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Wait a minute, Joe Torre is managing a game?!? Key bunts, key stolen bases, playing small ball... wow. I'm a huge Torre fan, but if there's one thing that has bothered me over the past 5 years, it has been that at some point Torre gave up his "NL style" of creating runs, and just sat there waiting for his team to hit homers.

Need I bring up that he could manufacture a run in Games 4 and 5 against Boston in 2004, even though the opportunities were there? Last year in the playoffs against the Angels?

Now, if he's actually managing again - maybe it's just because it was an interleague game, or maybe he has realized that his team has only one slugger on it right now - A-Rod - but if he's managing for real again... I have to say the rest of the AL has to be on notice. Joe Torre might be playing for keeps.

The Mets beat Detroit, so the Yankees are now 5.5 games out of the wild card, a big change from about two weeks ago (when they were like 9 games behind the Tigers)....

You might be onto something with the Giambi shirt and shorts....


You know what's changed? Melky is in the lineup, and playing like he was last year. They played exactly like this when Matsui and Sheff were on the DL last year. His youth and energy up everyone's level of play. More on this in my recap of today's game.


The shirt was in the stadium today, the Pirates never had a shot.

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