short memory of what Clemens was able to do in Houston under the same contractual demands...

Anyone who is up in arms over the special treatment Clemens is getting in the Bronx, and was not over the same special treatment in Houston doesn't have a leg to stand on, in my opinion.

They're up in arms because he's on the Yankees and they're using the travel allowances as a crutch. If they were worth anything as a journalist there are plenty of ways they could throw cold water on the signing, clinging to that just shows how limited they are in their abilities.

So glad to read your post about that yahoo crying foul over the Clemen's contract. Just reading the article pissed me off.

Journalist Jensen must not know that those sort of special options pop up in more contracts than you'd think... case in point, Kevin Brown.

Brown had a guaranteed two days off a week and a private plane to charter him to wherever he lived (somewhere in the deep South, poss. Georgia) as well as other special perks, and Kevin Brown SUCKED!

Here's hoping that Clemens comes back and shuts them all up with brilliant pitching...do the Yankees have a tentative date for the Rocket's launching and will he be pitching in Trenton or Scranton first?

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