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I agree with you, I would go big with our first two picks

the only position we are ok at is SF: Korver, Carny and some Iguodala when hes' not playing SG, what more can u ask?

I have no idea about this Tucker guy because I never saw him playing, anyway it seems a waste of a pick. We better draft a shooting SG (Belibnelli-Fernandez), if we want a back court player


Personally, I’d like the Sixers to take a shot at greatness with this pick. With Tucker, they’re taking a shot at mediocrity.

Well, I generally disagree with this thought process. This is the thought process that leads teams to pass on 4-year proven guys like Brandon Roy for Randy Foye, every year. And at #30, going for the role player is the move.

That having been said, I don't care much for Tucker. Philly doesn't need a SF, as Ricky pointed out. Why use this pick on Tucker when you should be looking for a SG (unless you believe Willie Green is the future), or a PF to compliment Dalembert/Hunter at center, or even a point guard to take the reins when Andre Miller's contract expires? Philly need depth at all those positions, if not starters than bench players! Another SF makes no sense.

I'm going to do a more in-depth piece on what the Sixers need to accomplish in this draft, but for the most part, you're right. SF is not an immediate need. That was pretty much my point, this guy is Rodney Carney, maybe even a step down.

Basically, the Sixers have two high-need spots on their roster and in their rotation. Hopefully, they address those spots with their first two picks. With #30 and #38, it's worth taking a shot. A guy like Tucker doesn't fit the bill.

The Sixers could do worse than drafting Big Baby. While most fat guys don't fare well in the NBA, this kid is a decent ball handler and moves well for a fat boy. If he's available at #30, he may be a good pick.

Mix Master Mu on Jun 4 at 10:25

Tucker is a winner and will not hurt your team. I don't see him as Carney at all. Carney is a 3 point shooter who rarely takes it to the hole. Tucker is more of a slasher and better defender. That being said I don't think we need Tucker but I wouldn't be upset if we got him. This is the guy i'd like the sixers to target with either the 30 or 38 pick.



I've come around on Big Baby I think. I'd rather they take him at #38, but he's the type of risk I'd like with those two picks.


That guy is absolutely the type of guy I'm talking about with that pick. Complete wild card w/ a huge upside. Good find.

As for Carney/Tucker, Carney was billed as a three-point shooter coming out, but I didn't see much of that this year. What I saw was a guy who could elevate and finish, and a decent defender, but not a solid outside game. What I was saying is that the Sixers don't need another three who can't hit an open jumper.

Mix Master Mu on Jun 4 at 16:07

Yeah I know what you are saying as far as risk/reward. Odds are we don't have to worry about it because my guess is that Billy will be wheeling and dealing come draft day.

Say we stay at 12 who would you rather have?

Thaddeus Young, Al Thornton, Jeff Green, Nick Young, Julian Wright.

I say we need a SG and Young is really the only one that fits that need. All the other guys are like small forwards. We obviously need a PF but don't know who will be there for us at 12.

I don't think the Sixers necessarily need a shooting guard, they need a 2 or a 3, whichever is the best player available. If it's a 3, you move AI to the 2, he's fine at either spot, and actually if they get a long 3 who's a good defender, they can then lock down two perimeter players on the opposing team on D.

It would be nice if the guy could at least hit an occasional three. This knocks Julian Wright off my list immediately. No outside game at all. Thornton had the highest 3pt% of them all, but he didn't shoot a lot of them. I like Thornton, and I'd be happy if they got him, but I like Green the best.

He has a decent offensive game, probably not as good as Thornton's but he's bigger, stronger and I think more polished. I think you put him and AI on the floor at the same time, with Miller running the point and they are going to be tough to defend, and tough to score on.

I'd love to get Green, and one of the Youngs may fall to #21. The only problem with that scenario is that they've used their first two picks on swingmen, and they still didn't add a big man.

I don't want Hawes. I'd love for them to trade up for Horford, but I don't think it's gonna happen. Brandon Wright isn't a true PF.

In my book it goes Oden, Durant, Horford, Brewer, Green then Thornton. The odds of trading up for one of the top two are basically nil, depending on how far they fall, the two Florida guys could be possibilities, otherwise at #12 I think Green and Thornton both make an impact this year, and I'd be happy with either of them.

If you really want Davis, hope he's there at 38. The 30th pick should be used on a project big man from Europe like Ante Tomic. The Sixers do not need to add 4 players to the roster this year. Tomic has huge upside and would develop much like Nenad Krstic of the Nets.

I don't think I really want him, but it's looking more and more like they aren't going to be able to get a big man early (unless they trade up). If they stand pat with their picks, and wind up with Green or Thornton at #12 and one of the European shooting guards at #21 then I think they have to take some size at #30.

Otherwise, we're going into next year with the same rotation of bigs, possibly minus Joe Smith.

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