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, all the time

Set this picture to music from Wild Cherry....
"Throw those funky elbows,
white boy"

My son and I aren't ready to give up on this kid yet but it all depends on what they draft. Let's see if he shows enough to keep him on the roster....

PS...These write ups on the Sixers are great!

Just checking in after a while DF... keep up the good work, I like these sheets about Sixers players

I'm going on with my rates as well




I liked the way he was playing early in the year, actually, I liked having him in the starting lineup a lot better than Hunter. He'd grab a rebound or two, and you could actually give him the ball in the low post on occasion as well. It's really going to depend on the draft.


Welcome back, man. I've been reading, keep up the good work. Check out Ricky's Sixer ratings here.


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