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, all the time

Thanks Mike, can't wait to see Brian's opinion

I just posted mine on my blog after following the draft live (= went to bed at 6 AM to be at work at 9...)

I am confused to say the least. Be careful, not disappointed, confused. really can't tell which is the main feeling...

is Deepressed fan going to change to "Very depressed fan"?

What in the world was Billy King thinking? THis is what happens when Larry leaves town and lets Billy handle the grown up decisions.

Young was projected as a second round pick by some and definitely would have been available at #21. The Sixers passed on Thornton, who I think would have been a better choice and STILL could have picked up this guy.
This guy is just another Rodney Carney and not what we needed.

PS...Atlanta looks like they scored in this draft with Al Horford and Acie Law. Maybe I should start watching the Hawks.

I also can't wait to see Brian's opinion on this one, although I might not be sober when that opinion comes out.

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