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Oh, Giambi is likely out for the year, according to the latest reports from the Post.

The Yankees would never deal Wang. Him and Hughes are as untouchable as Jeter. So if Texas is dealing Texiera, and knowing there isn't a big market for free agent to be 1Bs (seriously, which team doesn't have an expensive 1B, or a young stud), the Yankees are bidding against themselves.

Texiera. Coming soon.

OH NO!!! We don't need Farts-worth in Philly, no matter how desparate we are for a reliever! He seems to give up one or two hits every inning he's in and besides, Rowand is hot right now making him more valuable. Now if the Yankees could take Burrell instead, that could be an option. He could use a change of scenery and would probably do well for the Yankees.

And with Abreu...
Abreu could come through and get hot. He's had slow starts before and when the weather warms up, so does his bat. He will get hot, it's just a matter of time.


I can think of a couple of teams who would join in on the bidding for Teixeira. The Angels are probably at the top of the list. They have a young, stud 1b, but they need an extra bat in the worst way. Kotchman may even be part of the deal.

The Giants would love to have him, and actually have some young arms they could spare to get him. Teixeira is young, and good so that goes against Sabean's general philosophy so they're probably not going to be heavily involved.

The Dodgers are another team that desperately needs a big bat. They'd have to move Nomar to third, though. So again, not too likely.

If he really is available, I don't think they'll be bidding against themselves, it's just a matter of how much they're willing to part with.


I know you don't want it to happen, but can you really say you'd be shocked if they traded Rowand for Farnsworth? It would be a bad move for the Phils. Rowand for Bruney, would be a good move. Bruney could be a closer right now, I'm just not sure other teams are going to value him that highly.

Abreu will snap out of this, it's just a matter of if it's going to already be too late when he does.

I wouldn't be shocked if Gillick traded Rowand for Fartsworth. Brian Cashman strikes me as a shrewder GM than Pat Gillick, even if his job is on the line and even if Gillick has more experience.

If Gillick was smart, Bruney would be the reliever to acquire and Burrell would be the player to get rid of instead of Rowand. The White Sox want Rowand back and maybe they'd offer more for him than the Yankees...who knows?

This is why I've come to admire the Yankees after years of hating them... they assemble the talent necessary to get the job done and manage to get into the playoffs nearly every season. They'll get the help they need while my Phils, sadly, miss out on those one or two players that would get them to the playoffs and are perennial 'also rans.'

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