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A dislocated shoulder may not be that serious an injury, meaning Wade may not be out that long. Depending on how much damage (if any) he did to the surrounding tissue, he could be back in as little as two weeks.

I owe you a coke. The Knicks will continue to be a .500 team (not good, not bad, just mediocre) for the rest of the season.

I dislocated my shoulder in high school, I was back playing baseball pain-free in a week, but it took years before I could play basketball without popping it back out of joint.

I'd bet he's going to need to have it surgically repaired, basketball puts a ton of pressure on the shoulder, especially when you have to reach for a pass. Your arm is like a lever, when it's fully extended and you catch a pass, or try to knock the ball away, all the pressure goes right to the damaged joint.

The Heat would be nuts to let him come back too soon. This is very bad news for Heat fans.

brandon on Feb 22 at 7:28

I love how you are surprised about how well Balkman played. When are you going to learn that you are all wrong about this guy. He's good!!!

This is a typical Knick loss. They beat good teams, and lose to bad teams. Their biggest problem is defending 3-point shooters and late shot-clock baskets. I still think they are a better team than Orlando and will make the playoffs in the eighth position.

Two things need to happen for the Knicks to make the playoffs, the Nets need to trade Jason Kidd today, and Dwyane Wade needs to be out for 6-8 weeks. If the Knicks make it, the Heat don't.

Do you think the Nets are going to finish with a better record than the Knicks? Do you think Orlando will finish with a better record than the Knicks? Please go to The Vault right now and put in your choices for the Eastern Playoff teams.

You have my prediction for the nets (40-42)/knicks (34-48) final records in the vault already. I didn't do it for Orlando, but I'll look at their schedule now and add it. Check in a couple of minutes...

Meanwhile, you do the same thing for the Heat, Nets, Knicks and Magic.

knicks (34-48)

Really, Brian? I think I'm gonna win my coke back. I guarantee you the Knicks win more than 34 games this season. At worst they'll get 36 or 37.

I put my analysis of the Knick playoff chances up earlier today. It really comes down to how bad Orlando, New Jersey and Miami play, but 39 or 40 wins should be enough. No way two of those three teams tops 39 wins.

I'll stand by my predictions. The Nets have two players better than anyone on the Knicks, and Jefferson should be back soon. The Knicks could finish ahead of the Heat, especially because it looks like Wade is going to opt for surgery to fix his shoulder and miss the rest of the season.

If you want to bet we can split the difference between our predictions. Less than 36 wins, I win, more than 36 wins you win. 36 is a push.

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