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, all the time

we share the same thoughts about Joe Smith, I would give him even a 2 yrs deal for a reasonable price

he's a nice addition and I think some veterans are needed also in the locker room I mean, he seems the nice guy that liket to teach the youngsters how the league works

and with 3-4 rookies adding to an already young roster, a Joe Smith would be a real asset I think

BTW do you chech your mail, DF? or anyone who does it for you?

I have to ask you a quick thing but I don't know your account

sorry for the triple post

BTW you left the only one where I mispelled my own name LOL

take a look at my blog, if you want to change the part about your predictions just tell me and I will edit it

Oops, sorry about that Ricky. I'm filling in for Brian while he's away. He should be back early next week.

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