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I'm sure I can guess your opinion on this, but did you just see A-Rod's slide into second in the 8th? I'm okay with taking guys out with your actual slide, but coming up out of the slide and throwing an elbow into the stomach is a little much.

Keep in mind that, despite my hatred of the Yankees, I don't hate A-Rod, and I've gone on record with that in the past. So it's not just Yankee hating that makes me react that way.

It was obviously an illegal play, but I don't think he was trying to hurt Pedroia.

This has been a very bad sports night for me so far.

No, I don't think he was trying to hurt him. It was just a desperation play, I think.

Sorry about the Sixers.

Agreed, it was a desperation play, just like when he swatted the ball out of the pitcher's glove against Boston.

Thanks for the condolences, they could still trade up, I guess. Or get Jeff Green at #12. It's not the end of the world, just feels like it tonight.

I can't explain how awesome it is the Celtics dropped to #5 after clearly tanking a good portion of last season. That was justice.

Either that or Stern fixed it to punish them...

good post DF

how does it feel to get the 12th pick now? We could have been easily in Seattle's place (notice they had only 4 wins more than us...) with a SMART tanking, like I said several times. Not a dirty one, like Bos and Mil did.

Anyway I'n not mad at all, I knew we screwed this opportunity way before the draft so yesterday night it wasn't such a disappointment, kind of expected it

Will post more on my blog soon, go check when u can

LOL @ Atlanta taking Brewer, good one



I watched the lottery selection, hoping for a miracle. No miracles, but the best part of it was watching when Boston was announced fifth. Then Memphis name was announced, and they broke for a commercial, showing a shocked Boston fan, mouth open, looking very despondent.

Boston not being rewarded for tanking made the whole thing worth watching.

Also, any idea of where Jerry West is going after leaving Memphis?

Mix Master Mu on May 23 at 10:00

I can understand stern punishing the most blatant tanking teams, ie celts and bucks, but Seattle also tanked at the end of the year. Also who wants to watch Portland or Seattle for that matter?

Portland will be a very good team don't get me wrong. But now I will have to watch more clips of Bill Walton in his glory days in Portland wearing those sweeeeeet tight shorts that nearly showed off where Luke came from.

So what is your philly mock draft? I'd really like to get either Horford, Jianilin, or Brewer somehow.

I'd like a team of
PG Andre Miller
SG Corey Brewer
SF Andre Iguodala
PF Jason Smith or McRoberts
C Dalembert

That would be a very energetic team to watch.

I'll do a draft write-up later today. Chad Ford's mock draft has the Sixers taking Jeff Green, McRoberts and Big Daddy from LSU. So you pretty much bank on the Sixers NOT getting those three.

Bleed Green,

Amen to that, man. F Boston.


This isn't the worst case scenario, being the Knicks is the worst case scenario. I still think winning in the second half was the right thing to do. The Sixers have their superstar, now they need to build around him. They COULD do that with these picks.


No idea where Jerry West is going, probably retirement to Arizona to play golf or something. I kinda doubt he'll be working in the NBA this season.


Seriously, who cares about the Pacific Northwest? This lottery wasn't fixed, if it was, they would've sent Oden and Durant to at least somewhat large markets.

I like your lineup, but I don't see it happening. Brewer is going to be gone way before #12, and I don't think they should move up unless it's to get Oden or Durant, probably just Oden. And that probably isn't going to happen.

Back later with more Sixers stuff.

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