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I really like those notebook graphics you are using. Pretty awesome.

I'd like to see one that says:

Dear Wifey:

I like blondes with big boobs and a face like a dude.

Love ya,


As long as it doesn't say,

Dear Yankees,




I'm fine with that.

I'm enjoying the notebook graphics too!

What did Larry Bowa do to earn hero status in your notebook?

It's so hard to explain, but here goes. No one out, bottom of the ninth, Miguel Cairo on second and Melky hits a single to right. Bowa waves Cairo home and Bowa follows him down the line, sprinting toward the plate, he looks like he wants to bowl the catcher over himself. He realizes how close he is to the play too late, tries to stop and slips, falls flat on his ass. It was hilarious.

When the Yanks scored the winning run he was going nuts on the third base line and A-Rod almost had to run him over because he was standing in his way.

I love guys that get into the game and completely freak out.

I miss Bowa here in Philly. We used to take bets on how many games he'd get into the season before he'd erupt and get tossed. He always wore his heart on his sleeve and hated losing. He coaches like he still wants to be out there playing. You gotta love a guy who loses himself in the game.

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