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You're wrong. Jeter needs to get over himself and an article that was written five years ago. If he can support an overpaid roid head, like Giambi, then he should be able to support a guy who is killing himself every game to be accepted.

I'm not saying that they have to be butt buddies, but as a professional, Jeter should stand up for his co-worker and learn how to be a good teammate.

Jeter doesn't need to get over anything, he's not responsible for A-Rod's lack of a spine. It probably makes Jeter sick to his stomach.

He doesn't come out against A-Rod, he doesn't root against him. He plays alongside him, I don't know what people expect him to do, hold a press conference to say the guy isn't a gutless wonder? What's that going to solve?

A-Rod needs to do his job, period. You don't see Jeter sulking about his personal life in the field. A-Rod is not cut out for this town, he needs to go.

brandon on Dec 21 at 7:09

He doesn't need to hold a press conference. All he has to do is make a comment to the media.

The media will approach Jeter about this comment from Strawberry. All he has to say is, "Maybe Straw is right. Maybe I should be a little more vocal about it. I don't like to hear any of my team mates get booed at home, and I think when it comes to Arod, enough is enough."

Problem solved.

Oh, that's all he needs to do to make A-Rod a clutch hitter? Cool, I'll send the memo.

David Mann on Mar 17 at 22:37

Darryl Strawberry may just the the biggest waste of a career this game has ever seen.......There will never be a Greater forgotten player. As for Arod...He will hold the Home Run record when it is all said and done. Therefore, talk all you want...you need to get that autograph. Derek jeter? the guy is sick in the field and he puts the ball in play. Whats my point? We are discussing about 2 future Hall of Famers...remember that and show respect

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