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Mix Master Mu on Jul 10 at 13:16

Louis Louis Louis!! He is our new Iverson. He is definitely not a point guard. Should be used as a shooting guard for quick bursts of points. I watch him play and he is not what we need from our point guard slot.

Thaddeus seems to take what the D gives him. I'd like to see him go down in the box more and mix it up.

Smith is a great player to have to help spread the floor.

B-ball is all about spacing. If you can work the ball around and get easy hoops it makes the game so much more enjoyable to play and watch. Louis Williams needs to work on this. He can get by his opponent at will but he needs to work on getting everyone else involved if he is our point guard of the future.

Admundson or however you spell it is nice. He is our energy and must make this team.

Having a big who can space the floor is huge for a couple of reasons. 1: It creates creases for Iguodala to take it to the rack and 2: It opens the back door, and no one is better than Miller at finding guys sneaking to the hoop for easy points.

You're probably right about Williams, it's his nature to take it to the D, rather than setting up the offense, but he made great strides last year, I'm hoping he can keep improving.

Lou reminds so much of Monta Ellis and will continue to grow as a player as he gets more minutes as the backup point guard. He learned from one of the best scorers and now he's learning from one of the best pure point guards in the league. Rodney Carney showed some signs in yesterday's game against Golden State. Thaddeus and J-Smith played well and they are improving with every game. I would like to see Thaddeus become more aggressive on the offensive end. Herbert Hill looks like he will be a solid back-up in the frontcourt and contribute immediately. He is a good rebounder and has a nice shooting touch.
With the addition of our draft picks, I think they will help our chances of making the playoffs this year.

I'm with you Eric. I like the way this team looks right now, just bring Joe Smith back and let these young guys develop around the Andres. They're going to make the playoffs this year.

I made a smilar post in my blog before reading yours. I didn't watch the games but I tend to consider all Summer League impressions as... impressions

The most interesting fact I've read so far is that Sixers openly admitted they are talking with my boy Darko...

Yeah, I saw that too. I just don't think they have the cash to get him. The Griz are going to throw a boatload of money at either Darko of Varejao.

There's no way we have the money to sign Darko. He'll get his money elsewhere and I think we'll be better for it. I would also go on the record that I think Joe Smith is gone as well because the Bulls can guarantee him the playoffs and potentially a very deep run. I think we're either left with Mikki Moore or will be tremendously thin in the frontcourt this season.

More importantly, I think that we're in a funny place for the upcoming season. I don't think its a question that this will be a better, more experienced team this year than last. That said, I think that may not translate into more wins and I think the playoffs may be more of a pipe dream. Allow me to explain.

The record at the end of the season last year is misleading. Keep in mind we were winning games against a lot of tanking teams, we played the bulk of our schedule against non-playoff teams, and played most of our games at home. We were improved post-AI, but not as much as the majority may think. I believe that there are at least eight better teams in the east than the 76ers next year: Cavs, Bulls, Pistons, Bucks, Knicks, Celtics, Heat, Raptors, Nets, Wizards, and potentially Magic.

We're better and building for the long haul. I love the direction we're heading, but think we're a team at least another year and big free-agent away from the class of the east.

Graham u make some very good points about Darko and Joe Smith, I also think we won't sign neither of them (I would like to keep JS, fyi)

but there is no way all those teams u mentioned are better than Sixers right now. Bucks ??? Celtics ???? NY ????? Heat without a 100% Shaq are an under .500 team, with Shaq at 100% slightly above IMO

It all depends about the FA they all will sign.

take Billups out of Det and Pistons would struggle to make the playoffs and they are still without a C...

way too soon to make these predictions, but I see us in the mix for a 6th-8th playoff sedd NOW.

Whether this is good in the long term (= 2008 low draft pick), is debateable

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