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What worries me is that so much hope is placed on Clemens to be the Yankee savior at this point. No matter how well he pitches and as much as I like the guy, he's not likely to pitch eight shutout innings, especially against Boston, Cleveland or Detroit. And as you said, he's not swinging a bat for them as well. If Clemens proves beatable, where do they find a savior then or do they just give up on the season?

I don't think they'll be allowed to give up on the season, especially w/ the way George is opening his mouth these days. Unfortunately, I think if Clemens isn't the savior, Cashman may be out of a job and whoever replaces him may start pulling the trigger on stupid trades.

I heard Texiera's name mentioned on TV today, I can't imagine Texas would part with him for less than a king's ransom. Who knows?

A big problem is that I don't know who or what you target with moves. A first baseman, I guess. A power-hitting, right-handed bat if you can get one. Maybe a lefty in the pen? I'm at a loss. This team is much better than this, and I think they need to get some of the bats going before we'll really know exactly what they need.

Don't worry about it bro, when its all said and done the Yanks will win the wildcard. This is coming from a Jays fan.

The Yankees are like the New York Rangers of the last decade. Superstars, super money, but not a super team. Bringing Clemens back is like re-signing Mark Messier in '98. It didn't get them a cup.

Yeah, I'd worry that if Steinbrenner gets fed up and fires Cashman, his replacement would make stupid knee-jerk reaction trades. I'd imagine guys like Giambi and Abreu would be fall guys...maybe Cabrera as well.

Every one of these guys in the lineup is a threat and will get hot..it's just a matter of time. There's still more talent on this team than anywhere else in the league.

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