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That video was pretty funny seeing those people as the face of the franchise. Nowadays, most of them can't find a job or their career ended after 6 or 7 years. The game is changing though. Back then, a couple athletic big men and a leader at point guard would get you wins but now you need to be athletic at every position.

P:S- I hope Louis Williams shows his ability early in the season and make Andre Miler expendable. Even though I like Andre Miller, They both can't get big minutes.

nice work, I really appreciate it

(I just saw Di Leo said they like Amundson...)


There are plenty of minutes for both Miller and Williams. The more important question is what they're going to do with Ollie. He's under contract this year (at $3M+) but they really don't need him, and they really need the roster spot. I haven't read anything about this anywhere, but I sure hope he isn't on the team come opening night.

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