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Gotta diagree with you here Brian

Joe Smith at 11 mill per 2 yrs is way too much for us(I'm sure he will get those money somewhere, anyway so it's not that the amount is unfair)

Darko is asking for - and I think he will find some agent dumb enough to give him - a 8-10 mill per year deal. Too much? Yes, but that's in the Nene Hilario-SAMUEL DALEMBERT range...

If La Frentz, Troy Murphy and other stiffs make the same money, why can't another young big man like Darko?

check out a Darko breakdown I just made in the Sixers board of philly.com (topic's name is "A Darko question" or something like that), I've been following the guy for many years

a fair salary for Darko would be 5 mill, 1 year. Will he accept that? Honestly his stats say he's not worth more, and I am a BIG fan of him

I don't have a problem with Smith at that salary for 2 years. He'd become a nice trading chip after next season, and I think his production last year warranted it.

As for Darko, I agree that he isn't worth 8-10M, if he could be had for 5M, then he might be worth a shot. I just don't see it happening.

The really should aim for Mikki Moore. He has the best outlook. He's still young and really proved that he is capable of being a fine player in the league, especially as a starter. Darko is still inconsistent, and still growing as a player. He needs more time. Too risky right now. And Joe Smith is just plain out old. Moore is probably the most reasonable and safe out of the three. Great article. Check me at www.clutch3.com

It's funny because my Bulls are going after those 3 players too. Joe Smith just came in to visit, and like the 6ers, Darko is thought to be out of the Bulls price range.

But whatever happened to NBA free agency? Wasn't it supposed to be fun? The last few years just seem to be one upping themselves as the lamest class ever. I mean Luke Walton is the fourth or fifth best player available, thats crazy.

What's crazy is the Magic giving a max contract to Lewis. That franchise just never learns its lesson.

Everyone is bashing that contract, but people forget Lewis is a baller. Yeah hes tall and doesn't rebound, but the guy averaged 22ppg last season as the #2 perimeter scoring option. I think he's real good, and that signing makes the Magic legit.

Ray Allen only played 55 games, and a lot of those games he did play, he was hobbled, so Lewis wasn't exactly the #2 option. He missed over 20 games last year, and really, all he can do is score.

This screams of a team who finally has some cap space (from when they signed Grant Hill to a bad long-term deal), and decided they were going to get the best available player, no matter what the price.

I like the Magic, Howard is a beast, and he's what makes them legit. Lewis is a fine complimentary player, but they paid way too much for him. His contract is going to stop them from getting two pieces they need down the road.

Good stuff Brian, but I'm going for Mikki "Snake Man" Moore. Woo-hah!

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