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Come on, I won the MVP in 79. I can do whatever I want to.

Best wishes,
Keith Hernandez

That cokehead was CO-MVP!!! And that reward belonged to Willie Stargell.


Willie Stargell

well said ... in other news bobby abreu is out for at least 2 weeks looks like another bust player for the yanks .. getting rid of the sheff was a huge mistake, other then jeter the sheff was the best clutch hitter we had maybe even more than the cap and we let him go to a now rival tiger team. we could have had him dh and play of and 1st now hes off to the tigers and were stuck with doug mientkewitzs bat in the line up.. thats just terrible.. hey bobby how bout hitting some home runs this year (the depressed fan only likes him cause he is a closet philly fan) if bob doesnt hit 35 hrs in the 3 hole then we made a very bad move

For your black and white photos, do you shoot in color and use software or do you shoot in black and white?

Sie treffen damit den Nagel auf den Punkt!

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