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A lot of GMs watched Yi practice, and I doubt that he'll be available at #12. And I'm with you in that I hope Billy doesn't gamble away the future (and the other high draft picks) to put all his money on Yi. I be a lot more confident if Larry were still around to babysit Billy Boy.

Sorry about the double post.
Tom Ziller in the AOL Blog referred to Yi as a 'ballhog.' In your opinion, is the guy a ballhog?

I've never seen him play, all I have to go on is what I read. I just think there are too many question marks about him. Too big of a gamble to trade up for him.

He's not a ballhog, he's a chucker. Like most foreign players, he doesn't over dribble, prefering to shoot quickly or pass the ball. But he does shoot alot... keep in mind, though, that he was a focus point of his team's offense in China.

Now, that having been said - he's a SF. A really tall SF, but a SF. So why does Philly supposedly want him? Are they going to move AI to SG? And, if so, is that a good move?

I don't have a problem with moving Iguodala to SG. He's legit at either the 2 or the 3. The problem I have w/ Yi is what it's going to take to get him. If the Sixers draft him, he plays the 4. He probably won't play it well against teams w/ a true PF, but that's where he'll play.

Priority #1 is a 4 or 5 (Dalembert can move if they get a legit center) priority #2 is getting a 2 or 3 (Iggy slides if nec.) The bottom line is that Steven Hunter and Willie Green need to be moved out of the starting lineup.

Yes, I realize getting two-starter quality rookies is a tall order, but not when you're only asking them to be an upgrade over Green and Hunter.

I'm curious to your thoughts on this scenario that I think is most likely come draft night. I see King sitting tight at 12 taking the player that falls to him; most likely Thorton, Green, or Wright. I then see King making his move in the middle of the first round trading 21 and 30 to move into the 15-17 range to grab someone like Thaddeus Young, AC Law, or Jason Smith.

I also wanted to note that getting a 2 or 3 to compliment Iggy may not be as much of a pressing issue as it seems. I have faith that Carney will be 100% healthy and ready to step up at the SG spot next season.


Great points. I'll address them from last to first.

Carney is going to have to make great strides to slid into the starting lineup. He might be capable, but I just didn't see enough from him last year to think he's going to leap over Green in Mo's eyes, and Green needs to be removed from the starting lineup.

If King stands pat, and grabs one of those three guys at #12, then I'd definitely be in favor of moving up with the second pick for any of the guys you mentioned, or maybe even Rodney Stuckey.

Depending on who falls to #12, this could be the best-case scenario. Miller, Iguodala, Stuckey, Green and Dalembert sounds good to me.

I agree about moving up for Green. Here's the deal:

12 + 30 + Willie Green to Milwaukee for 6 + Gadzuric.

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