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Ok the Bulls just lost and i wanna fight someone. I'm about 5'7 135, Rasheed Wallace is probably 6'10, 230; think i could take him? Man i hate that guy.

Dont worry about the Yanks they're going to be fine. Baseball is such a long season, every team goes through peaks and valleys, if this is the Yankees valley then they should win alot of games. You've probably been watching the Yanks for 20 years, and theyve had some real good teams during that time and alot of champions, can you ever remember one of those teams that didn't hit a little rough patch? Whether it comes in May, July, or September, those things happen. Baseball just works out that way. Good to see Gar Gar Binks continue to pitch well today, he's the most underrated pitcher in the AL (18 wins the last two years!!); he's turning into an ace.

You could take Wallace, he's all mouth.

The ChiSox played a great series, Danks and Garland impressed me. The central is going to be fun to watch, four quality teams there.

I've seen a lot of great Yankee teams, and I've also seen plenty of horrible Yankee teams in the 80's/early 90's. Right now, this team is reminding me of the bad ones. But you're right, it is still early.

Sorry about the Bulls, they're a year away, and they don't need any soft Euros. Let someone else overpay for Gasol, he's over-rated. If you need a low-post presence, take Roy Hibbert in the draft.

Wallace has a couple more years in him, and those young guys got valuable playoff experience this year. They hung with the Pistons for the last four games, next year they'll get over the hump with basically this roster (and the Knicks' lottery pick).

TUP! I think Yanks will be just fine, too. 2005, Yanks open 11-19, still manage to win division. Point: Every team hits either bad spot in April, or bad spot in September, but it's how they do the rest of the season that determines final standing.

As for the Bulls - you need a low post presence - trade for Gasol, O'Neal or KG. That's the only chance for a better tomorrow....

Hopefully the Yanks will beat up on the Mutts tonight...
Petitte vs. Perez.

Braves vs. Red Sox... maybe the Braves can help the Yanks pick up some ground.

Still gotta believe the Yanks will be OK. Keep the faith...

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