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I do think Barry Zito is overpaid but I don't know that I'd rank him the most overrated. I'd reserve that dubious #1 honor for J.D. Drew because of his attitude, agent, and constant trips to the injury list.

All three Drew boys use evil uber-agent Scott Boras and have been holdouts to start their careers. Contract negotiations with their teams have often become bitter and every team that he's played on wouldn't have him back because you can't count on him to stay healthy. Tony LaRussa said it best when he said the kid had all the tools to succeed but the heart nand that he wouldn't want him back in St. Louis.

Everything came too quickly and too easily for this guy and he was coddled. His constant whining and injuries make him nearly as big a malingerer as Carl Pavano. If anyone hasn't earned his millions, it's J.D. Drew.


I hate Drew, I think he could care less about playing, and sees every minor injury as an excuse to take some time off. But I'm not sure he qualifies as overrated anymore, basically because everyone thinks he sucks now anyway.

That's why I was surprised to see the Sox basically tamper to get him in the off season. It's fun watching him flail for Boston now.

When I think of overrated players, I think of guys whose production doesn't match their reputation. Off the top of my head, I always thought Garret Anderson was one of these guys, mainly because his on-base percentage hovered around .320.

I'm surprised Theo Epstein, who I'd normally consider an astute judge of talent, rated Drew highly. I thought Epstein was a guy who used the system of assessing talent described in the book 'Moneyball.' Epstein had a serious lapse of judgement with Drew.

I agree that Stark's method of choosing who's overrated sounds very subjective. It's easy to attack a guy with a big contract who is struggling as he'd be an obvious target. And in terms of 'a missing Derek Jeter gene,'
wouldn't an overwhelming majority of players fit into that category?

Yeah, the Jeter gene is pretty rare, if it exists.

Drew is technically a good moneyball guy, when he actually plays, high on-base percentage.

I'm just happy to see him choking in Boston. They'll regret that signing.

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