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great, great post

I especially liked the Boston breakdown. Pretty surprisingly Jon of "Passion & pride" is pretty high on the Celtics, while I think they are still bad, just like you, and that the J Green-Allen trade makes sense only in Ainge's mind, when he's trying to save his job

I think it will be sweet when next summer, after winning 34 games, he will say "Hey, we improved a lot from last year" and realize his two best players are 31 and 33...

I think the key for NJ will be my boy Krstic, if Nenad is back at 100% they can win the conference

NY? I don't know what to say, really... I honestly suspect they will not make it to the post season also next year

Tor will improve more and I think/hope fellow guido Bargnani will have a breakout season

Sixers? we have a shot at the post season, the key for that is the PF position to me.

If we can cover it decently with the two Smiths (we have to resign Joe) then we can make some noise

I think Zeke would be nuts to move Randolph and/or Curry. He finally has two guys that are capable of 20 and 10 on any given night, both legitamite threats. Who would he get for either one? I think he got a steal in Randolph, especially by getting rid of Stevie Franchise. If Q Rich can stay healthy, and Starbury decides to pass the ball a bit more, these Knicks might be on to something. I actually wrote on my blog about this. Check it out at www.clutch3.com

Curry is in no way capable of 20/10, unless the 10 is turnovers.

I just don't see them playing next to each other well.

A very thoughtful breakdown of the division.

The Allen trade didn't make sense to me either. I agree on both counts that Ainge sold the Celtics future AND will be picking in the lottery again next year. Any move that hurts the Celtics is great by me, though. It's nice to see someone other than the Sixers on the crappy end of a trade.

As for the Nets and the Knicks, I don't see them making noise in the postseason either. The Sixers seem to be in a better position than the Nets, Knicks and Celtics.

The Nets still have one more good year in them, as long as Kidd is healthy. Especially when they get Krstic back. Going into the season, they're a notch above the Sixers, we'll see if that's how it plays out.

The Knicks are not, and they are not headed in the right direction, same for the Celtics.

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