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i say keep carl for one more year. he is still young and has a great upside not many teams can have a carl pavano as a # 5 starter if he is anything like he was in florida when he shut us down in the world series the last 2 years of misery will be worth it. i can see a 16-9 record from him this year

I think you're dreaming. Even when healthy, this guy got knocked around in the A.L.
I think this is just another case of an NL pitcher not being able to hack it when he has to face a real lineup.

Agree that Carl Pavano is just around until June, when Clemens signs. Presuming everyone else is healthy (Pettite, Mussina, Wang) and Igawa is doing decent, it makes sense for the Yankees to then trade his $10 million a year, which isn't that bad for his potential... you think the Cubs/Cards wouldn't be interested if they are in a tight race? The Yankees would probably take prospects back, as in the Johnson/Sheffield trades.

If no Rocket however, then I don't think the Yanks trade Pavano until after the season.

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