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I wasn't able to get the Yankees game last night so I didn't see Clemens pitch. After two very solid outings, what happened to him?

Also read the Sheffield article... that guy is a real shit disturber. He's just not happy unless he's causing controversy.

Selig will probably jump at the chance to have Sheffield sing to George Mitchell and rat out Bonds, which seems to be the focus of the whole investigation. Then what happens?
I don't see how this is going to benefit baseball.


Clemens didn't have his splitter. When he doesn't have that pitch, he just doesn't have enough on his fastball to get by. His walk numbers were inflated because he just put guys on instead of facing them in tough situations.

I don't know what's wrong w/ Sheffield. I think he uses persecution as a motivator, so he's creating it for himself. I really don't think this Mitchell thing is going anywhere, and I highly doubt Sheff would even talk to the guy.

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