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If the Phils deal with the Yankees, the Yankees will definitely get the upper hand. I can appreciate the Yankee management as a die-hard Phillies fan. From my view,the Yankees aren't on the losing side of many deals. The Phils, on the other hand, will never win a championship under the current ownership and management and will continue to be snookered on every deal and be a perennial also-ran.... it pains me to write those words.

Who did the Phils get for Abreu, Polanco (OUCH!) and Bell? None of those guys are on the current roster. Have a gimp? Pawn him off on the Phils! Have a guy serving up grapefruits? Trade him to the Phils for a top talent. Have a guy as old as mold that wears Depends on the field? Brush off the dust, give him a Red Bull to wake him up and grab a gem out of the Phils lineup.

So the Phils would be stupid enough to trade away Rowand or even Bourne for a loser like Fartsworth. Hell, the Phils might even throw in Chris Coste so they can keep Mendoza line hitter Rod Barajas as their everyday catcher. Idiocy at its finest, that's Gillick's motto.

Meanwhile Burrell will continue to be the 50 million dollar bench warmer/black hole in the lineup when he plays.
The sorry thing is that Burrell is the guy most in need of a change of scenery yet the hardest to move. The boos when he comes to bat are louder with every game. (I'll be there Sunday night to attest to this).

So here's a no hurt trade for both sides... your loser for ours....
Mussina for Burrell.

Both would benefit from the change of scenery, both are impossible to move and vastly overpaid, both have drawn the wrath of the fans and both have no trade clauses. Damaged goods on both ends... Burrell is a head case,
Mussina is old and fragile. What could it hurt?

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