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You mention Barajas...
have you heard something to give Philly fans something to cheer for?!

I'd LOVE to see Barajas out of town in Philly. He doesn't know how to present the ball as strikes for Philly pitchers. He's got a below avg. arm, a fair amount of passed balls and a .210 average to boot. Besides it would give oldest rookie Chris Coste his last shot as a catcher in the big leagues. Hopefully there is SOMETHING in our farm system to bring up!

So your dog for our dog...
Farthworth for lard ass Barajas. (I'd like it better if it was Myers though). (Wishful thinking...
Mussina for Burrell. The change of scenery would do wonders for both).

Barajas rumor: http://www.the700level.com/2007/07/stop-crying-phi.html

I'd probably do Burrell for Mussina at this point. Although I don't think you guys would get your money's worth. Mussina would give up about 5 bombs/game in Citizen's Bank Park.

There may be something to the Barajas rumor. He was taken out of the Sunday game in the 5th (uninjured) for Chris Coste. Barajas was also not in the lineup last night against the Dodgers. Guess the Phils management doesn't want to risk him getting hurt before the trade.

I can't understand what the Yanks would want with Barajas, as 5 million is an expensive backup for Posada, who's having a super year. Nieves would seem a cheaper and more efficient option. But you made my WEEK when you found that trade rumor, so THANK YOU.

As for Burrell, I feel sorry for the guy. He's endured very public attacks from all sides in Philly with class and dignity and kept his mouth shut. He's hard working, but just gets in these funks and looks miserable at times. As of late, he's coming on, hitting .525 in his last 5 games. That only went up after last night's HR and double. He would do well as a DH where he doesn't have to be out in Left Field where he's a liability. Call it a mercy move for him at this point, as he'll continue to be the target of attacks and boos with every strike out here.

I don't know much about the trade rumors, but Barajas might not have been in the lineup on Tuesday night because Wednesday's game starts at noon. Same reason Russell Martin didn't play Tuesday night. Just some food for thought.

As it turns out, Barajas wasn't behind the plate Monday or Tuesday because he left the team when his wife went into labor. I still will be glad when he's gone from Philly, even if it's for Farnsworthless.

Ex-Yankee Tom Gordon returned to the Phils last night and pitched a scoreless ninth inning. Gordon commented in the Inquirer that the small tears in his throwing arm started bothering him toward the end of the '05 season. Cashman was smart enough not to re-sign Gordon whereas Gillick jumped the gun and didn't see damaged goods. The Yankees don't seem to be on the short side of many trades or signings (aside from Pavano and Mussina). I have come to respect that.

And Igawa, and Farnsworth. Signing, I'm not so sure, they've been pretty good w/ trades in recent years, though.

Getting Flash back (if he's healthy) is really going to help the Phils. I picked them to win the east at the beginning of the season, and I'm sticking w/ that.

I also traded for Rollins and Howard in my money fantasy league, so they better get hot and stay hot.

You really can't count Igawa against Cashman, as you pointed out before, Boston made a splash with Dice-K and George wanted a splashy import so he's more of a George influenced signing.

As for Fartworth, as much as he's been useless this year, he had some value last year for the Yankees didn't he?

Flash is damaged goods and admits to some discomfort and stiffness in throwing. Pedro had the same problem and needed surgery. Gordon is 39 years old... the problem isn't going to get any better and his career would most likely be over if he needs surgery to repair it.

I'd really, really like to believe in the Phils as I have every season. But by August 1st, I believe the Yankees are most likely to have improved and gotten the help they needed while the Phils will have traded away at least one All-Star or future All Star and will be sitting home in October.

Have some faith man! The Mets are flailing, and the Phils have the two best second-half hitters in the NL (Howard and Rollins). Myers is due back soon, right? They're going to win that division.

Fair point on Igawa, although my general philosophy is that any moves made under a GM are attributed to that GM, otherwise the water gets too muddy to discern who's good or bad at the position. Part of being a good GM is talking crazy owners out of bad moves, so he takes some of the heat there. His plan is good, but he has to have the backbone to follow through with it.

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