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I had heard a rumor that Korver might be packaged in a trade to move up in the draft.... I hope this isn't true. Have you heard anything about this or what in the world BK might be thinking with this one?

Say it ain't so...

Korver is a keeper just as much as Andre Miller

I'd give him up only in a package for Oden or Durant. Seriously

(spoken like a true Korver groupie, I know... I admit)

I think to say that you can't put a price on Korver is naive. Korver is the sixth man (albeit third best player) on a below average team. I haven't heard or read about any rumors that have BK tarding him, but if they somehow lead to us drafting a guy like Horford- someone who fills the "banger" PF need- I'd be more than willing to listen.

Hey guys,

checking in from croatia, will be back tomorrow with full review of the draft-trades etc. my two cents (after the fact) korver is expendable if you get a key starter, did not happen, but I would have been fine with it.

I had heard that Billy King was offering Korver and the three first round picks for Yi and the Bucks refused it. Yi and his agent Dan Fegan refused to work out for Milwaukee and were shocked when Harris and the Bucks selected him. They've been avoiding all contact with the Bucks and have publicly asked for a trade.

Although Korver may be the best Sixth man in the league, on a serious contending team he is not a regular starter. While I like him and want to see him stay here, if we could get a starting PF or wide bodied, punishing Center for him, then a trade would have to be considered. But the rumored price of our first three picks AND Korver was too high a price for Yi, who is still an unknown commodity.

What happens if Yi refuses to sign with Milwaukee? How long do the Bucks hold his rights?

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