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Beanball is stupid, no matter who starts it, or who does or does not get even in the end. And every time something like this happens, it only serves to underline the point. Everyone looks ridiculous.

If Schilling hits a guy first tomorrow, he's an idiot. If Beckett hits someone on Sunday, he's a bigger moron for hitting a guy 48 hours after the incidents. Good for Mussina for never getting involved. More pitchers should follow his lead.

As for Youkilis, maybe he's just not as stupid as Proctor, and realizes that behaving like a neanderthal will only serve to get him suspended.

You don't have to fight someone to be tough. I don't really see how not resorting to violence automatically makes you a pussy.

For the most part, I agree with you.

When that first retaliatory pitch is thrown, nothing good is going to come of it. This is the main drawback of the DH, in my opinion. Pitchers who have to hit are much less likely to throw the first one.

Once it's started, however, I think teams need to realize when it's over. You hit one, they hit one, everyone gets warned, it's over. It should never go beyond that. If they had warned everyone when A-Rod got hit tonight, it probably would've stopped there.

Mussina actually won't get involved anymore because the last time he did, he got injured in the ensuing brawl. The same thing happened to Farnsworth.

I'm not saying charging the mound is smart, or necessarily tough. I'm saying pretending that you're going to do it is a pussy move.

If you aren't going to resort to violence, then walk to first base. Don't slowly walk toward the mound screaming and pointing like you're going to do something violent, when you know you're going to be "restrained."

This isn't me being anti-Boston, the last time these teams got into a brawl, A-Rod did the exact same thing. It's to show how tough they are, when they're anything but. If you want to show how tough you are, walk to first and keep your mouth shut.

Why was Proctor ejected? Did the umps issue a warning before the inning?

Nope, no warning. Just an immediate ejection for Proctor. The umps dropped the ball.

He threw at a guy's head with a six-run lead in the ninth inning. There's no way you can say he wasn't trying to intentionally hit him.

Even if he didn't mean to throw at his head (which I don't believe for a second), he absolutely deserved to be thrown out, and that was probably as much to diffuse the situation as anything else. The whole thing was absurd. Ejecting guys is at the ump's discretion, right?

Hell, if Curt throws at a guy's ankle in the first inning today, he should be thrown out.

The umps dropped the ball by not issuing a warning in the top of the ninth, when Javier Lopez obviously hit Cano on purpose.

I don't really have a problem with Proctor being ejected, but they should've issued a warning, really when A-Rod got hit and the teams were "even," but at the very least when Cano got hit.

Yeah, by the time you get to the fifth HBP, you'd expect a warning to have been issued somewhere.

You know, Brian, I'm always very impressed by your beanball analysis. This is something you really have paid attention to over the years.

Still, I agree with Erin - sh*t is stupid, and I've always appreciated that Torre and guys like Moose have stayed above the fray. But you are right, the Sox historically do throw at Yankee hitters alot, especially A-Rod (which is bush league).

Still, isn't Proctor sending a pitch under Youk's chin akin to Mardy Collins clubbing JR Smith in the paint? I mean, it's a physically dangerous act that isn't really part of the game that's meant to send a message to the other team, in retaliation for that other team's actions during the course of the game... aren't they sort of similar?

I would argue that throwing a pitch at someone is actually more dangerous than a hard foul. I haven't seen too many of those hard fouls result in injury, but hit by pitches sure can....

SML, I'm not condoning throwing at Youkilis's head. There, now that I've said that, Collins did something to potentially hurt someone from the other team because his team was getting blown out. Proctor did it because guys on his team were getting hit left and right. There's a difference there.

If Collins had given that foul as payback for a Knick getting fouled hard, it would've been a different situation.

Got it, fair enough!

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