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Very insightful analysis of Barry Bonds. Thank you for offering a balanced view that doesn't automatically condemn Bonds as a 'cheater' and dismiss his accomplishments.

I have a problem with folks crying 'foul' on the steroid issue and directing all their hatred toward Bonds as a 'cheater.' HGH was a legal acceptable substance to MLB when Bonds took it. And steroids aren't the only substance that can be considered 'performance enhancing.'

Baseball players have been taking speed/amphetamines/ diet pills for over 40 years. Speed improves focus and coordination and could be considered performance enhancing. It was a dirty little secret in baseball for years... does that mean we should order a witch hunt on every player in the '60's through the 2000's that popped pills or had a prescription for 'diet pills?'

And playing devil's advocate, should every player with a prescription for Dexedrine, Ritalin, Concerta, Stratera, Adderall or other ADHD prescribed meds be subject to scrutiny? And what of every asthmatic who is prescribed an oral steroid or steroid inhaler to open his airways? Look what happened to Hollis Thomas, formerly of the Eagles, with his asthma meds... In the humid N.O. climate, his dosage of steroid was increased to control his asthma under the team Doctor's supervision. It earned him an unwarranted four game suspension. Isn't that going a little too far? Where do we draw the line?

Even the baseball players records of the '20's, '30's, '40's and '50s would be subject to scrutiny. It was rumored that Babe Ruth, besides drinking to excess, did a lot of cocaine. Cocaine could be construed as 'performance enhancing.... couldn't that be considered 'cheating?' That almost seems blasphemous to put in writing, doesn't it? No one wants to attack a dead legend...

So when folks are quick to condemn Bonds and call him a 'cheater,' are we so sure that baseball legends of the past would hold up to similar scrutiny? Just something to think about.


Great points. I purposely didn't spend a great deal of time dwelling on the steroid issue, because to me it isn't an issue. Bonds wasn't alone in using steroids, and we're never going to know for sure who else was using, including the pitchers he was facing who miraculously gained 8MPH on their fast balls in the height of the roid era.

As far as I'm concerned, it was a level playing field, and the record is just as legit as Aaron's was and Ruth's before him.

Let's get three things out of the way:

*I'm a lifelong diehard supergeeky Giants fan.

* I think Barry Bonds is at best a very weird dude, and at worst a very bad person. I think he's made his bed by being a jerk to a lot of people, and I think the media make things worse by piling on. It's a complicated situation.

* Like Brian, I also think he did a lot of things you can't find at Walgreen's without a prescription. So did a lot of baseball players.

Do I want him to break the record? I won't get chills, as Brian so aptly puts it, when he does. OK, maybe a little, but it's so far down on my list of sports wishes. (The Giants winning a fershlugginer World Series in my lifetime is #1.)

As for the tainted record, I have a standard answer: should we go back and put asterisks on the records of all the guys who played in the "greenie" era? How many more games did Fergie Jenkins win, or how many more bases did Lou Brock steal, or how many more home runs did Johnny Bench hit as a catcher, because a few times a year or maybe more, on a hot summer day their asses were dragging and they needed a couple pills to pep up? The answer: we don't know.

Perhaps that's a good topic to kickstart the roundtable, since this is all about the impending new record. Asterisk or no?

Dunno where you found that picture, but one thing's for sure...
Barry makes one F U G L Y

Nice breakdown on hating a player.

It's just a shame that there will be an air of make-believe and digust between Bonds and maybe the greatest record in sports.

Yes, a complicated situation. But, really, aren't we all tired of the negativity going that way? Discussions like this one are ok, but the majority of people out there are BIG TIME BARRY HATERS - really upset and really loud and ugly. The booing, etc.. it is just getting old. I find that most of the BARRY HATERS are regurgitating the hatred from the media and just like to hear themselves talk -- many of them barely baseball fans but indignant about the wrong they feel Barry Bonds has done. Truly, I am fed up with those bashing Barry. Check out my website at www.screweverybody.com and get a great T-Shirt that says "Screw Everybody - I love Bonds" --- who cares about the past, let's get back to watching BASEBALL and let's get excited about the Home Run record getting broken by one of the best hitters of all time!

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