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brandon on Feb 20 at 7:35

I thought the Slam Dunk contest was good. I think it's good every year, actually. It gets a bad rap for no reason.

Green deserved to win. His first dunk was the best (pass off the side of the back board).

You have to love Nate Robinson. I thought he did a good job defending his title. Certainly better than Josh Smith did last year. I like he offered to stand in on Green's dunk that was a throw back to the year Shawn Kemp got robbed by Dee Brown. Nate's first dunk was his best.

What's-his-name from Orlando didn't show me much. I was expecting much more than a sticker on the backboard. I heard that he asked to have the rim raised to 12 feet for one dunk, and then wanted it at 11 1/2 for another. The NBA wouldn't do it. Oh well.

The biggest bust of the night was that guy from Chicago who bragged that he's only in it for the money. Dude, I had a better chance of winning that contest and I can't even get rim!

No one even came close to Iguodala's dunk from last year when he touched the ball on the back of the backboard came underneath and dunked it.

There was nothing extraordinary about this year's contest at all. Howard's sticker dunk was the only thing we've never seen in a slam dunk contest before. It's gotten old, and ever since they stopped penalizing you for missing dunks it's become even more of a joke than usual.

Green did deserve to win, but beyond that first dunk he didn't do anything even remotely special. And the pass off the backboard wasn't the impressive thing about that dunk, it was where he took off from and the power he threw it down with.

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