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I think the trade would benefit both ball players. Burrell has been everyone's favorite scapegoat in Philly.....
* The Inquirer recently ran the headline along with a half page picture of Pat titled "The 50 Million Dollar mistake."
* Ex players (the late) Corey Lidle, Billy Wagner and others publicly criticized his 'heart' and passion for the game.
* Mike Schmidt said he could 'fix' his swing very publicly.
* Some genius had him wearing contact lenses in spring training, despite him having 20/20 vision.
* Ex-mgr. Dallas Green (still with the Phillies, what he does is anyone's guess) ripped him publicly.
* Pat Gillick said he's not doing his job less than a month into the season (way to keep his trade value, Patty).
* Charlie Manuel has benched him frequently since June (which is why we're getting to see Michael Bourne).
* Even little kids call this guy out on the local news.

And through it all, Burrell works hard, takes extra batting practice, is reportedly one of the first guys to show up at the stadium and has never said a bad word back to his detractors.

Enough already! Booing him and the criticism at this point is like kicking a dog when he's down. I feel sorry for the guy. Rumor has it he nixed a trade to Baltimore in spring training as part of his no trade clause. But Baltimore is nothing compared to a chance to play for the Yankees. He'd probably perform well in New York initially as Abreu did. His average would probably go up right away, as not many AL pitchers would be familiar with him. And he could be used as a DH where he wouldn't be a liability in the field.

For Mussina's part, yes, he's going to give up bombs at the 'Zen. So did Jon Lieber, Eric Milton and even Kevin Millwood when they were here (Lieber threw his last pitch in Philly probably). 'Finesse' pitchers (ie.. any old guy whose fastball doesn't reach 90 mph...see Greg Maddox and Jaimie Moyer) fare better in the NL where they don't face the DH. Mussina is smart enough and enough NL batters aren't familiar enough with him that initially he could do well.

So call it a mercy trade for both players (Burrell especially).

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