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Crittenton is a dumbass if he comes out cause he'd be top 10, maybe top 5 next season. He's siiick with three i's. Any team who gets him is going to be happy. I also think McRoberts is gonna be solid in the pros.

I'd like to see him a Sixers' uniform. Personally, I hope Hibbert, Green and Crittenton all come out. The Sixers have 4 picks in the draft, the more talent across the board, the better value they'll get with those picks.

Roy Hibbert must've heard Boston was interested in him and it scared him into staying in school...haha.
Better he stays in school than to lose him to the Celtics.

Your last comment, though makes me neasy
"Whichever way you slice it, the Sixers are a + .500 team as long as they don’t do something self-destructive (stupid trade), and they will be in the playoffs next year. Write it down."

If anyone can screw this up, it's Billy King....

The last time King had a pick this high he took Iguodala. Even if he really hasn't earned it, we gotta have some faith right now, what choice do we have?

I'd rather go to Georgetown than Boston, so I'm going to have to agree with you there.

Good post as usual DF. Some things:

Andre Miller expires in 2 years, not next summer. I say "keep him"

I also would like to move up and I think it's possible. I see Atlanta and even Boston available to move down. Remember Paul Pierce asked to trade for a couple of veterans this year

I don't follow NCAA basketball much but I read there are a lot of very good PF/C coming out this year and we definitely need to get one. Hawes, Wright, Noah (I think he will be pretty good, BTW)

On Belinelli I wrote a post on my blog, check it





Good catch on Miller. You're right, he expires after 08-09. Kevin Ollie, Louis Williams and Shavlik Randolph are the only guys who expire after 07-08.

I say a prayer every night that the Sixers don't get Noah. I'd love it if they could trade up to get Horford. Maybe they can trade #21 and Miller to the Celts for #5 :) I'm sure Ainge could be talked into it.


Interesting idea, but I don't think I'd give up Miller trusting that Billy King will pick the "right guy" at #5 (whoever that might be). The Miller trade scenario you posited also assumes that either Conley or Law will be available at #12 AND that he'll be an effective NBA point guard right out of the gates. I say, stick with Miller unless someone wants to give us the world for him.

The only way I'd trade Miller is in a deal that would get us either Oden or Durant, and that's not going to happen.

If they're going to trade up for a guy like Horford, it would have to be someone else. You're right, we need Miller to run this team. I'm not too high on Conley or Law, to be honest with you.

I think the sixers are in some need of bulk and size inside. I think the Davis choice would be an excellent one, if you can get him at the 30 slot. I think he just needs coached. In respect to his weight, He is built like a bull, similar to sir Charles. I think the sixers just need to focus on rebounding and inside defense. I think the other pieces will come together and they have a tremendous upside for the future.

I'm rethinking Davis a little bit. He's a huge risk, basically because I don't think he's going to lose the weight and keep it off, but if he does, he could be a force on the inside. Maybe he is worth this pick. I think it depends on who's still on the board when the Sixers pick.

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