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Let's hope that the Wang doesn't get spanked tonight.

Hey Brian,

Off topic, but do you think the Yankees have an interest in Ichiro?

He'll be a free agent at season's end, and there's been speculation that he'll be traded before the deadline.


I hope Ichiro doesn't get traded this year. The Mariners are only 1 game out of the wild card, and I hate to see salary-cutting moves when a team is in the playoff hunt. I think it's the ultimate slap in the face for the fans.

As for the Yanks, I don't think signing him at this point is a good move, unless you can get him to sign a 2-year, maybe 3-year deal. I love his bat, and obviously his defense is sick. He'd help the Yanks for two, maybe three years. Anything more than that and he's going to be overpaid albatross at the end of his contract.

I'd prefer the Yanks get younger with their bats, they've already started to get younger with their arms via trades and draft, in the last year.


The Wang is going to spit all over the Sox.

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