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I think we don't need neither of them

we need a true, rebounding PF !!

Pretty surprisingly you never mentioned Carney in this post. They both seem to be better versions of Carney, why draft another SF when we have already 2 (+ Iggy)?

Give Carney a chance - are we already giving up on him? he never played !! - and fix the rebounding with our first pick, that has to be a player not smaller than 6'9.

With our second or third we could think about draft another swingman or a guard, if you want

Beyond Oden and Horford, no one really fits that bill at the top of this draft. I'd be all for trading up to get Horford.

Beyond that, you have to take the best player available, and rebounding help doesn't only come from the 4 and 5. I think putting either Green or Thornton at the 3 and Iggy at the 2 makes this team a much better rebounding team. (Green is taller than 6'9", by the way)

It's not worth reaching for a PF at #12, mainly because there's no one worth reaching for, and there should be two guys who can impact the team who should be available at a need position.

Carney isn't the answer at SF, I'm afraid. He may be a nice guy to bring off the bench, but as far as the starting lineup goes, he just doesn't cut it. Not unless he really, really, really progresses.

The way things are shaking out, they're going to have to get the rebounding Big at #21, or later. Unless they trade up.

Mix Master Mu on Jun 6 at 12:32

What do you think about Theo Papalouskas? From what i've heard is that he could be a heck of a point guard with some fire in him


If we keep all 4 of our picks he might be worth looking at. Although i don't know if he would go into the draft because he is 30 years old.



I don't think he's in the draft. Found a rumor that the Heat offered him $10M for 2 years in late May.

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