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You gotta believe that the dream team lineup is eventually gonna get hot! The starting pitching is producing... it's only a matter of time before all falls into place.

Talking of sports depression,
try being a die hard Phils fan ....
At least the Yankees aren't on a crash course to lose their 10,000th game this season and earn a very dubious honor...

I still like the Phils to make the playoffs. Hamels is an ace, Myers should give Charlie at least one arm he can depend on in the bullpen, and that lineup is sick.

When Howard gets back, they'll be fine, it was just a rocky start.

Yeah, strange enough, I still believe in the Phils too, every year.

Myers looks great in the pen (despite last night's HR) But with Tom Gordon...I dunno what to think of that guy!

The Yankees look smart for letting Gordon go. Did they know something we don't, or are they just better judges of character?

Gordon was over-used really badly by the Yanks. At his age there was no way he could keep up the pace they were using him as. Actually, I thought closing would be good for him, because he wouldn't be used as much.

While I can appreciate the points in Looking Ahead (Depressed Fan), I am tired and sick of hearing rubbish about the "economic recovery". The US government borrowed and spent $6.1 trillion during the last four years to obtain a cumulative $700 billion increase in the nation's GDP. This means we've borrowed and spent $8.70 for every $1 of nominal "growth" in Gross domestic product. In constant $, Gross domestic product is flat, we got no "growth" at all for our $6.1 trillion. In constant US dollars, the GDP in 2011 might get back to the 2007 level, if the US economy continues "growing" at the same pace reached in the first 90 days of 2011. If not, then the GDP will in reality be below before recession levels. There is no economic recovery, the facts prove this.

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