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After his comments on Steven Smith's ESPN Radio show saying there was no way he could stay in L.A., later on in the afternoon, Kobe professed his love for the Lakers and the city of L.A. Is this guy schizophrenic, or does he just realize he and L.A. are stuck together?

I think his narcissism is just completely out of control. I hope he rots in L.A. or wherever he winds up and never sniffs the finals again.

The Lakers are rumored to be interested in Jermaine O'Neal (who I thought would go to the Knicks). Do you think this will appease Kobe?

One player that could help the Lakers is Jason Kidd. He has a way of making the guys around him better.

I think Kidd would've been the better solution in L.A. Playing with Kobe wouldn't limit his game in any way. I think O'Neal's numbers go way down if he's playing w/ Bryant. Pretty much any big-time offensive player going into L.A. is going to see a dip in production, the key is how would O'Neal handle that.

Plese don't tell me that u REALLY believed that Kobe wanted out.

I never did (I know it's easy to comment now, when he already took those statements back, but really...)

He's so full of s..t that u can never believe him

What a joke. He will stay in LA and collect first round exits for years and years, that's sweet !!

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