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i give up buddy .. we have no bullpen 12.5 out .. no one believed me when i said getting rid of the shef was the worst move we coulda made .. even the unit is throwing bebes again i am disgusted.. we are 3 years away from winning another title wang and hughes will be the centerpiece or the rotation ... it could get ugly the next few years.. not to mention we only have one hitter who can hot homeruns :(

These are tough times my friend. I can't say I was too optimistic after the game tonight, but look at it this way: The Yanks fell behind by 12.5 games in the first 1/3 of the season, they've got 2/3 left to make up that ground.

The rocket should make his debut on Saturday (I'll be there, choke on that), that should energize the team, at least. At best, he could provide them with an ace. The rotation will be Wang, Pettitte, Clemens, Mussina and Clippard. I'd put them up against the Sox rotation. It looks like Torre has finally given the eighth inning to Bruney and moved Farnsworth to the 7th. That's a big step.

Abreu and Cano are starting to hit now, the Melk Man has shown signs, and you know Jeter isn't going to slump for long. Chalk tonight up to facing a hot pitcher. Boston just lost on a walk-off in the 11th. No harm, no foul. They start to climb back out tomorrow.

Plus, there's a good chance offensive help is on the way. Trade rumors are flying now, and if it looks like one bat will get them over the hump, they'll find a way to get it done (hopefully without giving up one of their young arms.)

Keep your chin up, and head to your local sports book and put money on the Yanks making the playoffs. It's gotta happen.

this post is tardy by a couple of days but... julian tavarez looks like freddy kruger. when he announced the sox lineup on saturday he couldn't pronounce any of his teammates names. i think he called dustin pedroia something like dirty pencil. on sunday jon miller wouldn't shut up about joe morgan being on a wheaties box. i was hoping joe would say that miller looks the the guy on the quaker oats package.
having said that, those guys are 1000 times better than tim (memphis red) mccarver and joe (my father did not get me this job) buck. nobody comes close to the YES guys, though.

I'd rather listen to Julie Tavarez call a game than McCarver and Buck.

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