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Double Header on May 16 at 13:48

I am a double header I head doubles, I double heads. I do it all, basically. Want to see me? F**k you, see half of me. Want to see all of me? It's gonna cost you your afternoon, b*tch. I don't play around.

I really hate the day/night doubleheader. So pompous, so greedy...why doesn't anyone care about the fans anymore?

So John Danks just kicked ass. Your thoughts?

I'm happy that Abreu hit the ball like a man. Other than that, not much to get excited about. Hoping for a split in the doubleheader.

Not shocked at all that the Sox bats came to life against the Yanks. Depression is setting in.

I'll do a writeup later, when I get home.

Mussina struggled today, do you think he came off the injured list too soon?

Good news is the long ball from Abreu and Phelps!

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