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I'm still on the fence about Mike Lowell's collision with Cano. You're right that it wasn't technically against the rules, but it was a little harsh. I mean, it was a close game still, so I guess that's saying something. I think it would have looked better if he hadn't lowered his shoulder, and had just run into Cano head on.

I didn't realize we were at the point where guys get made fun of for surviving testicular cancer, though. It's good to know.

Oh, and my favorite McCarver moment was when he told us all about how Red Sox games weren't always as popular as they are today. I thought he was going to claim something about people not coming to games in the 90s or something (which would have been wrong).

Instead he went on to tell us about how no one showed up before the '67 season. Well, geez. Maybe old Tim is right. That's only forty years ago. You know, back when each league had ten teams, America was still involved in Vietnam and Bobby Kennedy looked like he could be the next president.

These Red Sox sure are a flash in the pan.

Maybe the Lowell nickname was hitting below the belt. No pun intended.

McCarver and Buck are just worthless. It's bad when I'm looking forward to having Joe Morgan do the game tomorrow night.

You're dead on about the Lowell play.

It's only dirty if a "bad" guy does it. Belle was ripped for doing it because he was a jerk and A-Rod would have been blasted if he did it.

But, McCarver was wrong for saying it was different than the A-Rod slide on Pedroia. Both guys were going to be out and were trying to brake up double-plays. Nothing wrong with that.

The difference between the A-Rod slide on Pedroia and Lowell smack on Cano was A-Rod changed direction and went after the player. Cano was in the basepath and therefore fair game. That being said, I thought Lowell's move was dickish. Also, Tim McCarver made a great point how the Yankee players don't know where to go when men are on base and the ball is hit to the outfield. Yanks had two cutoff men with no one covering third, and the pitcher late to back up the plate.

Let's just say yesterday wasn't a good day for the Yanks on the defensive side of the ball and leave it at that.

The other difference between what A-Rod did and what Lowell did is that A-Rod actually broke up the double play.

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