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7 mill for 3 yrs is a huge price for Darko and I'm glad we didn't give him all those money. I hope he has a breakout season in Memphis

on the other side, Orlando took the concept of "overpaid" to a new level giving 120 mill (or even more) to Rashard Lewis.... 20 mill per year to Rashard Lewis, unbelievalbe

Mix Master Mu on Jul 12 at 16:20

Who needs a big man when we got Jason Smith and Herbert Hill. They aren't seasoned but I'd take them over the rest of that garbage for half the price. I'm excited to watch some more Thaddeus. He has impressed me during these summer league games that I watch on my computer. (so i have no life)

Admundson is one of my new favorite players. He is working his anus off in these games. I don't want Smith taking any of his minutes either. Say bye bye to Mr. Joe Smith!

Here's the way I look at.

I love Smith. I think he played his ass off last year, and he fits in really well with the team. He's the perfect guy to have in the rotation w/ the young guys to balance them out, and even teach them some things.

If they can't get Smith back, I don't want any of those other guys. It's going to cost too much to bring them in, and I think they're going to be a drain on the team in the long run. I say, if you can't bring Smith back, then use the money to sign Iguodala to a long-term deal, and go to war with what you've got.

Amundson is awesome. Complete energy guy. He should get 10-15 minutes per night.

Thank god Darko is off the market. He is deffinitely overpaid and overrated, still! The true winner of the day is Darko's agent. I wrote up on all the NBA agents cashing in at www.clutch3.com

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