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Danks has been as advertised, you'll be impressed by him tonight. He doesn't throw to hard, his fastball tops out around 91 or 92, but he does one thing alot of young pitchers struggle with, throw strikes. This should be a good series, a group of struggling hitters vs some struggling pitchers.

Someone's going to break out in this series, and I'm not that confident it'll be the Yanks.

Danks should have a good game tonight, the Yankee lineup is all screwed up with Abreu batting second. The lefties are stacked up, and A-Rod isn't hitting now, so they have no righty power.

I'm just glad the Sox are at home, going into Yankee Stadium is tough for any pitcher, let alone a 22 year old rookie. Danks really hasn't been shelled yet this season, its gonna happen eventually, it might be tonight.

Speaking of breaking out, how about Joe Crede? He broke out last season, this year he's struggling against, but it starting to come on as of late. Look for a big series from him.

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