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Hmm . . . Piazza could be a good candidate for comeback player of the year . . .

brandon on Feb 15 at 7:40

I would love to see the Yanks get Crawford too. That guy is awesome. If he played for a winning team, he would be ten times better. He's exactly they type of player the Yanks should be looking to sign.

I don't want to see the Yanks getting anymore NL pitchers, either. D-Train blows. The guy is a drunk, and he doesn't know how to wear a baseball cap. Round out that rim, freak!

I like what you had to say, though I disagreed with one thing: Carlos Zambrano is an amazing pitcher. I don't want Dontrelle, either, but Carlos is the real deal. He'll be winning Cy Youngs with the regularity of his fellow countrymate Santana over the next five years.

Crawford would be great, too.

Anyway, it was fun, looking forward to the next project.

Two things really scare me about Carlos Zambrano:

1. Last year he walked 4.82 per 9 innings. That's way too much.

2. He pitches in the national league, can you name the last pitcher to move from the NL to the AL and had success? Schilling I guess, but he was a veteran, Zambrano isn't.

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