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Off topic, but just witnessed first hand an infamous moment in sports history...the Phillie's 10,000 th loss.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, would that make the Yankees the winningest (is that even a word?) team in professional sports?

The guy sitting next to me is sure that Rowand is on the market. There have been no public comments about a contract being offered to him beyond the season. Chicago and New York are mentioned as possible trade destinations.

Speaking of contracts, is there any word on dialogue between A-Rod and the Yankees? I haven't heard anything and wondered what was flying around New York papers.


I caught number 10,000 too, poor Phils. The Giants are the winning-est franchise in sports.

If the Phils play their cards right, they could get some real help for Rowand, and I think Bourn may be ready to step in. Definitely preferable to having him walk after the year.

The latest on A-Rod is that he won't renegotiate during the season, in response to that statement, the Yanks said they won't bid for him on the open market, if he opts out, he's gone. I think it'd be a dumb move, personally. The Yanks are willing to tack years on the back end of his deal, and the current deal would pay him $32M/year for the final two years. That being said, Boras is his agent, and he's coming off the best year of his career (probably), so nothing would surprise me.

If he walks, the Yanks are in some serious trouble on offense. In 2010 they can break the bank for Miguel Cabrera, but he's arbitration-eligible until then. This coming off season, the biggest names out there are Torii Hunter and Andruw Jones. I don't want either of them. If they could get him on a relatively short-term deal, I'd be happy w/ Carlos Guillen.

I'm getting ahead of myself though, hopefully A-rod will come to his senses and sign the extension to stay in the Bronx.

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