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Who was it that labeled Pavano 'the Rajah of Rehab?' It's so fitting....

Peter Abraham at the Lohud Yankees Blog said it.

This whole Pavano situation has me sick to my stomach. The guy should seriously be arrested for stealing money.

I wonder if the Yanks might be able to void his contract or anything like that... I would not be surprised if they try to take SOME action on their failed investment!!!

Are MLB contracts insured?

I'd make him sell hot dogs in the stadium for the next two years to earn his pay check.

MLB contracts are not insured in the same way that I think NBA contracts are (see: Bender, Jonathan). They could attempt to void his contract if he did something out of the ordinary but just the fact that he keeps getting hurt won't make his contract voidable. If they would have tried to void his contract for all the other stuff he was doing before, they might have had a shot. That being said, it's extremely difficult to void a MLB contract and I cant' think of one that has been voided.

I like the idea of having him sell hot dogs....since he can't serve his team, he can serve the fans.

Or maybe you could make him the greeter at one of the entrances just like the Walmart greeters. It would give every Yankee fan a chance to tell him he's a bum....

The Yanks got out of the Aaron Boone deal because he was injured playing hoops. I wonder if there was a malingerer clause in Pavano's deal.

I've given it some thought, and I think hot dog vendor and greeter are too kind. I'd like to see Pavano be in charge of changing the urinal wafers at the stadium.

How about having Pavano clean out the stadium after a ballgame?

That wouldn't allow for proper public humiliation.

Every Yankee fan should get a chance to say, "You suck." To Pavano on their way to the latrine.

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