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And the odds of Billy King choosing productive first round picks??

Those can't be calculated. I just hope the Sixers wind up with #1, #2 or #12, because if they get #3 I have a feeling Noah is coming to Philly, and I really don't want that guy.

Mix Master Mu on May 22 at 13:21

If the sixers get the number three pick I bet they take Yi Jianlin. I've heard Billy King is really high on the guy. I don't know if it's the right pick but reports have him weighing in at 243 pounds these days which is pretty good.

I'm pissed because I have a softball game tonight at 8:00 and am going to miss the draft show. Of course i've been watching philly sports all my life and they never win anything so maybe just maybe if I don't watch the show they will get the number one or two pick. Please don't let stupid Boston get a top two pick.


Of the guys who could go in the top 12, the only two I definitely don't want are Noah and Hawes. I've heard the same thing about Yi, but I don't know anything about him. I really don't think anyone else does either. I read one report that said he was closer to 29 than 19.

Everyone seems to agree that he's a 7-footer who can handle the ball and score from the perimeter.

If they get the #3, I'd want Horford though. He's a legit 4, something the Sixers really need.

F Boston. You shouldn't be rewarded for tanking.

I don't want to see Boston rewarded for dropping like a stone either. It would make my day to see them drop below the Sixers in the draft order!

It still worries me that B.K. is determining the future of the Sixers. He's got a golden opportunity to make the Sixers a better team. His selections in the draft should determine his future here. If he blows this and the Sixers are a lottery team next year, hopefully we'll be rid of him.

He and Cheeks are both on the final years of their deals. If this team doesn't make the playoffs next year, I think we may have a new direction in Philly.

John Smallwood has an article on Snider's plan (lack thereof?) for the Sixers going forward.


george harkins on Jun 2 at 16:43

if the 76ers do not get big,
faster & strong on rebounding we will not do to much with the team so that means free agence but we have no cap room wich leaves us with trades or trade draft choices with players we have. we need a power forward or center our big guys did perty good but we need more (rebounding blocked shots & defence will win more games) sixers
fan george. answer pleas

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