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, all the time

Glad u r back Brian

I will read your post later, now out for lunch

btw u should have told me that you were going to Craotia, I have relatives and a house there, and go there every summer...

lot of seven footers in Croatia LOL


Welcome back! Glad to see you put a positive spin on the draft. Initially I was pissed, thinking that it didn't provide any guaranteed starters to immediately improve the team and put people in the seats. Now I think we just have to wait and see what happens.

I hadn't heard of Thornton's wrist injury, and would initially have preferred the Sixers to take him at #12 and then pick up Young at #21. Now hearing that he may need surgery makes King seem wise to pass on him.

I am very glad that the rumor about what King offered for Yi didn't pan out. It was too high a price to pay for a player not named Oden or Durant. The question is did Milwaukee refuse that deal as rumored, or did King have a sudden moment of consciousness and the sense to back out of it?

And if Yi refuses to play for Milwaukee, does that lessen his trade value? What would happen if Yi just continued to play for the Chinese National team instead of coming to the NBA? Does Milwaukee hold the rights to him for the next year as well or can he re-enter the draft? How does it work?

Ricky and Brian, here's another question...

The contract of Larry Brown in his role as Exec. VP officially expired on Saturday. When asked if Brown would be back in his role or another role, King sidestepped the issue.

Do you see Brown as sticking around, or is he gone for another GM or coaching position? How much of a role do you think he played in this draft?


I think Brown has been shopping himself as a head coach very aggressively. I have no idea how much input he had into the draft strategy, but I think his usefulness to the franchise has probably come to an end. He seems to have an itch to coach again, if he's hanging around, I think he's going to be pushing for Cheeks' job, and we don't need that. Mo is the coach this year, he can't be looking over his shoulder.

I believe Yi would be ellig. for the draft again next year, and I don't think he (or his handlers) are afraid to push it that far. They don't want him in Milwaukee. This should diminish his trade value greatly. As time wears on, they're probably going to look for anything in return for him.

I think he's probably headed to Golden State, if he gets traded.

dcrono on Jul 3 at 3:59

I don't think Yi would be eligible for the draft next year. If players like Ginobili can be drafted and left overseas for a few years, why can't the same be said for Yi?

ok you made a really complete breakdown and I feel better now that I know you have a good opinion of our draft.

I was relying on you & other college expert(s) to judge our draft fairly

JJ, I hope that we won't see Larry Brown's face for ever now and, given his history of bad picks, I do hope he played NO ROLE on Sixers choices...

I agree with Brian, he simply has to go. And I am still waiting for someone to explain me what he exactly did in these months as Sixers vice president-of-whatever-he-was...

(this time he REALLY didn't know what his role was, and same for us, LOL)

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