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Two things: One, it's great to see the Yankee's offense forcing the issue, meaning stealing bases, taking the extra base, etc. Yesterday they set up the Abreu home run by hit and running with Jeter, which actually kept them out of the double play. Guess those people in the press that wrote off the Yankees earlier in the year are laying low now (with the Sox and Tigers losing tonight)....

Secondly, the longest homer I've ever seen is the Darryl Strawberry Opening Day homer ('88?) at Olympic Stadium in Montreal that hit the roof - that was an amazing blast.

Seriously, Joe isn't sitting around waiting for the three-run HR anymore. It's a thing of beauty.

The longest HR I've ever seen is probably the one McGwire hit off Randy Johnson, I think they measured it at 561 feet or something ridiculous like that. Canseco's was the hardest hit I've ever seen, though. It sounded like a gunshot coming off his bat. That was a great Summer, Canseco and Glenallen Hill were hitting bombs left and right.

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